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Dear Stilumcuriali, it seems interesting to us to offer to those who have not already read it in today’s La Verità this extremely stimulating and interesting article by Prof. Ettore Gotti Tedeschi. Happy reading.



The Curious Alliance Between “The Oppressors of the People” and “The Opium of the People”

 Ettore Gotti Tedeschi – La Verità 

We must resign ourselves to undergoing the latest evolutionistic “utopian species” of the Great Reset in order to solve all our problems and make the world a better place. This was to be expected; we should not be surprised at all. For some time now we have received warnings that something grave would happen if population growth and its alleged consequential environmental damage was not immediately halted. The soft warning has evolved into a hard threat and now finally we are told that it is a reality that justifies extraordinary actions in order to fight Covid. Like other Resets, this too will produce consequences totally different from the declared intentions. But to whom will these consequences be useful?


The climate of fear united to the perception that they are not telling us what is really happening recalls the climate of fear and secrecy during the “atomic threat” of the 1950’s, when it was understood that the secret powers of nature (namely, nuclear powers) were in the hands of a few of the elect, while the rest of humanity lived in fear of an atomic war, wondering if these powers would ever be used. Up until recently it would never have been believed that we would have to use fear to accept the Great Reset just as fear was used to make the atomic age be accepted. We thought that Greta was sufficient. But the mysteries do not end here.


The most curious aspect of the mystery of the push for the Reset is the strange alliance that has been created between the former “oppressors of the people” (capitalists) and the former “opium of the people” (the Church), which are both in difficulty but have now been united by Covid. Unlike Resets of the past, this one seems to be witnessing an unexpected form of “dialogue” that seems to be inspired by a form of “historic compromise” or reconciliation between the Church and liberal capitalism. Both of them are compromising their own convictions – for the sake of the common good, naturally… Think of the way the stars have lined up for the Davos-Assisi summit, the Global Alliance of the “Council for Inclusive Capitalism,” the alliance with UNESCO for the Global Compact on Education. This surprising and fantastic strategy of dialogue and reconciliation is both fascinating and curious. Until recently it seemed difficult to have dialogue between the former “oppressors of the people” (the sinister capitalists) and the former “opium of the people” (religion/the Church). The two ancient enemies appear to have allied themselves today in order to realize the ideals of brotherhood and equality, all while proclaiming that they are protecting mother earth. But the alliance also seems to be hoping for “the people’s vaccine.” Many Bishops’ Conferences have now invited everyone to be vaccinated, as an act of love towards one’s neighbor, just as quite a few bishops have been vaccinated in public. And now finally even the Pope is asking for “the vaccine for all.”


One curious aspect is found in the fact that the dialogue, which was once attempted and accomplished between the “powerful,” is today said to be taking place between the “weak” who have been made strong only by today’s grave circumstances. Who would ever have guessed that there would be an alliance between a capitalism that has been arbitrarily declared to have failed and a Catholicism that is close to self-extinction, in a context of material and spiritual poverty?

But we should not be surprised by an alliance between the one persecuted and its persecutor. There is already a document of the Magisterium (Gaudium et Spes n.44) that “admits” that “the Church has greatly profited and still profits from the antagonism of those who oppose or persecute her” (sic!).

Do you want to see proof that what is unfolding is Palmiro Togliatti’s famous strategy of the “outstretched hands”? Do you remember when Togliatti (the leader of the Italian Communist Party from 1927-1964, known simply as “The Best” [Il Migliore]) held his hand out to the Church, proposing an ideological truce in order to realize common goals (social equality, an end to exploitation, etc.) against capitalism, the common enemy? And he held out his hand even as he always continued to consider religion as “the opium of the people,” but in order to fight against capitalist oppression, “the opium of the people” was able to become the “medicine of the people” since it was allied with communism. If this hypothesis was true, it would mean that capitalism, in this moment of socio-economic crisis, in order to avoid the risk of an alliance between the Catholic Church and communism (even Chinese communism), could be transformed into socialist, distributionist, environmentalist neo-capitalism, no longer the “oppressor of the people,” making an alliance with a religion that is no longer the “opium of the people” and with a church that is no longer a church “of the weak and the afflicted who have been beaten down” (as Nietszche said) in order to fight together against inequalities and to protect the environment. Is it also an alliance to promote and distribute the vaccines?




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