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Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, Agostino Nobile after reading the open letter addressed to Donald Trump by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò wrote us this reflection, which we gladly share: Happy reading.




After Bergoglio made the choice to support Joe Biden, who is a firm advocate for abortion and homosexuality, the open letter, written on October 25th by Monsignor Carlo Maria Vigano and addressed to President Trump, was welcomed by wise Catholics worldwide.
Given the extraordinary timing of Bergoglio’s actions, it appears that inside the Vatican no decision is made without the blessing of well known names such as Soros and Bill Gates, both foreign ministers of the Deep State. As rational thinkers and Christians we deeply appreciate the words of Monsignor Vigano. Many people are not yet aware of this message, for they are confused.
Monsignor Vigano’s message represents a shining light for a society which has been humiliated by a political, pseudo – Catholic and media driven world, one of the most inhuman to be seen in the Western world.

This short yet extremely important introduction gives some insights into the Presidential Election which will perhaps be decided on November 3rd. I write “perhaps” because according to reliable blogs and newspapers in USA, the results could lead to an urban war between the two contending parties. Even CNN, the largest support channel of the Democrats, is talking about the possibility of Civil War. This means the stakes are high.

On a leftist website, Boston NPR Newsstation, we can find a reasonably articulate comment by
“Anarchysquid ”. It discusses the possibility of civil war. We need to remember that since the start of violence with BLM, gun sales to private citizens in USA have risen exponentially.

Using a technique developed by Masonic – Marxists, “Anarchysquid” manipulates well known facts. The aggressor becomes the victim, and visa versa. I will report two particular comments, not because they are interesting, but because they demonstrate the mainstream thinking, which has been magnified by the Democrats and spread by the media and 95% of Americans.

The first comment points out an assumed moral superiority- one hundred million deaths in the name of communism. He writes “Firstly, if there is civil war, it will be started by the Republicans. Democrats will not die for moral superiority, but because culturally and economically we are rising.” In reality, during his eight year rule, Obama was constantly embroiled in wars and unemployment rose to thirty million. Trump did not win the election because he was a well – versed, refined politician, but because he knew the games of the Deep State and described these to the Americans.

“Anarchysquid” continues: “Let’s say the civil war starts with the Republican President doing something which triggers civil war.”
This premise is the opposite of reality. As we know those who have brought unrest, violence and death to the streets of America are the Antifa and BLM, openly supported by the Democrats.

Any observer cannot deny the fact that the Italian and European leftist way of thinking is an exact copy of the American Democrats. This is an agenda welcomed with open arms and put into action by Bergoglio. It appears that the Deep State is impatient to complete the first stage of its anti-human agenda, taking full advantage of a Church led by a Judas. If this were not true, there would be no reason for Bergoglio to be involved with China (where the sale of human organs, including Christians, is legalize) nor with any party promoting abortions in the ninth month of pregnancy, nor with LGBT lobbies. He actually refused to meet with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who as a part of Trump’s Republican Party defends life, the natural family and workers.

Let’s take a look at an article by Bill Schuette. He has been a member of the US House of Representatives, Director of Michigan Department of Agriculture, judge at Michigan Court of Appeals and Attorney General of Michigan. On the Detroit News
Bill Schuette, for reasons you will see, is convinced that Trump will win the next election, as long as fraud is not committed by the Democratic Party.

Regarding the Supreme Court, he writes: «Trump has appointed conservative judges to federal courts across the nation. Trump’s appointments to the Supreme Court – Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett- are justices of the rule of law, who will uphold the Constitution.

Taxes: Trump’s tax cuts put money in people’s pockets and provided incentives for businesses to invest in America and fueled huge job growth in our nation. Biden has vowed to eliminate the Trump tax cuts and raise taxes which will crush job creation and put hard working taxpayers out of work. 

Public safety: Trump supports the responsibility of police departments to provide safety in our streets and neighborhoods. Law enforcement groups across our nation have endorsed him. In sharp contrast, Biden and radical Democrats want to slash police funding which would imperil public safety.

Trade: Trump has stood up to China’s unfair trade practices and imposed tariffs to balance trade between the U.S. and China. Biden would remove the Trump tariffs and weaken America’s global competitiveness. Additionally, Trump scrapped NAFTA and signed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement to increase investment in U.S. businesses and build more jobs in America.»

It is no coincidence that the attacks against Trump are predominantly pandemic-related. The American news, just like the European news, has spread real media terrorism. Fear is their most powerful weapon. It is likely the virus will only disappear if the Democrats win…

Why does Bergoglio speak of respect and brotherhood, when he blatantly supports a handful of ideological tycoons who are determined to impose death on the unborn, euthanasia, gay marriage, and, we will see, even rented uteruses?

It is not difficult to predict his plans. In him, the Deep State has found a most powerful and destructive ally. If Trump loses the next election, the world will be overwhelmed by the most pervasive laws in history. Everyone will pay the consequences, even those who vote Democrat. If the President is re-elected, and anti-Trump demonstrations begin, the entire world must protest peacefully and vigorously. We must ensure that the media, politicians and the Vatican are afraid of those who love freedom, justice and human rights, If not we will lose our rights and our futures.

As Monsignor Viganò has called for many times, prayer must not be absent. In these days leading up to the Presidential Elections in the USA, we must pray with our rosaries. We cannot abandon Trump to the mercy of those wolves of prey who also plan to steal our children.

Agostino Nobile 




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