Agostino Nobile: Anti-Christic Media (Social Media, too) And Chinese Totalitarism

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Marco Tosatti

Dear Stilumcuriali, Agostino Nobile invites us to reflect on the situation of the mass media, including social media, on a global level, which has been created in recent years and which certainly does not present elements of optimism; on the contrary. Good reading.




Those who have resided throughout the globe will know that the Italian news shown abroad comes mainly from the newspapers la Republicca and Il Corriere Della Sera.
Regarding TV news reporting, the most watched station traditionally has always been RAI 3. For the rest of the world, the news from USA comes mainly from the New York Times and CNN, known as the voice of the globalists named the Democratic Party .

In recent years these sources have been joined by the four-headed dragon comprising Google,Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. During the past few months these have all shown public contempt for Christ by threatening and shutting down Catholic websites, falsely accuse them of disseminating hatred. Meanwhile, homosexual political blogs which constantly aim at inciting hatred, and pedofile organisations are being allowed to take over the internet.

The world is not being well informed, it is being indoctrinated just as happened in communist Gulags or Laogai. It almost seems that the Berlin Wall was demolished  not to destroy Communism forever, but to allow it to extend throughout the planet. These new re-education camps, created by the bosses of the New World Order, are capable of instilling global hatred for honest people, causing their followers to vote for scoundrels who will ruin their lives. Examples abound all around.

Westerners seem to be the only population who truly hate themselves. They feel hatred for their roots, their culture and, most disturbingly, for Jesus Christ.
Was Jesus a murderer? Was he plotting with politicians of the time? Did he drop bombs in urban centres, massacring hundreds of thousands of men,women and children? Did he force young people to die in wars, leaving their families in despair? Perhaps he allowed the small creatures, carried by women inside their wombs, to be torn out their heads cut off and their tiny bodies cut into pieces and sold to the highest bidder? Did He allow pedofiles to rule or enter schools as teachers? No. This is the work of our so called peaceful and democratic governors of state.
Jesus loves, respects and elevates the spirit, promotes dignity and has never done harm. Yet, since in our present world the truth is never created by facts, but by the manipulation of governments, millions of gullible fools continue to vote for these torturers.  

Nowadays there are even “artists” who have decided to put a small plastic crucifix submerged in a small glass tank of the artist’s urine If these so called artists insist on creating such images, it would be more appropriate to show the cunning warmonger Obama, or the muppets Macron, Renzi, Conte, Zingaretti and Brussels bureaucrats. People are not burning effigies of Obama and others like him, but churches, crucifixes or sacred objects. Slander through the media and other corruptive sources, yields such evil power that it has led to mockery of the character of Jesus Christ, the most gentle figure in history.

What about judges and politicians who let promoters of evil walk, whilst they prosecute those individuals who show opposition to abortion? It seems that there is value placed only on those who kill and maime, plus those who chose to destroy themselves. Today, more than ever media information is backing the poisoning of any conscience. Journalists who follow the mainstream have become their executioners.
To the Lord of death and depression we have given him absolute power. His leading worshippers are tycoons, intellectuals, professors, politicians, journalists, artists and Bergolians.

With the erasure of Western culture, in which the laws on human rights are established by Christianity, the most extensive cultural genocide is being carried out as we speak. This opinion is not due a sudden outburst of frustration. It is an observation based on exacting evidence.

Many might ask themselves “Why attack Christianity?” The reason is because Christianity is the only way of thought, amongst religion and philosophies, which ennobles both men and women. This disturbs the present Establishment. A society becomes very well controlled when the words dignity and freedom for all human beings, is considered blasphemous, as it is in Hinduism Islam and Communism.

Despite this incontrovertible reality the gullible fools, instead of putting the mentioned politicians in urine, that are physically and morally massacring billions of human beings, they choose to insult the One who gave them the rights of freedom and dignity.

I ask your forgiveness as I am forced to repeat myself, but I think this is necessary because the media have made Covid into a bigger threat than the atomic bomb. There is no denying that the virus we are living through is dangerous. In 1969, the Hong Kong virus caused 13 million Italians to be bedridden. There were about 20,000 deaths. With the present virus, there are now 19,092,538 infected throughout Europe. If in 1969 there were 13 million infections in Italy alone, it means that the total throughout Europe would have been much higher than the total infections quoted today. Also, many European doctors are saying that not all deaths published can be attributed to Covid alone. This suggests that with these terrorist tactics, the New World Order intends to impose Chinese totalitarianism. 

In conclusion. Experience tells us that with protests and indignation the Beast gets richer, fatter and laughs at us. If people possessing common sense and do not take action, the World will become a hell on earth. This lockdown is destroying the economy, causing millions of European families to starve. The churches are closed with approval from the Vatican. This is not a small alarm bell, but an enormous one. On top of this, most likely we will only be able to travel or send our children to school with a certificate showing proof that a vaccination has been carried out, this means that China is not just circling us, it has already entered inside our homes. 

Agostino Nobile 




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