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Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, Agostino Nobile has sent us this reflection, full of indignation and bitterness, which we share with you. Enjoy reading it. 


           He who is ashamed of Christ should not occupy the papal throne

Everybody or almost everybody talked about Bergoglio’s commentary. But I would like to add something, because it confirms what I wrote in the previous article.

During an interview with Evgeny Afineevsky, director of the documentary “Francis“ Bergolio made a certain comment. Although this kind of comment could have been expected from him , it caused indignation amongst many Catholics. “Homosexuals have a right to be part of a family. They are children of God. You can’t kick a person out of a family, nor make their life miserable because of this. We need to have a law of civil union; this way they are legally protected.”

Bergolio may separate civil cohabitation from marriage. Yet the fact that a Pope shows acceptance of homosexual relations is heresy. Sodom and Gomorrah teaches us this.

For the Bergolian supporters who are still clutching at straws, there are also two hard facts which hit the nail squarely on the head. Before public showing, this documentary was shown inside the Vatican. There was then the showing of “Francesco” at the Rome Film Festival. The day after the director received an award. In doing this, Bergolio followed his normal strategy of putting the cat amongst the pigeons. This time he went even further, which caused those who had previously tried to defend him to appear ridiculous.

Throughout the seven years of his pontificate Bergoglio surrounded himself with, among other homosexuals, the homo-Jesuit James Martin. The Vatican then shamelessly invited Martin to speak at the World Meeting of Families in Dublin (2018 ). This was outright provocation. A slap in the face to all natural families. 

We need to ask ourselves why Bergoglio agreed to this interview with Afineevsky, when he did not receive the elderly Cardinal Joseph Zen, who came from China to Rome to speak about the very serious conditions of Chinese Catholics. The homosexual yes, the Cardinal faithful to the Church no.

After some quick research, I learned that Afineevsky produced “Oy Vey, my son is gay” (2009) which, predictably, has won some awards.
His documentary “Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom” (2015) was nominated for an Oscar. He also directed the award winning documentary on Rohingia “Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh” These two subjects are in line with the mainstream media which follows the agenda of portraying victimisation.
Firstly, the Ukraine as a victim of the Russian government, although there is an abundance of documented evidence which confirms a coup d’etat, called out by American Democrats. Secondly the Rohingian Muslims from Bangladesh, who in reality have been hosted by Myanmar for decades. The government’s subsequent action against the Rohingian Muslims was brought about by the continual harassment by the Muslims against indigenous communities. Yet in both documentaries, Afineevsky follows the theme of victimisation.
If we then add the fact that Afineevsky is openly homosexual, we gain more understanding into the awards received and the offer of an interview with Bergolio. We witness a carefully selected, well organised clique. 

Immediately after the broadcast of this documentary, CNN ( the most popular International TV network supporting the Democratic Party in USA), interviewed the previously mentioned James Martin, whom could hardly contain his triumph and joy at the opinion on homosexual rights expressed by his friend Bergoglio. The poison spreads through the media.

As mentioned in my previous article, those who really do care for the weak and poor never compare the Gospel to anything. They spread the word. There is no ideology, religion or philosophy which promotes the dignity of a human beings from conception to natural death as does Christianity. Not even the most extreme ideologist, unless mentally disturbed, can deny the immense work of missionaries over the centuries. In the most backward villages they have arrived, even with grave risk to their own health. They have established schools, hospitals, work and above all the message that Christ has decreed a dignified life in all aspects for everyone. Thousands of Christian nuns ensure the safety and health of the most poor, to the point where foreign governments often want them as nurses in their hospitals.

How many Chinese, Communists, Freemasons, Muslims, Buddhists or Hindus have travelled to the most inhospitable places in the globe to help the unfortunate? None, other than the odd person who tries to imitate the Christian Doctrine for political purposes. Bergoglio speak of the poor and marginalised, but he never mentions the missionaries who have been on the front lines for centuries, alleviating the suffering of those who have had the misfortune to be born in non Christian countries. Why?

To the contrary, he wishes to erase all the good the Church has done in cultures which have never cared for the weak. Homosexuals are actually respected in Christian cultures, whilst in other cultures they are marginalised and worse. Muslim fundamentalists eliminate them. The Chinese government dispatch homosexuals with a blow to the back of their necks, then sell their organs.

In the Wall Street Journal we read: “Falun Gong members, Uighur Muslims, Tibetan Buddhists and “underground” Christians – have been subjected to medical testing and had their organs forcibly removed. Those organs have fed an enormous trade in organ transplants.”

As we know, the Vatican has renewed the secret agreements with Xi Jinping.

So what game is Bergolio playing? There is only one answer. We have a Pope who is ashamed of the Gospel and who has no interest in human beings.

Catholics cannot listen to an individual who knowingly lies. We cannot respect a wolf just because dressed in papal clothing, and who has been making fun of more than a billion souls for seven years. His encyclicals are a Hollywood script, beautiful images laden with lies. Some call him the Anti Christ, but it seems more likely that he is a victim of his own stubborn ignorance, seasoned with a rare insensitivity and a total lack of charity. He reveals himself as an atheist who is a member of a clique, which has decided to annihilate the only institution defending the human family .

Agostino Nobile 


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  • Nota 2 ha detto:

    Bergoglio non solo non ha ricevuto il cardinale Zen, ma neppure il Segretario di stato americano Mike Pompeo. Che bel cognome romano !
    Ma in un suo articolo di un paio di giorni fa, l’attentissimo Socci ha visto che nel trailer del documentario compare, accanto a Bergoglio il candidato democratico Biden, e, in un’udienza in Piazza san Pietro anche Greta T. Che lo saluta con entusiasmo.