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Marco Tosatti

Dear readers of Stilum Curiae: We have done it again. Last Sunday our Stilum Curiae reached another threshold: 22 million views since the day of its birth in October 2016. That is, less than four and a half years ago. I know that by now you are used to this, but it never stops surprising me. Even more so if I think of how uncertain and doubtful I was, after my blog San Pietro e Dintorni at La Stampa was terminated – not by my choice. I had no experience, apart from writing, at managing a blog on my own. And I asked myself if it would be worth the effort. I am now very happy that I overcame my innate laziness, and that I am able to overcome it each day now that the workload has grown in a way I would never have imagined.

Over the course of these four years over 825,000 comments have been moderated; a considerable number, and no small part of the daily work. But I am determined to continue to do it, because it seems important to me, even moreso during this phase in which the roar of the voices of the regime become louder, so as to give everyone that possibility of expressing themselves. I apologize if I have sometimes been too lax in my oversight, permitting expressions that could hurt someone. I will try – I am already doing this – to limit direct exchanges between commenters, so as to avoid excessive personalization.

Another element that I have been able to notice, and that gives me great pleasure, is this: Naturally Stilum Curiae has its largest following in Italy. But it is interesting to note that there is a consolidated reading audience, with few variations, in many foreign countries: the United States, Spain, Great Britain, different nations of Latin America, France, Switzerland…. a long list that goes all the way down to small followings in places that are literally on the other side of the world. This is an element that makes us very happy and that we can also find on social networks, Twitter in particular, where the interactions with users of other nationalities are growing. And since the only and primary purpose of Stilum Curiae is to make information available to those who do not speak our Italian language, it is also important. This constant base was also the fruit of the decision to avail ourselves of the professional assistance of collaborators who would be able to translate, not everything, but certain particularly significant articles. Clearly this represented a further commitment for Stilum, but it is truly worth it, at least in my opinion.

Stilum is a small boat, that little by little over the course of the months and years has always brought aboard new friends and collaborators. It is right and just to thank them: those who can sign their first and last names, and others who – because, as we know, these are difficult times – must cloak themselves under a pseudonym. A huge thanks goes also to lend their work, with dedication and love, to translate the articles on Stilum and so make them available in other languages, and also those who do so in reverso to put articles into Italian. Truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know it’s obvious, but even if hearing thank you is foreseen and expected, it is always a caress to the soul.

Dear readers of Stilum Curiae, I truly thank you. For your friendship, attention, and also – at times – for the outbursts of anger; for the patience with which we endure often provocatory and insulting attacks. But this is normal, I believe, and is a sign that, no matter how small and written in the sand it may be, we are leaving a trace. In one of his poems, Rudyard Kipling wrote a series of epitaphs, dedicated to various walks of life. For journalists, the epitaph was: “We served our day.” We have served our day. This is what, each day, with the help of God, we try to do. And forgive us our errors, which certainly there is no lack of.


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  • renato brandolese ha detto:

    22 million hits this blog; it is a sign that there are people interested in the Catholic faith, wishing that it does not get lost in easy modernisms. But we know that the Catholic Church is in serious crisis especially now that apostate Bergoglio is at the helm. I would hope that even a low percentage of those who follow stilum curiae could express all their dissent not in words but in deeds. Go to Rome and insist that this usurper go away. I would go too although I am abundantly in the eighth decade of life. All my humble esteem to Dr. Tosatti for the work he does every day for the good of our Christ’s church. Praised be Jesus Christ