Bishop Viganò Responds to de Mattei. With Sorrow. Quantum Mutatus ab Illo

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Marco Tosatti

Dear Stilumcuriali, we receive and publish this note from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò in response to an article that appeared yesterday in Corrispondenza Romana. Enjoy reading it.










If I have spoken evil, give testimony of the evil;

but I have spoken well, why do you strike me?


Jn 18:23



The article The Viganò Case: The Archbishop and His Double, which appeared yesterday at Corrispondenza Romana[1] in both Italian and English, signed by Professor Roberto de Mattei, has been pointed out to me.


I am unable not to express my amazement at the statements that an illustrious Catholic intellectual, hailed as a champion of Tradition and who has not spared the Hierarchy criticism that is at times severe but always carefully considered and just, felt that he had to make in my regard. In reality, it would have been enough to consult me verbally or by letter in order to dispel his suspicions and feel reassured that all of my writings, declarations, and interviews which I have given are the fruit of a maturation of convictions of which I proudly claim full paternity.


The idea that I have a “double” must be the fruit of some adviser to whom Professor de Mattei has improvidently lent his faith, without realizing that by doing so he has exposed himself to the public refutation of completely unfounded allegations, which also sound, if I may be allowed to say so, not very charitable in my regard. I am therefore taking the opportunity afforded by his article to deny his impudent and fanciful theses, reassuring those who have the goodness to read me and listen to me that there is no ghost writer, and that by the grace of God I still have full possession of my faculties, I am not manipulated by anyone, and I am absolutely determined to continue my apostolic mission for the salvation of souls.


In other times, de Mattei would have been proud to be at my side in the common battle for Catholic truth, for the defense of the immutable Magisterium and of the venerable Traditional Liturgy against the assaults of the Modernists. He would have probably also been at my side in denouncing the pandemic fraud and the intrinsic immorality of experimental vaccines produced with fetal material derived from abortions.


His recent interventions – published with his own name or under a pseudonym – have demonstrated, not without heartfelt sorrow, that if there is a “double” it must be sought in the recent writings of the Professor; writings that seem to be composed by a dull regime official who is obedient to the mainstream narrative, and not by the sharp mind and genuine faith of the de Mattei I once knew. Quantum mutatus ab illo.


+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop


June 22, 2021

  1. Paulini, Episcopi et Confessoris



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2 commenti

  • Slave of JMJ ha detto:

    Miss Staffords case continues. This letter is about priest wars.
    Praise be to Jesus Mary St Joseph and saint Theresa our only hope.

    St. Philomena and Saint Anthony pray for us. How the Catholic Church is against itself. How this has been prophesied for years and we are in the book of apocalypse truly, as priests are against themselves and one priest is against another priest, forming priest cults from diocese to diocese, from parish to parish “wars,” and for what? All so they can keep getting paid. They dont want to lose their status or property or wealth. This is especially true with these fake marriages and fake annulments in the U.S. because the priests back them and then pretty soon you’ve got just chaos in the family and what did the prophets say but that the end battle would really be against the family, and we can see this going on in Portland Oregon with all these priest just ignoring Miss Anna Stafford begging for her son year after year, day after day, and the priests they really could care less; they don’t want to wipe her tears they don’t care. They’re too busy making money.

    Then you have other Catholic priests in other dioceses that are backing Anna Stafford, saying what’s going on is completely wrong; that she needs an attorney; that this needs to stop but the problem is not the state the problem folks is the Church. The Church is divided against themselves. Now who is right and who is wrong? We have to go back to scripture we have to go back to the 10 commandments and stop stealing from one another, we have to ignore these occult civil laws which rip families like a rabied dog to shreds, and have become completely backwards to the Catholic faith. And we have to start living as Catholics then even though lay people have to teach the priests now how to be Catholic because they have truly forgotten. The priests had forgotten their mission: how to be priests; the women have forgotten how to become women and the men have forgotten how to become men. The author even heard one priest say in a sermon recently that you really can’t rely on the church anymore. How sad is that? It looks like we have some sort of antipope in the seat of Peter and I guess that makes it okay for lay people and priests to go bananas. To completely avoid the laws even the writings of Pope Benedict XVI who is still alive and pope today, but do you think they really care? Archbishop Viganó has been screaming on paper for years and is there one priest who really and truly follows him that is part of the upper echelon? Who is really backing him in writing word and deed? Is he just going to be a loner this whole entire time? Because right now it looks like his biggest fans are orphans; people and abused victims of the church, the lame and outcasted from the Church, the sorrowful and some journalist and even probably some schismatics. That just goes to show you how truly broken and divided the church is right down the center. And the church doesn’t talk to each other anymore! People hoard secrets like freemasons and no longer share dialogue or advocacy; there’s no diplomacy or common courtesy like with Miss Anna Stafford; she hasn’t gotten one nice email from the Diocese ever since they stole from her and it’s really awful. They’re just a bunch of thieves. They mimic the state when it benefits them, with the guise thats she’s “mentally ill,” a soviet socialist silencing and social excommunication tactic. And all to usher in freemason Jews literally and cast out the practicing Catholics. It’s all part of the devil’s handiwork to disguise the Truth as madness. And Archbishop Viganó, Father Alman, Father Altier and President Trump, to name a few, have all been pegged as mad for the dumbest reasons that defy all common sense and rationality. As one man put it: “The world has gone insane.” But the author would like to express more profoundly, the CHURCH has gone insane; not the Blood of the Redeemer but the men of the Faith have gone mad maybe over the last 200 years. Padre Pio exclaimed in sadness in 1912 that no good confessor could be found. Well? What do we have now but a bunch of devil$ in the confession booth. $$$. Numbers people. And its very rare now to find a priest that has moral problems with communion in the hand. Its a sacrelidge!! The reason 99% of priests do not quit their jobs is because they love men more than God. And that is exactly why Fr. Meeuwsen keeps stealing Asher from Anna for over 8 years while she suffers continual bankruptcies and sorrows. His heart is ice cold; he simply DOES NOT CARE.

    Valentina Sydney Seer stated in one of her recent visions that Christ is absolutely appalled at the amount of unremorse amongst sinners. There’s no contrition or amendment! What about the confiteor? Oh who cares… Lets just toss that out, theres no such thing as sin! Its blasphemy! seer stated recently that one bad priest or bishop leads thousands into the abyss. Thousands of souls!! Yet talk to a priest about this and they quickly become immune to fault. Clergy: repent! Wake up! Wake up while you can and save your cold hard soul.

    That’s why the warning will be coming very soon and this may be the last email you receive warning you of it so please take this very seriously. We never know the hour. So please be prepared spiritually.


    Portland Archdiocese needs to quit blaming the state and start cleaning up their own act. They need to stop crying wolf about bankruptcy and start explaining to the lay people what rich greedy lives they truly live.

    Thank you and May you truly have a wonderful day! Our Lady of Fatima pray for us. Amen. Praise the Lord.

  • Luís Rodrigues-Coelho ha detto:

    Very good response of Archbishop Vigano. I was shocked and in fact furious when I read the pathetic and uncatholic article of De Matteo. De Mattei is now part of the legions of catholics who are more worried about what others think of them than in telling the truth and exposing deceptions. Not once have I seen De Mattei unmasking the global covid fraud, not once have I seen him alerting catholics for the dangers of these end times and the Great Reset; not once have I seen De Mattei exposing bergoglio’s endless heresies, blasphemies and the promotion of the break of the first commandment.
    Instead of having a very good look at the mirror, De Mattei chose to criticize someone who has been having the courage and integrity of instructing catholics for the many dangers of what’s happening to the world right now. Dr Mattei falls into the group St Pius X criticized in the beginning of the 20th century when he stated that the reign of evil on earth was expanding thanks to the cowardice of the catholics who chose to be silent