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Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, Agostino Nobile has sent us this pitiless reflection on the American elections, and on the role that the progressive press – 95% – has played in promoting a frankly embarrassing candidate. We will see how it ends…Good reading.



The American Presidential Election, if not proven to be fraudulent, shows that the real winners are the left wing journalists who influence around 95% of global media .
Did they carry out valid reporting? Will the man who they supported in his bid for the White House be a better President than Trump , or have they led millions of Americans down the wrong path?
Watching Joe Biden during speeches and interviews, he does not resemble an eagle. Listening to him, a sensible person would not propose him as a speaker even for an hospice.

Anyway, we can leave opinions to the media, what we must do is examine the facts.
Trump has been constantly accused in the media of racism , but in comparison to the election of 2016 , this year he gained four million more votes from blacks and Latinos . These are from people who have found work due to Trump’s policies. Therefore falsehoods have been spread by enemies in the media.

As covered in my previous article Trump has cut taxes, thus providing incentives to American companies which in turn have created unprecedented job growth.
Just these two statistics would be cause to congratulate a President. So why has the establishment turned against him? Trump’s manners and vocabulary are not refined, but surely people care about facts not appearances?

The media has hurled unparalleled insults at Trump twenty four hours a day , even creating shows just to ridicule him. Daily on CNN political and cultural pundits have launched attacks on the character of the President, with no opposing views presented. Our journalists and intellectuals have hurled insults at him, as though they were the Oracle, using false pretexts which only a lack of morals and ethics can explain.

Although Americans have benefited from Trump’s presidency , radicals
hate him . Why? Maybe because defended the working class, small business owners, the family, religious freedom and he took funding from abortion clinics. But above all because he combatted Xi Jinping’s economic power which was crushing the American economy.

Trump put an end to wars and brought home thousands of young soldiers from war zones . This has infuriated those involved in the Deep State – both Democrats and Republicans- who have profited from conflict, blood and death for over fifty years.

Now, let us examine the reasons why suspect journalists worldwide have supported Sleepy Biden.

If his victory is confirmed, this new President will be serving the same powers who created Barack Obama’s political agenda for eight years. In order to understand what the immediate future may hold let’s examine the work which was carried out by Obama during his presidency.

Obama followed a presidential campaign message based on “smart power”. Yet in reality his deeds did not match his words. Once inside the White House he relied heavily on “raw power”, conducting serial campaigns from Somalia to Yemen, from Iraq to Syria.

According to an analysis of military data, the United States under Obama’s rule dropped more than 26,000 bombs on seven countries. This is the record of all times since the Second World War.
Before launching the missile attacks by air over Syria Obama did not request authorisation from the United Nations or the United States Congress.

In 2011 Obama began what was advertised as a humanitarian mission against Muammar al – Gaddafi. This mission quickly changed into a conflict aimed at regime change, which caused chaos in Libya. The collapse of the Libyan State created a jihadist citadel at the gate of Southern Europe.
The operation to force regime change in Syria was planned by Obama, Arab monarchies and Israel It was led by the CIA. Although it was unsuccessful, it contributed to the fall of yet another secular Muslim state, which then became the site of Muslim upheaval for many months.

Obama’s presidency saw the birth of the most powerful terrorist organisation in modern history, the Islamic State. This organisation is still carrying out attacks around Europe today. As US Secretary of State at the time John Kerry admitted, Obama’s team supported the rise of Isis in order to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad. The main force was comprised of mercenaries and “moderate “ rebels.
They were trained by the CIA and financed by petrodollars. The result of this took place right before our very eyes – thousands of massacres, mainly of Christians.

In March 2016 Judge Daniel Manion accused the then President Barack Obama of discriminating against Syrian Christians who sought asylum in the USA during the war in Syria. Compared to eleven thousand Muslim Syrians, only  fifty six Christian Syrians were granted asylum. Since Christians were the majority of the victims from the massacres carried by Islamists it is evident that the islamisation of the West is a priority.

Today approximately 4 million people, 3.6 million from Syria, are in refugee camps in Turkey. Erdogan, who is pro ISIS, is threatening to send them to Europe. Obama’s legacy includes millions of uprooted Syrians, Libyans, Iraquis and thousands of jihadists who are in Europe ready to strike at any given moment.

The Nobel Peace Prize Obama has also authorised at least 506 targeted hits using drones. He has actually been nicknamed “President of the drones”. He dramatically boosted US arms exports, distinguishing himself as the biggest arms exporter since World War II.

As for relations with China, Obama unequivocally publicised the weakness of the United States, allowing America’s main long term geopolitical rival to gain economic and geopolitical growth.

During his eight year term Obama’s policies created 30 million unemployed. Trump greatly reduced that number. Obama supported policy for abortion in the ninth month of pregnancy, just as Biden and Kamala Harris do. He attacked religious freedom by stipulating that Catholic schools, institutions and religious hospitals had to pay insurance which included coverage for abortions and contraception. Any refusal brought heavy fines or the closure of the institutions. Trump cancelled this law.

The left has an agenda which is clearly anti life and anti-family. Recalling the 30 million unemployed and the advantages given to China, it seems the Dem want to annihilate the working class, as yet the democratic supporters, the Antifa, BLM do not seem to have realised this.

Before ending this brief roundup of atrocities, we need to remember the coup d’etat in Ukraine in March 2014. Supported by Obama, It gave rise to a civil war between Ukrainians pro-Russian and nationalists wearing Third Reich uniforms, blessed by Obama and Soros .

If we look at the election numbers displayed on Chine state television the day Biden was declared the winner of the election, they show Biden votes as 290, rather than 273. But they also increased the number of Trump voters, from 213 to 214… It seems that the rumours of Xi Jinping supporting
Biden may be true.

One last observation. On the announcement of Sleepy Biden’s victory, TV stations worldwide broadcast films of joyful Biden supporters , with and without masks.
Does this mean COVID has now ended? Or has Xi Jinping ordered lockdown to be imposed at will until the West is on it’s knees?

Whatever may happen, do not forget that after the 1933 election when Hitler claimed victory, his supporters also marched cheerfully through the streets. A few years later they found themselves devastated by war unemployed and starving. Will history repeat itself ?

Agostino Nobile 




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