Nobile: Big Lobbies, Covid, Communism, and Animal Globalism.

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Marco Tosatti    

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, the difficult times we are living (et peiora veniunt…) provoke this reflection of Agostino Nobile, as always stimulating and interesting. Good reading, and meditation..     



Those who call themselves Marxists and claim to fight the powers of high finance will be surprised to learn that Lenin was subsidised by big capitalists. I think this ambiguity, or ignorance, is one of the pieces that could help us to understand the situation created by Covid19 and the anti-scientific imposition of masks and lockdowns, supported mainly by the left. 

Although it has often escaped the control of the big financiers, communism has always been the iron fist of the capitalists. When the red puppets have tried to free themselves from their clutches, big capital has used the violent right. In the opposite case the right has been supported to bring down the left. When there is no alternative they turn to bombs. In the case of Assad’s secular Syria, they used Islamists and bombs. Those who pull the strings of puppets are always the same.

The Black Lives Matters, for example, avowed Marxists, are nothing more than the Dems’ cane. As are the idiots who want the cancel culture, the white race and Christian values. Incidentally, just today I read that the lesbo-Marxist founders of the BLM, are acting like their cronies. With the money they received they bought themselves a 2,370 square metre property at the paltry cost of $1.4 million. 

In 1973 the USA legalised abortion in the USA, a few years later the European communists did their utmost to legalise abortion. Thanks to the entire left and the media in the hands of the capitalists on May 22, 1978, it was legalised in Italy. Today, again the left is waging an all-out war to welcome illegal immigrants. Reason? There are about six million Italians missing (aborted thanks to their laws) and we don’t have enough workers. They make and destroy. Above all, they destroy.

Always the leftists, through strikes ad libitum have damaged the Italian economy, a few years later they were among the first to want to sell off the Italian industrial jewels to enrich the lobbies of big finance. 

The lords of high finance and the communists detest the only religion that ennobles man: Christianity. It is no coincidence that the American Dems refuse entry to thousands of Christians who have fled the wars inflicted on Iraq and Syria that they themselves created, favouring the entry of Muslims. In Italy and Europe the left-wing parties, with Bergoglio, follow the same criteria. The left has spewed venom on Ratzinger, but admires Bergoglio who is calling for ius soli for hundreds of thousands of Muslims living in Italy. 

As history shows, communism has never elevated the working class, but economically and culturally impoverished oppressed populations. There is not a single Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Confucian, etc. country that has been able to elevate itself under this ideology. In other words, no culture has been able to assimilate an anti-human and therefore satanic policy like communism. And let it not be said, as the survivors claim, that the failure was caused by men who betrayed Marxist thought. In reality, the ideology has been zealously applied in all social contexts. Atheism brought immense suffering, statism destroyed all economies.

As we said, communism was able to come about thanks to the financing of high finance. The tycoons of those years wanted to put into practice the theories of Marx-Engels, to see with facts whether the abolition of private property could correspond to their interests. For reasons of space I can’t go into detail here, but to learn more I recommend the books of historian Antony C. Sutton, who gives us all the elements and banking movements that moved millions of dollars into the purses of communism and Nazism. Aleksandr Solzenycyn also talks about the financing of the Bolsheviks in the pages of his Lenin in Zurich.

 On the subject of Wall Street funding for the two totalitarianisms of the last century, historian Oscar Sanguinetti in his article The Financial Sources of Communism and National Socialism, published in September 2012, writes among other things: “The explanation for the apparent contradictory behaviour of the international super-capitalist elite – economically supporting men and political movements that declare themselves mortal enemies of capitalism and private property – is to be found in the fact that this environment is increasingly infiltrated by doctrines and ideals of Masonic-esoteric origin, which advocate a universal reorganisation of economic and political life in a synarchical sense – i.e. of ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT – and in the perspective of the planning of national economies and their coordination on the international level by a single centre, in a context of technocracy, secularism and socialism of the ‘Fabian’ type – i.e. reformist, gradualist and ‘liberal’, of typically Anglo-Saxon and Protestant matrix. According to this vision of the world, the men of the multinationals and financiers privilege the socialistic moment in Bolshevik socialism, hoping for an evolution of Bolshevism in a more “liberal” sense, but, however, putting the benefit of the fait accompli – the demolition of a centuries-old order – before the perfect implementation of the model of the secret society”. 

The historian Sanguinetti seems to be describing the current situation, but today it is no longer secret. Thanks to the most corrupt and pusillanimous information in history, it is being shamelessly told to our faces. 

The Covid-19 false pandemic confirms that governments, especially in the West, are subjugated by big pharma, tycoons and Big Teach companies. They have genuflected to this gang of evildoers, tanking the economy and creating incalculable damage to populations. Think tank, globalist lobbies such as those that meet annually in Davos, the G30 group, etc., are implicitly saying that it is no longer democratically elected governments that will lead their peoples, but they themselves. 

Today, more than ever, politics is controlled by big finance, which aims at a form of globalised communism. In fact, China is getting closer, not because Xi Jinping is the best, but because he is supported by the big international financiers. According to their plans, it is not a totalitarian state that will control their country, let alone a democratically elected government, but those who produce the money. Governments like China’s will play the role of watchdogs. Sweeping controls and social credit It is no coincidence that Trump, the America First man, has been attacked by every government and media in the world. 

At present, with the arrival of Biden in the White House, there seems to be some economic and geopolitical friction between China and the United States, albeit lessened since Trump’s time. This would lead one to think that Xi Jinping does not want to bow down and wants to get the usual high-finance cronies out of the way. Or perhaps, behind the ostentatious clash, high finance has given China the green light to do its own thing. See the aggression on the people of Hong Kong and the coup in Burma. We shall see.

The big lobbies, however, will always try to establish what they could not achieve with Soviet communism, adding to illiberal statism the animal globalism. The Covid-19 gave them the opportunity to test the so call social engineering. Everything depends on the level of responsiveness of the people. If it remains contrite and resigned like a sacrificial lamb, they will take the next step. If not, they will create the next opportunity, viral, economic or by drastically reducing, perhaps with a false pathogenic bacteria, the production of wheat. The wealthy overlords do not sleep at night to bring about terror and death. 

The basis of their plans is totalitarian de-privatisation. Every individual will have a minimum wage and a roof, but will own nothing. Not even their children. They plan to treat us more or less like pigs. To annihilate any reaction, they have been teasing their genitals with rampant pornography for decades. So much so that no government dreams of banning it on social networks. If someone utters a sentence that is not politically correct, they are either beaten up by the left-wing media or prosecuted. But porn sails freely through the hands of children. 

While the imbeciles will dance, get drunk, take drugs and fornicate like rabbits, they will be eliminated by euthanasia as soon as they finish producing. Here, too, the left is the standard-bearer for all that it destroys: abortion, euthanasia, uterus for rent, same-sex marriage, children torn from families to give them up for adoption to gay couples, etc.

But they have reckoned without the millions of thinking, angry human beings. Covid-19 has the sole merit of having woken up most peoples. Last year and recently I wrote that we need a new Nuremberg. This year more and more people are shouting it, and I hope that honest judges, the Defence and the Police Forces, aware of the farce that will also bring their families into the meat grinder, will do their duty to the end. 

Agostino Nobile


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  • Slave of JMJT ha detto:

    From message for 4/24/2021

    “Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: “These are the times, more than any other, when the fabric of your heart is tested. As I told you, your government* (*the United States Government) is being dismantled piece-by-piece. If your hearts are not securely grounded in the Truth, you will quite easily be led astray. A government given over to liberalism is the open door to Satan’s designs and to the Antichrist. I am appealing to individual hearts now to stand firm in righteousness. You cannot be led astray if you are devoted to My Commandments. One by one, evil choices are presented as good, such as: gun control, abortion, building up the effects of the Supreme Court by adding more judges. All of this, and more to come, are in line with an atheistic agenda.”

    “Once the nation is ruined by a weakening of morals, the Antichrist will step in as a ‘savior’. In your hearts, be prepared and do not waiver in the Truth. Hang on to your faith in Me as your Omnipotent God.”