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Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, Super Ex (formerly of the Movement for Life, formerly of Avvenire, former of various other Catholic things but not a former Catholic, indeed …) sent us a reflection on brotherhood; the Christian one and the one we have heard so much about in recent times, especially after the controversial and controversial document signed by the reigning Pontiff in Abu Dhabi. It seems appropriate to recall the compliments of George Soros after the discourse on the Roma in Romania, and what Stilum Curiae published some time ago, on the extraordinary love of the Masons for Pope Bergoglio, a study and which certainly has now been enriched by other episodes. Enjoy the reading.


The brotherood indicated by Bergoglio is the Christian or Masonic brotherhood? It is a question that arises spontaneously, at least for the noise and the origin of the applause that accompany the speeches of the Argentine prelate on immigration, Europe, etc.

There were those who spoke to the world of brotherhood, and were crucified.

Even Peter, the head of the apostles, was not well received by the world. The mass media and the Powers that crucified Benedict XVI acclaim his successor today.

Why? Did not all the pontiffs always speak of brotherhood, love and mercy? The pontiffs have not always encouraged projects of political unity in diversity, first baptizing the Holy Roman Empire, multinational and multi-ethnic, of Charlemagne, then that of the Habsburgs, and finally, with Pius XII, the same united and Christian Europe of the fathers founders?

So what has changed? Very simple: Christian brotherhood is based on a very clear concept: we are brothers as children of the same Father; and grateful  to the same Father!

Christianity is from its origins, universalist, that is Catholic: it does not matter whether one is white or black, free or a slave, rich or poor … All the faithful are brothers, because they have the same Father and the same mother, the Catholic Church. This allows them to have a different skin, to eat, dress, talk differently, and to feel equally brothers. When, on the occasion of some international meetings, I have the opportunity to be with Egyptian, Ukrainian, American, African and Chinese Christians, I immediately notice that the essential thing unites us: we have the same God, the same vision of man and of world, and everything else becomes secondary.

This does not mean that I renounce to pizza or spaghetti, or to the beautiful language of “the sì”, for the dishes and idioms of other peoples. It means only that different foods, clothing, languages ​​and colors are a richness that characterizes the same brothers and that does not eliminate the underlying unity at all.

This is the Christian brotherhood.

Then there are the pagan brotherhoods: in past centuries we have tried to found the brotherhood only on the color of the skin (hence the racisms, typical creations of modernity), or on the common language, history and will to power (hence nationalisms). We all know how it turned out.

Or we wanted to found the brotherhood on belonging to the same social class: hence the “proletarians of the whole world unite” by Karl Marx. What makes us brothers, said the communists? Not the same God, but belonging to the class of the proletariat, having a common enemy, the bourgeoisie. Even this fake idea of ​​brotherhood has only produced death.

And the Bergoglian brotherhood? It resembles the Masonic one, the atheist enlightenment, the cosmopolitanism; it is another kind of pagan brotherhood.

As we said before, what makes us brothers, for a believer, is having the same Father and the same Mother.

Bergoglio, instead, exalts the division!

It exalts the religious division, promoting the goodness of Islam and other religions, confusing Christ with Mohammed etc.

He exalts the ecclesiastical division: it is enough to recall his celebration of Luther, the man who separated peoples of ancient Christian tradition from the Catholic Church.

But if we have neither the same Father nor the same Mother, I repeat, we cannot feel ourselves brothers!

All the more to divide us there are also the different morals, languages, traditions.

What is the Bergoglian brotherhood based on?

On absolute relativism: Bergoglio denies that everything that is decisive for a Catholic really matters. In Lesbos, a few years ago, he loaded 12 immigrants on the plane, all rigidly, intentionally, uniquely Islamic. And every time he speaks of welcome, he never remembers that next to the bread, we should give to those who come to us the most precious thing we received: the Christian Faith!

Bergoglio, putting aside the founding values, the Faith, the Church, the homeland … proposes a communist-like Masonic-like brotherhood, which is nothing but the realm of chaos and division: a Babel of religions, churches, languages , uses and customs not different, but conflicting!

Fighting for Christian identity, then, does not mean being divisive, but remembering that there is no real unity outside the Truth.

That all others dream of a world of brothers (of “citizens” according the model of the French revolution; of “brother friars”; of “comrades”, of “companions”) is only a falsification of the brotherhood that Christ has shown us. The man according to Bergoglio more than having nothing that divides him and separates him from the others, has nothing more that can really unite him.

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  • Silvia ha detto:

    E’ evidente che cristianamente i fratelli sono i cristiani.Ma questo concetto non e’ appreso da molti vertici che dovrebbero difendere i fratelli cristiani.Il concetto di fratellanza universale illuministico, utilizzato da tanti potenti ecclesiastici e non, non e’ cristiano.Lo ha scriito anche Ratzinger nel Libro “Il tempo e la storia”.Cio’ non toglie che noi cristiani amiamo anche i non credenti e dovremmo dare testimonianza della nostra fede cristiana non della nostra umana esteriore plateale accoglienza

  • F M Shyanguya ha detto:

    Why the Catholic Church is true 2: The All-Male Priesthood –

  • associazione mi dispiace per gli altri ma dio è cattolico ha detto:

    i agree, but the slavery has origin in the bible…read genesis 20-28.

  • VITMARR ha detto:

    “Bergoglio, putting aside the founding values, the Faith, the Church, the homeland … proposes a communist-like Masonic-like brotherhood, which is nothing but the realm of chaos and division: a Babel of religions, churches, languages , uses and customs not different, but conflicting!”. Noto che esiste un certa ritrosia in questo blog a dire queste cose in maniera chiara e forte e specialmente in italiano. Rendiamoci conto che Il momento della chiarezza è giunto e che l’azione tarda colpevolmente a entrare in gioco. Non si può più ipocritamente cercare con il lanternino elementi di cristianità in questo papa.
    Come è stato già riportato in questo blog ” mentre a Roma si discuteva sul sesso degli angeli Costantinopoli cadeva in mano ai musulmani”