Msgr. X: Business as Usual, not Housecleaning, in the Church of Propaganda

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Marco Tosatti

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, Msgr. X’s comments are always very enlightening and interesting, but I believe that what you are about to read is particularly so. It offers an unprecedented and very in-depth interpretation of what has happened and is happening in the Church, from the financial point of view as well as others, during the pontificates of Benedict XVI and Francis. The poor Church. Enjoy your reading.



Dear Tosatti, I am certain that you too have read in the Italian newspapers all about the events related to the investigation into fraud in the Vatican that involves the controversial Cardinal Becciu and others. As you know, I have always followed what is happening in the Vatican, but above all I have paid close attention to what happened beginning in 2005 with the election of Benedict XVI for many reasons, but specifically because of the incomprehensible choice made by Benedict XVI of choosing as his Secretary of State a curious person who even today is still “untouchable.”

Tarcisio Bertone was Ratzinger’s secretary at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith from 1995 to 2002. Then in 2002 he was appointed Archbishop of Genoa until 2006, when he was named Secretary of State. This choice was opposed by almost all the members of the Curia, from Cardinal Re to Cardinals Sodano, Ruini, Schonborn, etc., because it carried the risk that the activities of the Holy See would be managed in a political-business management manner, as a result of the internal and external relations of Secretary of State Bertone.

Perhaps you recall that as soon as he was appointed Secretary of State he immediately took over management of political relations with the Italian government, which up until then had been handled by the President of the Italian Bishops’ Conference (Cardinal Bagnasco). In Genoa he had been involved, who knows why, in a business scandal tied to two hospitals of the Curia: the famous “mensopoli” (certainly acquitted because the evidence was not solid – you can read what happened…).

As Secretary of State (2006 to 2013) he then gave other examples of “curious” behavior, in connection with the famous Gerini-Salesiani inheritance, his mysterious relations with Banca Carige, the amendment of the Anti-Money-Laundering Law, the disastrous investment in the Lux film production company (15 million euro were lost), the famous apartment that was renovated (according to the accusations) with money from Bambino Gesu Hospital, etc.

Today, over eight years since Benedict resigned and the Secretary of State was replaced, nothing seems to have changed in the way of doing business behind the Vatican walls: the same key people, the same style, the same external business circles tied to the same power lobbies.

But in order to understand better, I suggest reading the article by Daniele Autieri found on page 10 of yesterday’s issue of Repubblica [5 July].

Unlike the coverage in other newspapers that are, shall we say, more “prudent” or less informed, this article gives very clear and detailed explanations.

What does this situation express? What is it a symptom of? What is really happening in the Vatican from a business point of view?

Everyone knows that, thanks to her riches, the Church has always “tempted” external businessmen and internal officials, but this is not an adequate explanation.

This was the reason that in 2009 Benedict XVI decided to create transparency by instituting an Anti-Money-Laundering Law and related Procedures. The Secretary of State at that time “curiously” refused, changed the law without informing the Pope, and expelled those who had dealt with it.

The Pontiff who succeeded Benedict XVI has made countless declarations about wanting to create transparency, reforms, and changes.

But these are only words and promises. And yet it would have been enough to simply reconfirm the changes decided on by Benedict XVI, which his successor was informed about with more documents. Why did this not happen? Has an investigation ever been started?

The Church that we have since 2013 is only a caricature of the Church, since from the very first moment it is the contradiction of that which it says it wants to be and the exact opposite of what it claims.

This Church of today is a mockery of the true Church of all time, something that is so obvious that it seems like a test of intelligence for Catholics. This is also the way to understand certain conflicts within the Catholic world. For some, accepting the new path and the new doctrine means being accomplices.

For others, rejecting the new doctrine and the new path seems to be disobedient, obtusely conservative, against the pope, sedevacantist, etc.

This Church seems like a comedy for those who run it and a tragedy for those who endure it.

The present pontificate reminds us of the Queen or the Duchess (I don’t remember which it was) in the novel Alice in Wonderland. When Alice says that perhaps there is no morality, the Queen responds that there is morality in everything, one simply has to find it. That is, one simply has to invent it.

But it appears that for some in the Vatican this creative morality has also become, in addition to a business platform, a mere show of apparent morality by giving punishments.

But these problems of “malfeasance” are not solved by punishing certain alleged perpetrators (like Becciu) in order to make “a nice show of morality and behavioral ethics.” Such malfeasance is prevented with laws, procedures, controls, choice of personnel, etc. Otherwise the problems will simply repeat themselves ad infinitum. In other words, the remedy is to do what Benedict XVI did.

And as his Secretary of State undid.

And as his Successor has not done, who instead only creates “propaganda.”

As a matter of fact, someone has called Bergoglio the “pontiff of propaganda” in contrast with the “pontiff of silence” (Benedict XVI), according to a curious prophecy made in 1970 by a holy man in Argentina (P. Meinvielle).

It is also appropriate to recognize that the prayers of atheists are mysteriously being heard, when they pray to God to make the Church look ridiculous.

What a disgrace!

And what a tragedy to recognize that those who have understood all this are powerless!

Msgr. X


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