Adolf Hitler’s Racism Was Created by “Liberals” in Democratic Countries.

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Marco Tosatti

Dear Stilumcuriali, Agostino Nobile takes his cue from a recent television news event – a provocation of the usual Vittorio Feltri – to put on the table some truths too often and too willingly ignored by the “progressive” culture, Italian but not only. Enjoy your reading.




On Friday, February 5 on Rete4, during the program Stasera Italia, the presenter Palombelli asked Vittorio Feltri “name some important people you would like in the government”, the journalist answered provocatively “Hitler”. We do not know if it was all organized, but the bewilderment on the faces of the presenter and those present suggests that it was not planned. Obviously all the newspapers talked about it with great indignation. This confirms the degree of historical knowledge of those who should inform the Italians.

No one doubts that Hitler was an enemy of humanity, but to make him an icon of evil is a purely ideological position. The racial laws were not born from nothing. Hitler did not invent anything, he did what some democratic countries had done before him, where governments implemented the thinking and “scientific studies” of people now considered the fathers of liberals.
François-Marie Arouet, alias Voltaire, in his Philosophical Dictionary considers blacks as monkeys, while Jews are “the most abominable people on earth”, “the most intolerant and cruel people of all antiquity”.  But the worse are the Christians whom he considers “the most intolerant of all men”.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, before Hitler’s rise to power, we have the liberals who have made a science out of racism and inhumanism.

I continue by making use of some passages from my Anticristo Superstar (2014).
In 1909 Mr. and Mrs. Whetham published their book “The Family and the Nation”, where they established that Europeans were divided into three categories, the Nordic, including the English, the Alpine, like the Swiss, and the Mediterranean. The Northerners, according to the Whethams, had a recognized supremacy. According to them, the most worrisome thing in England was the immigration of the Mediterranean breeds that inhabited the poorer parts of the cities, and whose proliferate like rabbits was a serious problem for the nation and all of Europe.

In 1916, the American geneticist Madison Grant, following Whetham’s theory, published the successful book “The Passing of the Great Race”, in which he reaffirmed the existence of three different European races: the Nordics, dominators, adventurers, aristocrats, individualists, self-confident and, as a result, Protestants. The Alpines, submissive to political and religious authority and, finally, the Mediterraneans, the perfect slaves.

There is no shortage of examples among statesmen. President Theodore Roosevelt argued that women in good physical and mental health who choose not to have children should be regarded as “race criminals.” While “it is of no advantage to permit such a perpetuation of citizens of the wrong race. The great problem of civilization, says T. Roosevelt  “is to succeed in obtaining, in the population, the increase of valuable elements over those of little value or which are even harmful.” So the United States of America is the first country that approves eugenic laws.

In the nineteenth century, during the years in which blacks were unanimously considered by “science” to be more animals than human beings, we find accredited figures such as the Italian psychiatrist, criminologist and jurist Cesare Lombroso (1835-1909). Exponent of scientific positivism, in 1907 he was president of the newly founded Green Cross of Masonic emanation. Professor Lombroso argued that the  Criminal behavior is inherent in anatomical features, in physiognomy. According to this thesis, influenced by Social Darwinism, physiognomy is the key that opens the door to the human psyche. Therefore, those who have the face of a delinquent must be isolated and treated, because they tend to commit criminal acts. If today this thesis were considered scientific, the number of patients would be so high that we would be forced to create mega clinics of neurology, fenced and controlled on sight.

Professor Lombroso was so famous that his theories influenced a large part of the international intelligentsia, among which we can remember people like Anatole France, Émile Zola and Fernando Pessoa. The criminologist also dealt with parapsychology, and then became an advocate of spiritualism. And also in this he was in good company. In the mid-nineteenth century atheist positivist, quite a few intellectuals, politicians, scientists, philosophers, journalists and artists, participate in séances. Among other intellectuals involved in spiritualism, we find the philosopher Henri Bergson, Marie Curie, Carl Gustav Jung, the geologist Charles Lyell, who influenced the theories of his friend Darwin, Mark Twain, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist John W. Rayleig, Lewis Carroll, Arthur Conan Doyle. In London in 1882 was founded the Society for Psychical Research, as well as in some European countries and the USA. There is no shortage of characters such as Giuseppe Garibaldi, who presided over a spiritist society. All anti-Christian.

In 1900 in Paris, the positivists, children of the Enlightenment who wanted to erase the obscurantist Church, announced a prize of 100,000 francs for those who could establish contact with extraterrestrials. However, Mars was excluded, because they considered it too easy.

In Prussian Germany psychiatrist Alfred Hoche, and the jurist Karl Binding in 1920
published a book entitled “The authorization of the elimination of lives no longer worth living”. Today, the same kind of “humanitarian” logic has re-entered forcefully into societies defined as democratic. But in much more refined and perverse ways. If today euthanasia is institutionalized as a compassionate act towards the terminally ill, it is certain that tomorrow it will be a citizen’s duty towards the Community. At this rate, it is very likely that in a short time it will be the State to order the so-called sweet death.

They say that with eugenics it will be possible to defeat serious diseases. In fact, following the advice of the Antichrist, it will be possible to breed types of men who will have a future worth living. Already now, through technology, silicon microchips can be implanted in the human body that, among other things, can increase physical and mental abilities. But then, there’s no point in breeding the shabby born, it’s more practical to use genetic manipulation. This technique makes it possible to produce humans with the desired characteristics. The child will be coded according to the tastes and tendencies of the buyers. If they will not be produced directly by the State, according to criteria of social rationalization, children will be chosen through virtual images. Shape and color of eyes, height, hair color, etc.  More or less it will be like buying a personalized object: you enter the store, you consult the virtual screen, a few adjustments that fully satisfy and you exit parent 1 and parent 2. If then the genes belong to more donors, it will be enough to add the progressive number on the contract stipulated. The experiments have already begun for many years, so much so that in 2013 the government of Her Majesty’s British gave the green light to in vitro fertilization using the DNA of three different people. For the improvement of the human species and the elimination of possible genetic diseases, children will have three and perhaps more biological parents. The whole will be “enriched” by producing human-animal hybrids and who knows what other nefarious things.

Rationalizing work and the economy is necessary, but when we talk about rationalizing human beings we should raise our antennae. Rationalization means reducing differences or eliminating them, homogenizing and standardizing, so that the economy can benefit. A bit like assembly chains. 
Rationalization is nothing but the murder of nature, coherence and beauty. The monoculture that they want to impose will make the planet like a giant Lego, strict, aseptic and inhuman, where you are born, live and die in the same way, without ever wondering why you live. Only technology will have the privilege to progress.

In light of these facts we can say that the only religion/philosophy that respects all human beings on the planet is Christianity, coincidentally the faith most detested by liberals, communists, Islamists and Hindus. Liberals, while playing the tolerance and acceptance of others, are organizing the most cruel and inhuman dictatorship in history. Hitler was a Carmelite monk by comparison.

In order to stop transhumanism we can’t count on people without human depth and rationality that continue to ride the politics of right and left. It is now clear that with the logic of political gains and the financial elite we are going straight into the abyss. It is equally clear that only men and women of granite faith are incorruptible. People capable of giving their lives to defend us from those who are corrupting our conscience in an increasingly insidious and devastating manner. The conscience infused in us by God will not die, but to avoid damage that could linger for decades, if not centuries, we must act.

Agostino Nobile




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