Big Shot’s American Friend: Trump as Benedict XVI.

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Marco Tosatti

 Dear readers of Stilum Curiae, “Big Shot” offers us a very interesting vision – not his own but that of one of his American friends – on what is happening in the world. Enjoy your reading.


Dear Tosatti, I am sharing with you a reflection made by an American friend and colleague, an expert in politics and economics, a former supporter of Obama who has now repented. I hope that the readers of Stilum Curiae may find it helpful.

Big Shot

“The feeling one has recently here in the United States is not easily interpreted in your country [Italy]. The feeling that is “spreading” within the United States is that the Western world is in a war against the Covid pandemic, but it is not like 1945, close to the end of the war, rather it is more like 1941, that is, only the beginning.

Thus it is necessary to have a “spirit of war.” Apart from the obvious “blah blah blah” assertions, the ones that they want the world to believe in, it refers to the fact that the concept of health is being redefined, focusing on mental health and psychologically reshaping the model of resilience (that is, the capacity to overcome crisis and difficulties).

What makes an impression that the concept of health ought to be uniform throughout the whole world, a streamlined concept of health is needed. And how will they succeed in doing this? At the WHO they are mere amateurs in the fray.

Curiously, our great [American] capitalists today are renouncing capitalism, they accuse it of atrocities and pretend to reformulate it in order to cancel inequalities.

But who believes it? And if they themselves are the ones who have produced these errors, how can they pretend to have the credibility to correct them? Obviously they also pretend to protect the planet from extreme phenomena that threaten it and they have all – I repeat, all – become supporters of Biden.

Now these concepts which I have summarized have – magically – been adopted by all of the major American and international think tanks, by the large banks, by the large strategic consulting firms, by the big philanthropic foundations, by the bodies of the UN.

For these reasons, Trump underwent the attack that we saw, which I would compare, obviously with a different style and tone, to the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the co-optation of Pope Francis.

Allow me to say, therefore, that Trump’s exit from the scene is equivalent to the exit of Benedict. Trump’s departure was hard and dramatic; Benedict’s was soft and subtle. But both of them were considered “restorers” of an unsustainable world. Trump was a sovereignist and anti-multilateralist, anti-Paris climate agreements, confrontational with China, not concerned with European unification, and he was also a bit of a pandemic denier.

I found similarities with Ratzinger, who was traditionalist, anti-progressive, oriented towards re-converting Europe and converting China. And above all, he had a rational faith and believed in a Church that is Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman.

What is reported here about Trump also explains why in Italy the Conte government must not fall; they fear that if they have elections in Italy, which the center-right – sovereignist and pandemic denying – would undoubtedly win, and that then it would do the only reasonable thing it could do – leave the EU just like the UK did, even doing so (so to speak) in union with China (it would have to think strategically), but also in alliance with Putin if he can be trusted. But in reality, who do you trust and who can be trusted?

Today the strategic alliance of, shall we say, “Western” power is between politics, economics, science, media (newspapers and TV) and moral (in the sense of the Church). Everything that was said in Assisi at the “Economy of Francesco” summit and in the encyclical Fratelli Tutti is in conformity with the principles and objectives of this curious alliance of power. It has never happened in contemporary history. Never, that is, until now. Thank you for your attention.”





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Marco Tosatti

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    Caro Marco, il primo a fare questo parallelo, e anche a svilupparne un’analisi interessante, è stato don Minutella qualche settimana fa. Quel prete è parecchio intuitivo…