Letter from Washington. Thank You, Donald. And See You Soon? We Hope So

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Marco Tosatti

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, we receive from Dr. Leo Conti, from Washington, this very detailed and interesting picture of the four years of Donald Trump’s presidency, that is, everything that our newspapers and televisions, enslaved to the tangle of progressive interests and various powers (we refer to what Angela Pellicciari wrote on La Bussola) have never told you. And really, considering the disastrous consequences of the international banditry carried out by the Obama-Clinton couple in Libya, consequences that we are still paying for, Italy cannot but be grateful to a truly pacifist President. Not just talk. The reigning Pontiff should be too, and so should the Church, if it were consistent with the blabla it spreads. But that’s it…Enjoy your reading.



(Dr. Leo Conti – Washington DC)


We all know by experience that justice is not of this world. However, it is paradoxical that (as a result of documented illegality, under the eyes of whomever wants to keep them open) a second term was denied to Trump, one of the great presidents in American history. (What counts is not cheap talk, but the facts, assuming one does not sweep them under the carpet.) A second term was granted to Obama, whose presidency was one of the absolute worst, tirelessly promoting the crime of abortion and other intrinsic moral evils, as well as a haughty foreign policy in which “leading was from behind” and “lines were drawn in the sand” – and its disastrous results were in fact felt on their skin by the thousands of its innocent victims. Now we have to endure four years of a Biden/Harris administration, the expression of the Washington swamp and its miserable power tricks. From what it has already announced, it will do no more than recycle (and worsen, if at all possible) the immoral and failing policies from the Clinton and Obama eras. (In the meantime, Biden is displaying his credentials as a “contemporary Catholic”, by attending Mass in the morning, on his first day in office, and signing executive orders in the afternoon allowing the dismemberment of unborn children.)


I must confess that, five years ago, my husband and I did not support Trump. During the Republican primaries, we were cheering for Ted Cruz, a Texas senator of Cuban origins and a sophisticated jurist with a solid conservative history, who would later support Trump loyally. Our green cards of tax-paying permanent residents (not US nationals) did not allow us to vote, either in the primaries or in the elections. Later, after his victory at the primaries, and then at the 2016 elections, Trump captured us as so many other practicing Catholics, and men and women of good will, who regard respect for moral absolutes (starting from protecting the innocent life of children in their mothers’ wombs) as decisive to promote the common good. This is a far cry from the depraved causes which, together with sheer banalities, invariably animate Democrats, with support by RINOs (Republicans In Name Only, namely Republicans who are really Democrats at heart).


In four years of hard facts (and not empty words, such as those uttered by his predecessor), Trump gave rise to levels of hope and enthusiasm that could not have even been imagined when he decided to run for the presidency:


  1. Protecting religious freedom and the right of conscientious objection, in conformity with respect for the principle of any democracy worthy of its name that the source of true human rights is God, not the state.


  1. Defending innocent human life in any condition and at any stage of development, both within the United States and internationally.


  1. Promoting the family founded on the only marriage that has ever existed and will ever exist, the one between man and woman according to human nature, and the right of parents to educate their children against any form of perversion and despotic indoctrination.


  1. Acknowledging the need to select judges that respect the constitution, and not creators of fake “new rights”, which are the figment of their deranged imagination.


  1. Embracing the key tenets of Christian civilization and the best traits of the American tradition of freedom, against the tyrannical inclinations of Democrats and of (pseudo-)intellectuals.


  1. Funding, not de-funding, the police, supporting them in their daily fight against violence, starting from the one waged by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and their bad companies.


  1. Welcoming immigrants respectful of the law (against all illegality that ends up promoting slavery and human trafficking), and expelling from the country thousands of criminals and gangs.


  1. Uplifting the middle class by reducing taxes and getting rid of the many regulations upon regulations imposed by bureaucrats with the only aim of extending their tentacles, including an energetic fight against Covid (despite the disastrous measures adopted by many local Democrat administrators) and the rejection of anti-scientific restrictions which, in addition to discriminating against religious worship, oppress little shops and entrepreneurs who need to work to survive, unlike politicians and large conglomerates.


  1. Reaching new heights of prosperity in the pre-Covid era, with visible benefits to minorities, and producing clean energy against those policies which, under the pretext of venerating nature (a true form of neo-paganism), aim at benefiting friendly groups.


  1. Denouncing censorship and lies spread by big tech, media, and other enemies of truth and the free circulation of ideas.


  1. Concluding fair agreements with other states and international organizations, rejecting also any form of ideological neo-colonialism to the detriment of the weak.


  1. Abstaining from any war adventurism overseas, thanks also to initiatives at the service of the peace process in the Middle East, Kosovo and elsewhere, which earned Trump two nominations to the Nobel prize (and obviously ignored by big media).


  1. Revitalizing the armed forces, creating a new United States Space Force, and finally granting decent medical assistance to veterans.


  1. Safeguarding the bicentennial American democracy, by staying firm against Congress’s impeachment farce, with no foundation other than hatred for Trump and his supporters, and by decrying electoral frauds and a voting system by mail without even the minimal guarantees of legality, which led, in the 2020 elections, to the certification of an electoral result that counted dubious votes, votes arrived after their deadline, and votes cast by people who had never had any right to vote, or had it when… they were still in this life!


Four years fly away quickly, provided the United States hold the fort against the joint attack of Democrats, fake Republicans, biased bureaucracy (deep state), activist judges, thugs hiding behind pseudo-political causes, big tech and (dis-)information media, universities intent in forming students as political extremists rather than lovers of learning, and foreign power houses that work continuously to destroy the United States. As Trump has provided ample proof that he is a fighter who does not give up, may we reasonably expect that, if God keeps him in good health, he will run and win (again) in 2024? (The American constitution rules out more than two presidential terms, but does not require that these two terms be consecutive.) The imponderable aspect of the equation is not linked to any lack of enthusiasm by Trump supporters, who chant “we love you” at his rallies (never heard before as being addressed to a statesman or a politician), but has to do with (a) what the evil-doers will be able to achieve by using all possible means (especially the illicit ones) to get rid of his public presence, (b) how many dubious votes will suddenly pop up for the Democratic Donkey (was there ever a more appropriate symbol?), and (c) which structural changes Democrats will be able to introduce as a way of occupying power indefinitely, from the indiscriminate concession of nationality, to the elevation of DC and Puerto Rico to states as a way of grabbing four more senators, to packing the Supreme Court, thus ensuring an unassailable progressive majority (and, therefore, allowing the killing of even more unborn children and throwing contraceptives down the throat of the Little sisters of the poor).


Whatever the future holds in store for us, with or without Trump at the summit, the heritage of values associated with his luminous administration over these four memorable years remains the starting point of a credible renewed fight by Republicans. Immorality, rioting and illegality have condensed dark clouds in the American skies. But the hope remains that the upright and productive portion of the American population may still have the strength, according to tradition, to raise its head and get back to work, trusting always in Divine Providence.




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Marco Tosatti

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