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Marco Tosatti

 Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, I see that the Pontiff’s super environmental speech a few days ago has affected not only me, but also Pezzo Grosso (Big Shot), who in fact wrote me the comment you will find below. From my humble point of view it seems to me extraordinary that someone – the one who prepared the text read by the Pope – has committed the Pope in such a categorical manner to an issue that is instead the subject of much heated debate, and on which the scientific world is far from unanimous consensus. In short, perhaps it is not prudent to lead to a Gretization of the Church; when perhaps, in a few years or decades, we will discover that this effort has simply induced a moral Authority to say silly or inaccurate things in a field of which, rightly, it does not know  anything, and on which it has no authority. But let’s read Pezzo Grosso (Big Shot).

“Dear Tosatti, with great advance Bergoglio is preparing the true traumatic Magisterium of this era:” the Amazonian Council “, and the attached considerations are nothing but the overture: the thought in which the Pope seems to recognize himself, or at least he leaves us to understand, is that which wants us to return to poor Mother Earth, in opposition to Western civilization; which being founded on capitalist principles and necessarily a sign of contradiction, produces wealth for all, however. Just as the water of Lourdes will also be full of germs, but it works miracles and wonders.

But this Pope seems to refuse to believe in miracles; instead he believes in some “scientific truths”, perhaps those that are preparing the new religious class struggle between those who “defend” the earth and those who defend the “sky”.

No scientist has succeeded in demonstrating that the glaciers melt only due to CO2 emissions and not for other reasons linked to solar conditions, so canceling the use of coal does not have that much effect on the climate; but it will only create greater poverty for the countries that produce it (Brazil in particular?).

These environmental issues that claim to care about our children and grandchildren are, I think, equivalent to the requests of abortionists who want to reduce the population to have positive pro-life effects.

In fact, as long as the environmentalists’ statements are in the least true, those who have created the most CO2 pollution in order to generate hyper-consumption over the last thirty years have been the Malthusian environmentalists who managed to convince (in the late 70s) the western world to no longer have children to keep everyone better and not pollute the planet.

But they succeded in generating the opposite effect. Because, to economically compensate for the fall in the birth rate, we tripled individual consumption, tripled production, etc. Referring to the now increasingly “so-called” moral authority, I believe that the human family is endangered by the equivocal magisterium of this pontificate, namely by Evangelii Gaudium, by Amoris Laetitia, by Laudato Sì, other than by the environmental problem.

My friends, I invite you to prepare yourselves on the Assisi conference on the Franciscan Economy and on the Amazon Synod. Both will be proposed as a desperate help to our grandchildren, but in fact they will be an invitation not to generate children and grandchildren at all “.

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