Laporta Meets a Technocrat. Who Reveals the Future of the Planet

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Marco Tosatti

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, it is useless to say that General Piero Laporta’s articles are interesting; you know it well, I don’t need to repeat it. But the one you are about to read far exceeds in interest all those published so far. Happy reading, and may God protect us.


I meet a true technocrat. He is between 45 and 50 years old, age well. His affairs range without borders, from the Atlantic beyond the Urals, without excluding Pacific and Oceania; in short, everywhere. However, his heart beats in Moscow, he does not hide it. I had a long conversation with him. I have to report about. He comprehensibly wants to remain anonymous, since was attending in Davos, coming back with clearer ideas as we are not allowed to have.
What is happening?
«The system we see now – the states, the banks, the currency – is about to disappearing, as the dominant circles of the United States, of UK and some Jews want. Biden came to Europe to fine-tune the end of the traditional currencies. Even private bitcoins must be wiped out to establish a “govcoin” (government coin). It is a digital currency, distributed or stolen from everyone, according to a subjective ethic code, similar to the one with which Zuckerberg does good and bad time on Facebook».
Yes, okay, it is the New World Order, with the single currency, evoked by conspiracy theorists and “sovereign” supporters. I am skeptical because with govcoin you cannot pay for drugs, prostitution and bribes. What advantage is it in having power if you can’t enjoy pleasure and corruption with impunity?
«The problem has been addressed. Prostitution will be a regulated, controlled and taxed profession. In northern European countries this way is already acting. That’s the model. The Merlin law[1] is outdated; unregulated prostitution is no longer sustainable; soon the media will play the bass drum, the consequences will follow. The so-called light drug are already free trade. As for the heavy ones, if I remember right you have published an article to demonstrate that the free market is a matter of fact. In Italy there are 180 thousand awaiting trial for drugs. If they were all imprisoned, the prisons would have to be quadrupled. It will be enough to widen the legislative links more than they already are and the game is done».
And the bribes?
The govcoin system is not neutral as the monetary one should be, only apparently neutral, as we well know. The govcoin’s masters have divided humanity among three circles: the dominant ones, the profitables and the superfluous. The “three circles” are the image of the system towards which one the govcoin’s masters want to lead us. The “superfluous” – those who do not work and do not have an income – will be guaranteed of a survival income; the model is the well-known Italian “citizenship income”. It is no coincidence that Pope Francis has repeatedly launched the “universal income”. It will be alms of the state, to allow the survival of the “superfluous” circles, gently leading them towards self-destruction. State euthanasia will be like the sanitation service in the final phase of the life of the “superfluous”, of course to avoid they suffer. Universal income will be increased through peculiar incentives; for instance, those who accept a chip under the skin will enjoy an initial increase. The same reward mechanism will apply taxing the “profits” circles. The chip in the brain will give additional incentives. The refusal of the vaccine or other social measures, euthanasia for example, will cause retaliation. The ultimate goal, to have control of the masses, is evident».
I understand, but the bribes?
«If you mean the hundred euros to the clerk of the land registry to facilitate your business, that bribe will disappear. And they will say that we are in a cleaner and less corrupt society. The real bribes, the millionaire ones, will be and already are an affair of the upper circles, the govcoin’s masters. There will be uncontrollable payment lines, indeed there are already, the costs of which fall on the circles below and will be as they already are, not reckonable or traceable. What you will no longer be able to do with cash will, for example, be substituted with highly refined hacking, already operating, to steal 1 euro from millions of current accounts without anyone noticing».
It is the eternal law of power: wealth upwards, problems downwards.
«Correct. There are, however, two obstacles. China and Russia do not necessarily want to adapt. Indeed, Vladimir Putin has already said “no” loud and clear. In Davos, in public, he said “if the war breaks out, nobody wins”. In private he was more direct: he explained what would really happen to the West if the war broke out».
What would happen?
«Uncontrollable chaos».
And China?
«Xi Jin Ping is less understandable but he does not seem appreciate to loose the advantage over the US and the EU. Covid has made known that Brussels and Washington have no capacity to retort to Chinese strategies. For this reason, Joe Biden seems to have changed US policy, from Obama’s enthusiastically pro-Chinese to current one, even more severe, in some viewpoints, than that of Donald Trump».
What do you mean?
«The holy alliance, in the name of NATO, against states that “do not respect the rights of their citizens” is certainly a new accent by the US dem and radicals. However, it is not a policy of great moment, it is pathetic».
«The difference is once again the truly usable land forces and military technologies. The USA has invested largely in Information Technology, control technologies and so-called unmanned: aircraft, ships and submarines, drones, artillery, entire high-level military units without men on the ground, thanks to robotics at the most refined and sophisticated level. With control technologies, they are able to literally record every phone call and every sigh, anywhere in the world. They read us while we write a postcard in Toulouse and hear the whisper of two sweethearts in Taiwan. China suffers a gap – depending on the sector – between five and twenty years. However, China has made enormous progress in the last ten years, keeping the progression constant even during Covid crisis, indeed accelerating it, thanks to the immeasurable corruptive power of its inexhaustible liquidity in all the major Western currencies, Dollar and Euro in the lead. A Chinese is easy to recognize; so direct penetration by Chinese agents, whether dormant or active, is difficult. However, they can buy any information, literally buying by weight of gold; they can steal any patent; to influence, buy and corrupt every political group. It is therefore difficult for them to bow to the de-monetization of the system although they too have the government digital currency ready, like almost all central banks. There are no complex systems without inherent contradictions».
And Russia?
«Putin saw the whole descending parable of the Soviet Union. In 1981 he was in East Berlin as a young KGB liaison officer. It has learned the lesson: politics requires consensus and cannot be separated from credible and sustainable military capability. In 2000, the real GDP of Russia was no higher than those tot up by Lombardy and Veneto[2]. Putin pushed and updated the advanced and secret technologies developed by the Soviet Union. Today, Russia’s technology and information technology are on par with and, in many fields, superior to those of the United States. He rebuilt the Russian armed forces from the collapse inherited from Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin. The Ukrainian crisis has shown that Russia can indeed wage land warfare. Putin moved an Army, advancing and retreating, with impressive ease of maneuver, in a single week. It was not an exercise but a real war maneuver, behind which there are ultra-modern equipment, realistic and effective training, sophisticated communication systems, disciplined and combat ready troops. NATO has brought the missiles close to the Russian borders, to reduce their interception times. The facts say that if a war broke out, Russia would be hit hard by 10-30 perhaps 40 percent of the missiles launched by NATO. The Russian missile reaction would devastate European and American cities; then the Russian armies would penetrate as far as the Atlantic like a red-hot iron in butter. In fact, NATO and the USA do not have land forces capable of fighting, with the exception of the Turkish army, whose use, by no means taken for granted, would not be strategically decisive».
Russia has but a little over a million soldiers.
«Let me complete the reasoning. On September 11, whoever was responsible, proved that the US population, the big cities of the US, would not stand up to a full-scale attack, would fall into the most uncontrollable chaos. The Chinese reproached him with extreme harshness: “If you suffered like this for 3 thousand deaths in the Twin Towers, what would you do with millions of deaths in each city?”. Russia’s trained reserves are truly trained and readily employable. The US and European ones are grotesque. Putin has also been able to build and maintain internal cohesion. For twenty years Russia has been under attack and for twenty years its position has been strengthened».
This is really a news, is Russia overtaking the United States?
«Certainly, in some strategic sectors, overtaking US, NATO and the EU. In the HiTech laboratories in Moscow and Siberia, new alloys, new materials, new explosives, new technologies are being produced. The Russian computer system has largely penetrated the European and US one. The dem complaints for Putin’s interference in the US elections follow the neutralization of the US penetration in Russia, acute up to fifteen years ago, now neutralized and successfully counterattacked. Russian intelligence has largely penetrated the West but Putin does not set himself aggressive and therefore expensive targets; instead, he maintains a conventional and nuclear response capacity that has nullified the usual US strategy, the “Brinksmanship”».
Can you simply explain what it is?
«It is bullying applied to international relations. US raises the tension to bring the adversary, the enemy, one step away from the armed conflict, until he, exhausted and disheartened, gives up and withdraws. The US and NATO have taken advantage of Russia’s weakness to fire the world from the Balkans to North Africa, from Iraq to Afghanistan. Russia would collapse, according to their plans. At the end of the game, there is a serious danger of US implosion. Kissinger’s strategy, pitting Russia against China, and then picking up the pieces, attempted and retried by Bush Sr. onwards, has clearly failed. China would have now a theoretical interest in a conflict between the USA and Russia, but who would it trade with?».
While in Davos they was talking about economy, govcoin and war, a singular event happened. For some months now, US top-level sources, such as Trump and Obama, but also the mainstream have been saying that UFOs must be taken seriously. What do you think about it?
«I think these messages will intensify in the coming months».
What makes you suppose that?
«Long since the Russian secret services are focusing on the paranormal. The dissident Viktor Korchnoi lost the world chess championship in 1978 against Anatolij Karpov, darling of the CPSU, thanks to unconventional interventions of the KGB, among which Vladimir Zujar , hypnotist of the KGB, stood in the room to intercept Korchnoi’s gaze during all the meets. transmitting hypnotic impulses to induce him to sleep. Korchnoi denounced the operation but was not taken seriously. He lost the world championship only for one game but lost. The operation was successfully repeated in 1981, for the re-match in Merano.
More recently, Dmitri Medvedev, prime minister in 2013, answered affirmatively to the correspondent of REN TV, who asked if, with the launch codes of nuclear missiles, he had received a top secret file on UFOs. A few months ago, it was leaked from Moscow that Russian intelligence has come into contact with extraterrestrials. Panic broke out in Washington: “Are we lagging behind in this sector too?”».
So what?
«To do adequate research requires considerable funds. It is therefore necessary to convince public opinion and taxpayers before the issue reaches Congress».
For me it remains a bizarre fact.
«Less than you think. In reality, secularism is blinding the West, depriving it of analytical skills appropriate to the times. Paranormal phenomena, such as telepathy, affected the CIA during 1980s and 1990s. Distinguished professors conferred scientific dignity to the experiments carried out at Langley. The interest then dwindled, I think precisely because of secularism, which went far beyond the original nineteenth-century assumption of autonomy from religion, in other words Cavour’s “free Church in a free state”. Secularism is now understood as an absolute faith, a religion in turn, apparently committed to promoting individual freedoms; in fact functional to subject the masses to power, as never happened in history. Along the way, they became aware that all the institutions now existing are unable to managing the chaos resulting from secularism. This is why they think of a world government but I see no conditions for controlling chaos.
I’ll give you another example; I’m sure it will surprise you. The Russian intelligence services, that is, of the country once one of the most atheistic and materialistic, have extended the notion of security to metaphysical categories. The Russian services have thoroughly investigated the Antichrist, yes the Antichrist. I believe they have also identified it because they expect him to manifest by 2022. Calm down, they assure me that he is not among the CEOs of Jewish-owned banks or even in the top management of the Vatican, associated in inclusive finance. According to numerous sources – mind you, not only Russian – they and their acolytes are nothing more than colonels of the Antichrist. This news have many possible readings».
It seems to me really difficult to believe in it uncritically.
«You need just a little patience. This novelty was paired with another: after the summer, a new cataclysm could arrive, different, completely different from Covid, a new virus or a famine. The Antichrist will manifest itself by 2022 ».
Are the Russian services saying that?
«Yes, not only the Russians, also other services have this awareness, kept well-hidden however».
The American ones, Western ones?
«Many show acute skepticism, often a pitying smile escaping them; it is understandable in current times. On closer inspection there is a deep furrow between the United States and Russia, in which we Europeans too, with the enemies of Russia, risk falling in the past and are currently risking. Where is the watershed, the precipice on which we are poised, can be identified through two facts. The Russian Minister of Defense, General Sergej Kužugetovič Šojgu, opened the Army parade on May 1st 2015. Entering the Red Square, he passed under the Kremlin tower, the one known as the Savior Tower, due to the icon that dominates it. The general and minister ordered his car stopped under the icon, took off his uniform hat, crossed himself with the Holy Cross in the Orthodox manner, before ordering the parade to the troops of Holy Mother Russia. Since then, every military parade on Red Square begins like this, with a sign of the Cross, in Moscow, Russia, mother of atheist Communism.


On the other hand, in the heart of the once Christian civilization, Joe Biden’s vice president, Kamala Harris, like Hillary Clinton and Hussein Barak Obama, is a follower of Saul Alinsky, a guru of radicals, died in the early 1970s, whose book “Rules for Radicals” is dedicated to Lucifer. So let’s wait for 2022».

[1] It is the Italian law (20 February 1958, n. 75), known as the Merlin law, named by the first signatory of the law, Senator Lina Merlin. It abolished the regulation of prostitution, closing brothels and introducing the crimes of exploitation and abetting prostitution. Prostitution itself, voluntary and carried out by adult and unexploited women and men, however, remained legal, as it was considered part of the individual choices guaranteed by the Constitution, as part of inviolable personal freedom (Article 2 and Article 13).

[2] Two Italian regions

Gen. D.g..(ris) Piero Laporta



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