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Marco Tosatti

Dear Readers of Stilum Curiae, Msgr. X found this graphic on the internet, which we share with you here courtesy of the author, which clearly shows the origin of all non-Scriptural citations in the latest encyclical Fratelli Tutti. In short, there are about 180 citations where Francis quotes himself, while John Paul II is quoted less than 20 times, and Benedict XVI little more than 20. You can count on one hand the number of times he cites Paul VI, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Augustine, Saint Francis of Assisi…. Msgr. X felt inspired to write a comment. Happy reading.


Monsignor X to Tosatti.

Dear Doctor, all you have to do each day is open up a newspaper that refers to Pope Bergoglio and you will find plenty of reasons for concern, suffering, and indignation.

The two most “imposed” newspapers today promote Bergoglio’s “thought” in different ways.

-Corriere della Sera re-interprets it through the prism of Andrea Riccardi: “The third way of the Pope, between liberalism and populism.”

From Leo XIII to Benedict XVI, a social encyclical was considered the third way between liberalism and Marxism, but today the evil of Marxism has been replaced with the “evil” of populism…While Marxism seems to have now become the “third way” of the Church.

Repubblica, more astutely (and coherently with the thought of Scalfari), emphasizes the ever-growing secularism of Bergoglio’s thought. This is explained by Cacciari, who sees it as ever more enlightened; and the physicist Cingolani who points out the secularity of Bergoglio’s values.

As reported here above, however, there is a curious revelation of the number of auto-citations (quotations of himself) made by Bergoglio in this latest encyclical (rightly called a “Publicity Spot” by Big Shot) which are much more numerous than citations of his predecessors. This has greatly intrigued me and led me to write a reflection.

-Dictators always quote themselves in their discourses. Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, and Hitler all did it.

-But narcissistic psychopaths and self-centered solipsists also quote themselves.

-Flatterers cite their own patrons, or their masters or teachers.

Only holy Popes always quote God alone.

Bergoglio, as we were saying, according to the analysis given below, has 180 citations of himself, as compared to only 20 of John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

I asked myself, “Why?”

The reason, in my opinion, lies in a mix of the reasons we have just given.

Bergoglio did not write the encyclical; it was written by his advisers, experts, and lackeys, who have continually quoted him because they know he is a solipsist dictator and so they want to exalt him so as to please him and be flattering servants.

In today’s Daily Compass Stefano Fontana observes that “Fratelli Tutti” has more than 230,000 characters, while Leo XIII’s Rerum Novarum only needed 71,000.

And Rerum Novarum was the greatest social encyclical, the one that gave birth to the Social Doctrine of the Church.

In order to negate this Social Doctrine of the Church, Bergoglio’s flatterers needed three times more words (but all words of “blah blah blah”).

It is evident that, since every flatterer wanted to write something that would shine in the eyes of the master-dictator, 200,000 more characters than needed were used. This was necessary, because in addition to being a Publicity Spot, it also had to make a contribution to the definitive fall of Christian civilization.

Moreover, why be surprised at over 180 self-citations?

Bergoglio knows how to interpret Saint Francis of Assisi just as he wishes, but also Jesus Christ, the Blessed Mother (the Immaculate Mother of God) and also God himself.

He is re-writing the Bible (Genesis), the Gospels, the Ten Commandments, and many liturgical prayers.

But he is also changing the “Golden Rule” (“Do to the earth as you would have done unto you”) and the two Commandments of Christ (“Love the earth as yourself”). He has added a fifth cardinal virtue (Caring for the Environment), and has added a fifth sin that cries out for vengeance to God (Polluting the Earth), he has invented the seventh sin against the Holy Spirit (defending private property), he has established the eighth work of mercy (welcoming migrants and sharing your goods with them), he has added an 11thCommandment (Thou shalt not soil the earth) and even a ninth Beatitude (Blessed are those who fertilize the Vatican Gardens).

He has also unwittingly given us an eighth spiritual work of mercy: Putting up with Bergoglio, his delirium of omnipotence, and his mocking.

Naturally I am praying for him and for his conversion to the Truth.

Msgr. X




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2 commenti

  • PG ha detto:

    The bad shepherd doesn’t know his limits!

  • Salocin de Juan ha detto:

    Dear Mr. Tosatti,
    dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    The theme of fraternity is a really a fascinating one, given the misterious dualism and tension between brothers that the Holy Scripture shows us from the very beginning of humankind (Cain-Abel, Ismael-Isaac; Esau-Jacob). It is a disgrace, that Bergoglio has, once more, lost the opportunity to proclaim the Christian vision of fraternity. His lack of “Christian discernement” is evident and, in fact, a matter of scandal.

    For brothers and sisters really interested to know about the different concepts of fraternity (according to the Greeks and its development during the helenic period, the concept according to the so-called Enlightment and to marxism), differentiating them from the concept of fraternity as found in the Old Testament, in the words of our Lord, its development, especially by St. Paul and the Church Fathers, I strongly recommend the marvelous early work (Eastern 1958!) of Joseph Ratzinger “The Meaning of Christian Brotherhood”. It couples clarity (no “tutti frutti”) with charity, and it is short!

    The Bergoglian Manifesto is consistent with Vatican II: as Vatican II shamefully omitted to condemn and even to mention Communism, in order to appease Russia as agreed in the secret agreement of Metz between Cardinal Tisserant, on behalf of Pope John XXIII and the Metropolitan Nikodim, on behalf of Nikita Khrushev, Bergoglio omits abortion, in order to please the leaders of the NWO and especially of China, with whom he signed and has just prolongued a secret agreement that is effectively betraying the Chinese Catholics (12 million!). A deal prepared by Mr. McCarrick after Bergoglio took over, a deal that is being totally supported by Cardinal Parolin, the Secretary of State. This should not be a surprise, given the intense “dialogue” that Cardinal Parolin mantains with the Bilderberg Group (that he attended their Conference from 7th to 10th June, 2018, held in Turin, is publicly known).

    By the way, it is striking to observe the contrast: while Cardinal Parolin has plenty of time to devote to the fruitful dialogue with his colleagues – brothers and sisters – of the Bilderberg Group, Bergoglio, who is so verbously trumpeting about fraternity, has no time to receive our brother in Christ, Cardinal Zen, who with his 88 years undertook the effort of a long flight from Hong-Kong to Rome to meet him! Sorry, there is no way I could imagine St. Peter not receiving, and not speaking to his brothers in Christ!

    The Bergoglian Manifesto is extremly long, full of buzzwords, a true “guitarreo” (argentinian expression for those gauchos playing an endless piece without any sense on the guitar). The serious question to be raised is: what is the purpose of this Bergoglian paper? For sure, the leaders of the NWO are not going to read it, just instruemntalize it as justification to be used when necessary against dissenters. The baptized practicing pagans, the indifferent one, will not read it, since it is really too long, and there are far better ways of using a pagan’s free time. Neither the feminists will read it, since they feel not included. So, who will read it? What is the targeted audience and with what purpose? Well, despite the paper’s absence of any supernatural reference, the targeted audience must be the remaining faithful catholics. And to what purpose? I cannot help but to believe that it is not to streghten their faith, but to confuse, to provoke, to stir conflict, to divide them. To call this tutti-frutical “guitarreo” an encyclical would mean gigantic mockery about all encyclics of the predecessors. That this “document” was signed on the tumb of St. Francis by an “Anti-Francis”, is a consistent horrible act, that seems to celebrate the adoration of the abomination (Pachamama) one year ago in the Vatican.

    What should we do? We should 1) pray and offer sacrifice for the conversion of confused and confusing Bergoglio, for the conversion of cardinals, bishops and clergy, and for our Lord’s prompt intervention! 2) shed light where possible among our next ones.

    God bless,

    Salocin de Juan