The Long Hands of Sleepy Joe, and the Risk of a World Military Confrontation.

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Marco Tosatti

Dear Stilumcuriali, General Piero Laporta offers us a fresco of great richness and interest – and in some ways terrifying – on the international reality and on what we are living with great suffering. Happy reading.


Joe Biden threatens Vladimir Putin: “Killer without a soul, he will pay for his actions”. Moscow withdrew the ambassador “for consultations”. The Russian parliament has countered harshly. Few commentators have escaped the banality of dusting off the “cold war”. Putin wished Biden “good health”. Only two days later the images of Biden, three times collapsed on the Air Force One stairs, went around the world, cynical and cruel, laughing.

Just a laugh? Not exactly

Many dangerous forces are moving. Let’s start with the military ones. As we write, the tautness between Russia and the United States is steadily rising. US Navy remarks: «… the destroyer Thomas Hudner, began sailing north into the Black Sea for a maritime security operation in the region. US Navy ships and aircraft regularly conduct operations in the Black Sea region in support of our NATO allies and partners.» It is the second missile unit approaching Crimea. For its part, Russia has deployed armored forces to Ukraine. They crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border in the night between 21 and 22 March. While this is happening, a revolt is fermenting in the Ukrainian armed forces: the veterans do not want to fight against Holy Mother Russia.

The politics forces are redeploying themselves. The European Union tries to embarrass Putin with human rights, as it was less serious to support slavery and concentration camps in China; as it were a breeze to ring the bells for the Holocaust “so that it never happens again” while EU’s playing deaf for the screams of millions of desperate people in the Laogai, in the mandarin concentration camps. Putin does not take orders from Brussels; he said clearly and he is well aware that the opposite front is not compact.

The press, even the one until yesterday Biden friendly, today mercilessly shows and relaunches his grotesque and vulnerable image. Is anyone reminding Biden he has to step aside? According to some sources, this is true. The newly elected president, however, does not want to leave the Resolute Desk, the Oval Office, as his deputy, the esoteric Kamala Harris, would like. It seems that the rotation was in the pre-election pacts, while they were intriguing for the White House. The Clinton-Obama circles are for Harris. The struggle for power being fierce; the top US political power is unraveling at an extremely delicate moment. On the other hand, who could become vice president if Biden left? Not a woman, much less a black woman, as Harris would like. While the seven heads of the Hydra are biting each other, the monster risks falling into the trap he dug himself.

The aggression on the Crimea

In mid-March, heavy provocations were planned with riots and marches in the Ukrainian regions of Lugansk and Donetsk, simultaneously with demonstrations and riots in the Crimea. Everything was ready, in the indifference of world public opinion, re-boiled by the Chinese virus. In addition to the destabilization of the Ukrainian secessionist regions, the roadmap included an attack on Syria by Israeli forces, without excluding bombing on Iran.

We must remember: Crimea not only voted for secession, as did Lugansk and Donetsk, but it was also annexed to the Federation by the Russian Duma. Crimea is Russia. Whoever touches Crimea wants war with Russia. The question is: does Russia want war? Hard to believe that Moscow is looking for war. However, it is difficult to avoid war if NATO persists in provocations, such as the exercise of 28 thousand men who could also attack the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, disconnected from the motherland.

The provocations, scheduled for mid-March, are currently watered down in the Black Sea. A full-scale conflict would require Biden’s full leadership. This is clearly the current worst US vulnerability. Putin, mercilessly wishing Biden “good health”, said: “I know your conditions and the US ones!”

The cameras celebrating Biden’s triple fall did not frame the young US Navy commander, preceding the President on Air Force One, with a briefcase secured to his wrist by steel handcuffs. In that briefcase are the nuclear codes. A president who goes around with slips of paper in his pockets, to answer reporters, forgetting where he put them, is not the best to ensure proper management of the most sophisticated and powerful planetary nuclear attack system. The nightmare of US staffs today is a nuclear attack unleashed by Biden by mistake. If the shaky president started the order, the B-52s with the nuclear bombs for the Russians sites would not come back even if Biden phoned the crews personally. The fate of the world is in the hands of one who falls three times on the same stairs and has a clouded memory. This is a fact that is clear even to the cleaning girls of the White House.

There is another less dignified vulnerability

According to some, cleaning girls are also another big risk to the credibility of the White House, due to Biden’s long hands with any woman he comes within range. It is a well-known vulnerability. In the White House a protocol operates, as strict and unspoken as it is operative, to never leave the intrepid Joe alone with a woman, whatever her function and age are; beautiful, pretty or ugly. Joe leaves nothing. In comparison, the mythical John Kennedy was a Franciscan tertiary.

In this political and institutional muddle, it is only easy to understand that the US, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Israel, Turkey, NATO and the whole world are on the brink of a precipice that could cost the lives of two thirds of humanity. Why? The answer is simple. The US is under a political power that has prepared the war to rob Russia. Moscow does not have sufficient conventional forces to face a full-scale attack. Only the nuclear arsenal would give it the opportunity to defend its borders with Europe and the infinite 4 thousand kilometers with China.

Unlikely scripts

China vs. Biden’s USA? The skit between the two delegations at the Sino-US summit in Alaska is not convincing. Nobody can believe that a top-level summit between two superpowers begins with an exchange of insults in front of the cameras, except for the purpose of giving it to the public opinion to drink and then pulling the strings behind closed doors. Furthermore, the forces that brought Biden to the White House are all allied with China and with the dictator Xi Jinping: the international criminal George Soros as the virologist Bill Gates, the former president Barack Obama as the privateering finance.

While this political drama is in full swing, another skit sees left-wingers, according to the Wuhan’s script, committed in pro-vax or no-vax sides. In other words, the strategy is unchanged as always, the tactic to divide and rule is as new as technology allows, as the so-called pandemic facilitates.

The strategic assault on the immense Russian resources began in 1989. The drama then exploited the export of democracy. They realized that the job was not simple: if you want the immense Russian lodes, you must bring your soldiers there or must corrupt the Kremlin power, imposing a nice treaty to hand over their wealth to you. With Mikhail Gorbachev firstly and Boris Yeltsin after, they came a step away from the bang. They tried what they could in Italy thanks to Nino Andreatta, Mario Monti, Romano Prodi, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi and Giuliano Amato. Instead, Vladimir Putin arrived in the Kremlin; the orchestra changed the score, the conductor and numerous players. Obviously, the chorus of human rights defenders rose thanks to those who destabilized dozens of countries and caused millions of deaths and maimed, favoring the rise of tame governments. This gang of criminals still deludes itself to blow up Russia, in vain. Vladimir Putin is the answer: “to brigand, brigand and a half”.

The strategy is to steal, the tactic is to destroy

Putin has shown that he can hold power, in spite of political and economic attacks. Putin is not a fool. He has realized that his enemies are unable to bring conventional forces to attack the fields on his territory. He therefore expands militarily and politically westward, countering the useless eastward expansion of NATO missiles. The unknown factor of Russia is China with 4 thousand kilometers of indefensible border. China has an army of 2.5 million men and 500 million trained reserves. The first group can be mobilized within 2 days to increase the forces tenfold, the remaining ones within a few weeks. An infinite human avalanche, which can only be stopped with a nuclear mallet.

Russia has no redundant population or military. If attacked, it must raise hell; he has no choice. It faces forces devoid of any Christian glimmer, whose tactics have definitely evolved towards destruction and indiscriminate killing. China has shown its ability during the harsh repression of 59 million Chinese in Hubei province and 30 million in three cities: Wuhan, Huanggang and Ezhou , in Zhejiang province, a short distance from Shanghai. Anyone who ventured out of the fenced areas and sealed apartment buildings was shot down. The EU, so attentive today to human rights, saw nothing. For their part, thanks to a Church kneeling to the Empire, the dechristianized Western regimes have opted for the vaccine rather than for the therapy, not only for the economic advantages.

Planetary Social Control Exercise

If you have to destroy large portions of the World with nuclear weapons, if you have to kill two thirds of humanity, you certainly have a huge internal control problem in your rear: you have to manage panic; you must suppress dissent for your criminal war; you have to impose a curfew. You need to reveal your most insufferable authoritarian face as late as possible. The virus (apparently) paradoxically not cured but only vaccinated is, coincidentally, a great experiment, a huge planetary exercise of social control, of domestication of public opinion, of control and manipulation of consent, of identification of oppositions to be repressed. The monster so finds easier identifying, selecting and even training its victims without revealing itself.

The strategy is to steal, the tactic is to destroy, just like the barbarian hordes. With rare exceptions, perhaps in Italy, none of the so-called democratic regimes seem to escape the logic of destruction. Determining the death of two-thirds of the population is certainly not a problem for China. However, it is not so easy to do so, much less by saving appearances. The coordination between the virus that discourages the pacifist demonstrations and the attack on Russia has so far failed. The clandestine groups, financed by a well-known international criminal, self-styled Jewish philanthropist, with a brilliant Nazi CV, remained in the ford and all the filth developed over time has slowed down, also thanks to the factions that fight each other, join forces, they form and melt daily in the corridors of Washington, paving the way for infiltrators and confusing the plans, the same looking brilliant just a few weeks ago.

Our Lord writes straight on crooked lines, we have said several times. This is one example. We hope to deserve much more.

Gen. D.g..(ris) Piero Laporta


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