Open Letter to Bishop Schneider on Vaccines and Ethical Medicine.

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Marco Tosatti

Dear Stilumcuriali, we offer for your reflection this open letter addressed to His Excellency Athanasius Schneider, which may constitute the seed of a new initiative in favor of the defense of life and the dignity of the human person, of every human being. Good reading and sharing. 


To His Excellency

The Most Illustrious and Most Reverend

Msgr. Athanasius Schneider

Titular Bishop of Celerina

Auxiliary Bishop of Mary Most Holy in Astana


Your Excellency,

Many people throughout the world have read Your Excellency’s address given on February 19, 2021 –  Unmasking COVID-19: Vaccines, Mandates, and Global Health – with great consolation, recognizing you as a rare and precious voice of truth.

Also here in Italy, associations and groups committed to the support of the right for life have not remained indifferent. Many have found Your Excellency’s appeal for a “new movement for life” that fights “in a clear and unequivocal way against medicines contaminated by abortion, against the abuse of body parts of unborn children” to be a powerful stimulus to rethinking their course of action, certainly not abandoning the meritorious battle that has been conducted for decades up until now, but also bringing it to a coherent completeness in the new perspective of an integral critique related to the ethical and juridical legitimacy of embryonic and fetal cells in the context of experimentation and the pharmaceutical and cosmetic (and other related) industries.

We are writing this letter to express our support for your appeal made on February 19.

The defense of innocent human life from conception to natural death cannot admit compromises or exceptions. Either it is uncompromising and total, or it is not! Either it is lucidly and rigrously coherent, or it is not!

Recognizing that the human being is a person beginning at the moment of conception and never ceases to be a person, no matter in what psycho-physical clinical state the person may be, until the moment of natural death, necessarily implies the duty to recognize every suppression of human life as homicide, without any distinction relative to the age or pre-natal or post-natal condition of the victim.

The suppression of innocent human life is not only always gravely illicit from the moral point of view but also must always be juridically reproved. The legal condemnation of murder as a crime, regardless of the pre-natal or post-natal age of the victim, is a requirement of justice, which is necessary for every legal system.

No positive juridical system can demand recognition as legitimate if it contemplates the possibility of legally suppressing an innocent human person. Likewise, no positive juridical system can presume legitimacy if it foresees the legal possibility of objectifying and exploiting human life for the purposes of research or production (pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food).

A society that not only tolerates but even comes to consider as normal the systematic and habitual use of cells derived from the killing of innocent human pre-born persons for the most varied purposes appears to have lost sight of reason and justice, as well as the capacity for ethical judgment.

Whoever defends the right to life, in order not to fall into a fatal contradiction, cannot fail to be unequivocal in affirming the absolute moral and juridical illicitness of any form of voluntary abortion (surgical or chemical-pharmacological), as well as any production or cryo-preservation of human embryos, manipulation and exploitation of human embryos, infanticide, euthanasia, or assisted suicide. But this is still not enough!

It is imperative that defenders of human life, in order not to condemn themselves to incoherence and/or irrelevance, also take note of the fact that today the production, objectification, and manipulation of human embryos, as well as the exploitation of fetal cells harvested from pre-born human persons, is part of an enormous global economic, technical, and industrial system.

Condemning abortion without also condemning that enormous techno-productive structure of the objectifying/exploitative use of human pre-born life is – if not hypocrisy – certainly intellectual and operational myopia.

Today the battle in defense of human life must also be a commitment to oppose those practices and structures that degrade innocent life to being simply reserve of biological material that is useful in the field of experimentation and production.

It is above all a cultural battle. It is a question of rejecting in the clearest way the culture of desire that considers the pre-born human being as available for any purpose, even to the point of becoming a consumable material.

It is a task to be carried out from all angles and in the most effective way, not the least of which is calling every human being to take care to:

  • Reject any product (pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food) that has even the slightest link with the suppression of innocent human life
  • Boycott all those companies that make use of embryonic and/or fetal cells in their production or experimental activity (for example, by refusing to be customers, shareholders, bondholders, etc.).

It is, then, a question of acting on the jurisprudential and legislative plane, so that any use of embryonic and fetal cells obtained from the suppression of innocent human life is legally reproved and criminally punished, and likewise so that any commerce in human cells or tissue is legally prohibited.

Thus, we are not against medicine and pharmaceuticals, but rather for an ethically conducted production of drugs and cosmetics. No vaccine, no drug, no cosmetic, no food should be produced or tested using cells from human embryos and/or fetuses that have been acquired by the killing of an innocent person. Any use of or commerce in tissue and cells from human embryos/fetuses that are acquired from the suppression of an innocent life is morally unacceptable and must be legally forbidden.

This is shown to be an integral and coherent commitment for associations and groups that have at heart the defense of human life.

Therefore we commit ourselves to giving both intellectual and practical support to the appeal launched by Your Excellency on February 19, 2021.

Asking for your blessing,

Here are the signatures:

Mirco Agerde – Movimento Mariano Regina dell’Amore

Gianfranco Amato – Giuristi per la Vita

Antonio Brandi – Associazione Pro Vita & Famiglia

Giorgio Celsi – Associazione Ora et labora in difesa della Vita

Francesco Fontana – Associazione Iustitia in Veritate

Giovanni Formicola – Opzione Benedetto

Massimo Viglione – Confederazione dei Triarii

  • Francesco Agnetti (giurista)
  • Francesco Mario Agnoli (magistrato, Presidente aggiunto della Suprema Corte di Cassazione, già membro del Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura)
  • Milton Amabile (farmacista)
  • Francesco Avanzini (medico)
  • Dottoressa Patrizia Azzali (medico)
  • Pier Luigi Bianchi Cagliesi (giornalista)
  • Antonio Bianco (coordinatore della Triarii Web Tv)
  • Eleonora Bonfanti (studentessa, Presidente di Nova Civilitas Giovani)
  • Luca Campanotto (giurista)
  • Fabio Candalino (giurista)
  • Maria Capozza (giurista, presidente Associazione Giovanna d’Arco ONLUS)
  • Marco Casadei (medico)
  • Anna Egidia Catenaro (giurista, presidente Associazione Avvocatura in Missione)
  • Ugo Cepparulo (giurista)
  • Palmiro Clerici (medico veterinario)
  • Cecilia Collini (giurista)
  • Dottoressa Marina Corsi (farmacista)
  • Dottoressa Cristina Costa (docente)
  • Dottoressa Silvana De Mari (medico)
  • Matteo De Martino (medico)
  • Donato Carmelo Dellino (medico, responsabile dell’Associazione Medicina e Persona Puglia)
  • Alfredo de Matteo (membro del Comitato per la Marcia per la Vita)
  • Luca Di Fazio (giurista)
  • Stefano Fontana (presidente Associazione LiFE-libertà famiglia educazione)
  • Enzo Fortunato (presidente Associazione Europa Benedettina)
  • Paolo Gabelli
  • Luca Ghirardi (giurista)
  • Cristiano Gobbi (giurista e canonista, Presidente Circolo culturale G. Mattiussi S.J.)
  • Roberto Grieco (medico)
  • Emilio Guidi
  • Paolo Gulisano (medico)
  • Dottoressa Maria Eleonora Iannucci (farmacista)
  • Vladimir Kosic (già Assessore alla Sanità della Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia)
  • essa Rosanna Lallone (consulente Welfare del Centro servizi al volontariato di Bari)
  • Alessandro Laudani (medico)
  • Stefano Martinolli (medico)
  • Dottoressa Wanda Massa
  • Massimiliano Mirto (docente di filosofia)
  • Carmine Napolitano (medico)
  • Simone Ortolani (giornalista, Presidente Associazione culturale San Michele Arcangelo)
  • Dottoressa Valentina Plano (farmacista)
  • Domenica Riello (giurista)
  • Manuela Romano (giurista)
  • Mauro Roseano (medico)
  • Dottoressa Arianna Scala (farmacista)
  • Bruno Sconocchia (giurista, presidente Associazione Sunodia)
  • Clara Suardi (ostetrica)
  • Paolo Tanga (già Direttore Principale di Banca d’Italia)
  • Luciano Tenze (medico)
  • Enrico Tolentinati (medico)
  • Chiara Torti (ostetrica)
  • Marco Tosatti (giornalista)
  • Daniele Trabucco (docente di diritto costituzionale)
  • Giovanni Turco (docente di filosofia del diritto)
  • Dottoressa Chiara Margherita Ulisse (infermiera)
  • Piero Uroda (farmacista, Presidente dell’Unione Farmacisti Cattolici Italiani)
  • Aldo Maria Valli (giornalista)
  • Dottoressa Maria Prassede Venturini (medico)
  • Fabrizio Verduchi (Presidente di Italia Cristiana)

Massimo Viglione – Confederation of Triarii


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  • Slave of JMJ again ha detto:

    We should rather die than be vaccinated. That is our plan ACB and Z. Point 2. priesthood an elite forbes 500 freemason club open letter to Portland Oregon clergy.

    Praise be to Jesus Mary st. Joseph and st. Teresa our only hope. The priesthood has neglected The Ten Commandments and become an elite Forbes 500 Freemasons Club where priests just defend their own like some sort of new age band of Brotherhood instead of the Ten Commandments and the true Brotherhood which is uniformity to the Divine will for the salvation of Souls and for the Salvation their own Souls. Instead of Law they’ve become a club where murder tyranny and backstabbing reign. It’s sick. But this is what has been going on in Oregon for many years and Miss Stafford has witnessed it herself the priests just roll over and play dead and defend themselves and they hire a lawyer to defend themselves but if a lay person needs help or desires to come close to God they just don’t want to do anything at all.

    As a result there’s crimes going on in this diocese and the priests all they do is pass the buck blame everybody around them and hide. It’s funny too because priests have become independently wealthy they’ve got their LLC to back them, they know they can get lawyers if they need to and it’s really sick. The priesthood needs a wake up call. They need to as a group publicly confess their sins and really start defending the people the weakest people because even Mother Teresa said that you can judge a society by how it treats the the weak the abandoned the neglected and The Forsaken and we can truly see this is happening in Oregon especially with Asher Heifetz and His Mother Anna Stafford who have been rejected by many.

    I would sent this email out to more Portland OR priests but they JUST DONT LISTEN and they hide behind their secretaries. There are Bishops in hell folks. Dont be caught in the scam. All for Jesus.