Global coup. Youtube censors mons. Viganò.

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Marco Tosatti

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, we receive and gladly publish this speech of archbishop Caro Maria Viganò, whose video has been censured by You Tube. happy reading.


Address for the Bornholm Conference

Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop



Dear Friends, allow me to thank the organizers of this conference and to greet all the participants. Your presence and sharing the alarm about the global coup – along with many other groups and movements throughout the world – should be a great consolation for all of us, because it means that the assault we are witnessing faces a firm and determined opposition that is not willing to allow the criminal plan of the servants of the World Economic Forum to be imposed.


You have had the opportunity to listen to other addresses, which have explained to you in a comprehensive way how this coup was hatched over time, who its authors are, and what goals they have set for themselves. Over the past three years, I have repeatedly denounced the instrumental use of the pandemic farse and mass vaccination as an experiment of social engineering, which intended not only to pathologize the world population after having exterminated part of it, but also to create the premises for a capillary control of every human activity. This control serves to make social credit possible, a system that is already in force in communist China: by means of this system the citizens are subjected to an evaluation of their “virtuous” behavior and are rewarded or punished based on their obedience. And this can happen, as we know, only where every person can be traced in all of his actions, including all payments and financial transactions. It matters little whether the rewards and punishments are in regard to respect for the lockdowns, having received the so-called “vaccine,” expressing one’s thoughts on social media, or the supposed “carbon footprint” of our consumption: the controller wants to be able to force us with coercive means to obey his orders, regardless of whether what he asks of us is reasonable or justified. The green pass that we recently experienced was the dress rehearsal for the digital identity that the European Union wants to impose on all its citizens; a digital identity that will be linked to our current bank account, our health record, our internet activity, and the purchases that we make.


We ought to recognize that the architects of this coup have demonstrated that they are extremely organized, and on the other hand we also ought to admit that the reaction against this progressive encirclement has been slow and fragmented. On the other hand, it is precisely in keeping us divided that our enemy – because that is what he is – succeeds in making us weak and in preventing the formation of an opposition movement. He must prevent the coordination of any protest, the visibility of dissenting voices, and the spread of arguments that disavow the mainstream narrative.


I address you as a Catholic Bishop and former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America. My principal duty, as a Pastor, is to defend the Truth, which is the attribute of God, against the lie of the one who is a liar and murderer from the beginning. But in this case, dear friends, the attack of the elite strikes not only at the foundations of Religion but also at the very essence of our being, our freedom, our free will, and our very nature. It is a war against God and against man. A war in which a group of subversives wants to restart the world – this is the “Great Reset” of which they speak – re-setting Creation itself and canceling everything in it that recalls the wise hand of the Creator and above all the total gratuitousness of his work.


Everything that the globalist elite accomplishes is done with two goals in view: one that is ideological (I would say even theological) and the other material. The ideological goal is to make us slaves, depriving us of the freedom to do Good and forcing us with blackmail or threats to do Evil or even just to tolerate others doing it. The material goal is to concentrate wealth in the hands of a few financial groups, which thanks to these profits can actively cooperate in the realization of the first objective. You can find confirmation of this by observing how in recent years everything has been transformed into a source of profit: birth, with surrogate motherhood and artificial insemination; death, with abortion and euthanasia; life, with vaccinations, gender transitioning, and the commodification of sex. Everything that the Lord has given us freely and with a magnificence worthy of God has been transformed into lucre. They make us pay for good things, because when they cost more they are difficult to practice, and they also make us pay for bad things, because we pay the price of our sins to those who propose them to us as a lifestyle. They make us pay for what up until yesterday was unthinkable as an object of commerce: air, water, sunlight, nature, health, and even friendship and love. And what is worse is that this commodification is a colossal fraud, because it is based on a lie which many people seem to want to believe: that everything necessarily has a price and nothing can be given freely.


My appeal to all of you today is that you may understand the only infallible way to escape from this infernal labyrinth and strike against the root of the globalist scourge precisely on the two fronts that I mentioned earlier: the ideological one and the economic one. Indeed, perhaps the first one to strike is the economic one, because this is what provides this perverse system with its means of subsistence. But in order to do this it is necessary to unite in an Antiglobalist Alliance, contributing – each one of us with our own means – to an action of resistance and denunciation of the coup.


From many parts of the world, the response to my appeal for the Antiglobalist Alliance is arousing great interest, because if we succeed in uniting together and organizing an opposition, we can truly obtain concrete results: on the one hand, the refutation of the programmatic points of the Agenda 2030, the formulation of credible alternative proposals that respect natural law, and the denunciation of the subversive elements. On the other hand, the boycotting of multinational corporations engaged in the promotion of globalism and the support of all those elements that oppose it. If each of us did not buy products made by companies aligned with the World Economic Forum, it would be possible to give a strong signal that only with difficulty could be ignored. And if, at the same time, we concretely support our local family-run store, our neighborhood artisan, our local farmers and breeders, we would create a network of resistance that could stand together and oppose the implementation of the globalist agenda. We number in the millions, indeed billions, of people. And even though up until now we have been disorganized due to the media’s deliberate falsification of the confrontation, we still have the opportunity to fight back, and to do so together: in order to rediscover those authentic human relationships that the dystopia of the New World Order wants to eliminate because it considers them dangerous.


I therefore exhort you to continue on the path you have undertaken, uniting your forces with clear and concrete objectives. If you give a Christian soul to this practical action, placing it under the protection of God, the possibilities of success will increase exponentially, because our poor human strength will be augmented by the omnipotence of God, who loves us and does not abandon us when we encounter difficulties. But in order to do this, dear friends, we must choose which side we are on: either the side of the Children of Light, or the side of the children of darkness. And being Children of Light means being good Christians, obeying the Commandments of God, respecting the sacredness and intangibleness of life, defending the natural family and the education of our children, preferring the gratuitousness and generosity of the Good to the profit and calculation of those who do evil. We cannot hope for Our Lord to help us if we are the first to offend Him by our way of life. In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus has shown us the order of priorities: Hallowed be thy name; Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done are the principal things, which are then followed by the material things: Give us this day our daily bread; Forgive us our trespasses; Lead us not into temptation; Deliver us from evil. Sanctify the name of God, make Him reign in your heart and in society, and obey His holy Law: the rest – free of charge, like all the things of God – will be given to us far beyond our hope. May the Lord bless you all.



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