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Marco Tosatti

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, in his general audience the reigning Pontiff has returned to the topic  – strangely, not of migrants – but of the economy, the environment, and similar subjects, with a competence and adequacy that an indignant, bewildered, and somewhat desperate Msgr. X explains to us. Happy reading.


Monsignor X to Tosatti:

Dear Tosatti, if these statements had been made by a lay scholar, I would not hesitate to say that he is either igonorant or a liar.

It is necessary to explain why I say this: “Teaching the ignorant” is one of the seven spiritual works of mercy, as is “admonishing sinners.” Someone will say that it is also a work of mercy “to endure troublesome people with patience,” but here, more than annoying, he is confusing and misleading.

The readers of Stilum Curiae can probably draw their own conclusions by reading the link here containing the statement made by the Pope at the general audience at the Apostolic Palace [on Wednesday, August 26].

In these utterances, the Pope speaks about the serious consequences of inequitable economic growth. He does not speak about the moral crisis of man in this century that has produced the economic and social crises as a consequence. He flips the truth around 180 degrees.

He limits himself to speaking about effects, not causes, exclusively referring to economic and environmental factors.

He does not speak about the crime of abortion, of children murdered in the womb of their mothers. He speaks only about hungry children without education.

It does not seem that a Pope of the Holy Roman Church is speaking, but rather a UNESCO official. Therefore I will refer my criticism and comments to the said “UNESCO official” (disguised as the pope) who made these statements.

This UNESCO “official” knows how to speak only of economics, and even then he does so erroneously.

Up until yesterday is was forbidden for the Catholic Church to deal with economics; it was supposed to speak only of consciences, so much so that all of the social encyclicals of previous popes were furiously attacked by the secular world.

Today the present Church concerns itself “only” with the economy and is not supposed to be concerned with consciences (unless it follows the Protestant model). In fact it is concerned only with poverty, social inequities, climate, immigration, etc.


This is done with the purpose of transforming Catholicism into a sort of ethical organism, socially useful, a non-profit organization (as desired and envisaged by UNESCO).

But since the highest official of the Church is advised by notedly incompetent people (in all matters: theological, financial, doctrinal…), he repeatedly shows that he knows nothing about economic arguments, he confuses causes with effects, and above all he proposes erroneous solutions that will only make the situations being addressed worse.

Of course, we are anxious for the results of “Assisi 2020-Economy of Francis” which will be a true and proper “Council” on the economy.

We prelates are very, very worried, because we sense that the intention is to change the Social Doctrine of the Church.

This exhortation by Bergoglio is disturbing due to the various explicit and implicit declarations contained therein.

– He suggests that the Redemption will be involve the protection of nature. Are not the Book of Genesis and the Gospel twisted in this way?

– He calls for the sharing of goods (like the first Christian communities of the first century after Christ). But is not this declaration, today in the 21st century, a mad Marxist utopia?

– He explains that the pandemic has placed us in crisis. Has he not yet understood that it is the crisis that has produced the pandemic, not vice-versa, and has he not yet understood the causes?

– He explains that this economy is the fruit of “inequitable” growth. Here too he demonstrates that he does not understand the causes and the reality of what he says is unfair. In reality in the Western world there has not been real economic growth for 40 years (only artificial-consumerist, thanks to the collapse of true growth due to the collapse of the birth rate).

But this unfair growth has enriched his Chinese friends about whom he cares so much.

In the 1970s his friend Paul Ehrlich (who collaborated on Laudato Si) wrote that before the year 2000 hundreds of millions of people would die of famine in China thanks to the growth of the population. Unbelievable!

– He speaks of the concentration of wealth as “injustice that cries out to heaven,” perhaps forgetting his supporters like Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg? But even the UN has declared that thanks to globalization universal inequality and poverty have decreased, improving life expectancies thanks to the improvement of health and nutrition in former poor countries.

– He explains that this growth model has caused damage to creation, biodiversity, climate changes, and destruction of the rain forests. But, please, has nobody explained to him who has imposed this growth model and why? Does nobody know how to explain to him that all this has happened (assuming and not agreeing that it has actually happened) with the intent of extinguishing the human creature and conditioning human life?

– He continues to speak of “children who die of hunger and do not go to school” and totally ignores those who are aborted! For goodness sake! How can I not think he is a UNESCO official disguised as the Pope?

Dear Tosatti, speaking last Sunday with some of my monsignor “colleagues” we were saying that there is no longer much hope that wisdom and knowledge can inspire this pontificate. The one true thing said often by this Pope concerns the “culture of discarding.”

In this pontificate all truth, wisdom, and knowledge have been “discarded.”

Msgr. X

Translated by Giuseppe Pellegrino





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