The Phantom Note on Masses in Saint Peter’s: Guess Who Invented it…

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Marco Tosatti

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, thanks to, a site you know well and that you know is very much appreciated in these parts, we have gained a better understanding about the mysterious unsigned note without a protocol number that was issued by the First Section of the Secretary of State on the regulation of Masses in Saint Peter’s Basilica, without the new Archpriest of the Basilica, who was recently appointed to replace Cardinal Comastri, knowing anything about it. It appears that the note originated from “Number One” – the one whom Henry Sire very aptly defined in his book “The Dictator Pope.” And in fact, in addition to being irregular, the semi-clandestine note (so much so that there were those who thought that it was a joke, that it was false) has all the probability of being illegitimate. But what does that matter! If the Pope wants something, what do laws matter? Enjoy your reading.


In Vatican City State not a leaf moves unless Bergoglio wants it to

The directives imposed by the unusual document from the Secretary of State, which lays down – outside of the proper competences, in violation of canon law and the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church – directives for liturgical functions in the Papal Basilica of Saint Peter, will take effect beginning March 22, 2021. Beginning on that day, it will no longer be permitted to celebrate individual Holy Masses in Saint Peter’s Basilica celebrated by a single priest without the faithful. The Note also drastically reduces Holy Masses in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, limiting them to just one altar in the crypt of the Basilica.

An internal source has given definite confirmation that the author of this directive is the Substitute for General Affairs of the Secretariat of State and that the seal on the stamp at bottom of the Note is the authentic stamp of the Substitute. This confirms that the Substitute is only a faithful executor of higher orders. Before, it was Becciu; now it is Peña Parra. Furthermore, it has been learned – from the same internal source – that the unusual directive was issued at the order of Pope Francis. Therefore, the reason for this communication issued with this unusual and irregular modality is the absolute discretion requested by the Pontiff, so that the order would be received with a low profile. The timing with which this Note was issued is surprising – not even a month has passed since the resignation of Cardinal Angelo Comastri when he reached his age limit. All of this supports the idea – and has convinced us – that the operation has been organized for some time. The documented was issued as an internal Note, for which it is the practice of the Substitute to affix only a seal. But there’s more. The document has no protocol number, an obvious sign that the document is not meant to have any official tracking.

The Substitute did what the Pope ordered, and he did it with the requested discretion. Cardinal Burke has declared the directive illegitimate, because it is outside the competence of the Secretariat of State. For this reason, Cardinal Burke has asked that it be retracted before March 22, the date on which it takes effect.

The crucial question remains in this strange case – to use a euphemism: if the document was requested by the Pope, despite the violation of Canon Law and the Doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, is the directive legitimate?

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Previously, Korazym had published this note: 

The First Section of the Secretariat of State, headed by the Substitute for General Affairs, Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra, with a Note issued on March 12 has directed that beginning on March 22, 2021, it will no longer be permitted to celebrate individual Holy Masses in Saint Peter’s Basilica, celebrated by a single priest without the faithful, and also orders the drastic reduction of Holy Masses in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, limiting them to one single altar in the crypt of the Basilica. There are three recipients of the Note: the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Fabbrica di San Pietro, Msgr. Mario Giordana, in charge of the administration of the maintenance of the basilica; the Canons of the Vatican Chapter; and the Service [or Office] of Liturgical Celebrations of the Basilica. The customary practice in Saint Peter’s Basilica has been quite different up until now, with many priests celebrating Mass each morning at the many side altars of the basilica, often alone and often in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

At first, there was a doubt about the authenticity of the Note from the Second Section of the Second Section of the Secretariat of State, which was unsigned and had no protocol number. It is in fact authentic, and many questions remain about the violations of canon law and the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. Of course, the Substitute of the Secretariat of State (who put his seal on the letter but did not sign it) will consider himself competent in the matter, because he addresses the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Fabbrica di San Pietro, however at the same time he snubs the brand new Archpriest of the Basilica, Cardinal Mauro Gambetti, O.F.M.Conv. (and we can imagine what he thinks). We are still awaiting a statement on the matter from the Press Office of the Holy See. Meanwhile, we report in our Italian translation the Declaration of Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who presents the sensational case and clearly formulates the punctum dolens of the matter [HERE in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish]. It should be borne in mind that Cardinal Burke is one of the greatest experts in canon law, the Former Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, the President of the Court of Cassation of Vatican City State and President of the Commission for Canonical Advocates from 2008 to 2014.


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  • Angie W ha detto:

    “In Vatican City State not a leaf moves unless Bergoglio wants it to”
    It strikes me that in this article it is also described that Bergoglio in the Vatican has EVERYTHING under his control in the same way as in Argentina, for example in this other article from an Argentine blog on September 3, 2012, they denounced the same modus operandi, which Bergoglio used in Argentina to have everything under his control, allowing sacrileges in his diocese with his full knowledge and authorization. The blog described that Bergoglio had full knowledge of the sacrilege (because it is well known that his information service is sufficiently oiled so that: “a vulture does not fly in the pampa without the knowledge of Mr. Cardenal” (porque se sabe muy bien que su servicio de información es lo suficientemente aceitado para que “no vuela un chajá en la pampa sin que lo sepa el Sr. Cardenal”). In which Bergoglio, contrary to Catholic doctrine, allowed a gay couple to adopt children, for example the case of the famous homosexual transvestite Roberto Trinidad (Flor de la V) who used a surrogate to create children and adopt them with his homosexual partner, whom one of Bergoglio’s priests (Jorge García Cuerva ) also allowed to receive sacrilegious communion in an instrumentalization of the Sacrament of Baptism and after the scandal over the sacrilege Bergoglio persecuted the faithful priests who refused to participate in the sacrilege.