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Dear friends and enemies of Stlum Curiae, Agostino Nobile has been questioned some time ago in a comment on our blog by Big Shot. Here it is his answer. Happy reading.


Deep State and Deep Church

My thanks to friend Pezzo Grosso for questions asked regarding the direction the Vatican is following. It would take too many pages to write a full answer as the details are, though not hidden, extremely complicated. Therefore I will give brief answers from my point of view, based on certain known events. Primarily, it is helpful to review documents regarding Freemason planning. These I have already mentioned, but it is useful to revisit.

In her book “I Papi e la Massoneria” the historical Angela Pellicciari shows some of the correspondence between members of the Carbonaria (financed by British and French Freemasons) in which the corruption of everyday life is planned: “The aim is to isolate men from their families, and for them to lose their role.” Vindice, a well known Carbonaro, cites the opinion of a Freemason, who believes “to destroy Catholicism we need to start by eliminating women”.  He comments “In one way, this is correct, but as we cannot rid ourselves of women, let’s corrupt them along with the Church.”
The aim of international freemasonry is to infiltrate the Church and destroy it from within.
“It involves putting the chosen king on the throne of the whore of Babylon (a phrase coined by Martin Luther to describe the Pontifical Seat), making sure the clergy march under our flag, never doubting the path of the Pontifical Keys.” Vindice writes to his Cousin Nubio (inside the Carboneria they call each other Cousin – they speak not of Masonic Lodges, but of Vendita): “We have undertaken widespread corruption, corruption of the people by the clergy, corruption of the clergy by us, corruption which without doubt will allow us to destroy the Church.”

In 1819, an affiliated of Carbonari, writes: “the Pope, whoever he may be, will never enter this secret society…we must research and wait, just as the Jews awaited the Messiah, for a Pope who suits our needs.” In another document of 1879, we read “The only way to destroy Catholicism is through education. Education is the cannon of the moral war.”        Reading these few quotes, we see the majority of the answers for our questions. Freemasons, Liberals, and Marxists all share the same anti Catholic agenda.

To take a good look at the intrigues of the Vatican, it is useful to read “Via col Vento in Vaticano (1999) “by Monsignor Luigi Marinelli. For those reading it twenty years ago it seemed unbelievable, nowadays it is reality. 

Therefore Deep Church (recently reported on by Mons. Viganò ) has existed for many years. Lobbies which work behind the scenes, consist of tycoons who with their wealth influence they leading global powers. The words uttered by Pope Ratzinger “Pray that I will not flee from fear when confronted by wolves.” did not refer to internal struggles in the Vatican, which have always existed. Almost certainly Pope Benedict XVI was speaking of atheist clergy who, with economic, political, and media support from outside managed to control Pope Giovanni Paolo II, (the pardon for The Crusades and the religious audience in Assisi, to start with) and forced Benedetto XVI to resign.

Pezzo Grosso asks “Why does the so called Left Wing have all this power and control? Why the support from super capitalist tycoons? Why the support from Jewish financiers – always following the balance of power? Why does this party have even the support of the highest moral authority in the world?”

Education and Media have lobotomised the majority of priests and faithful Catholics. They have been filled with a sense of guilt, spoken of and written of many times by Joseph Ratzinger, even before he became Pope. Inside the Schools of Theology there is a majority of shameless teachers, who reject and ridicule Catholicism, whilst supporting Luther and Mohammed.

The common enemy of the bandits who make up the Deep State (who are becoming more visible) is Catholicism, the only belief system which respects human beings, from birth to natural death. Human rights, as explained in the scriptures, is the last bastion they wish to get rid of.

These groups are misguidedly convinced that their socio-economic aims can only be reached by sweeping away the message of the Scriptures. They have planned a new system of slavery with a reduction of global population. David Rockefeller, a founding member of the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Comission was a follower. Listen to one of his speeches from a few years ago at the UN

The reality of the last decade confirms this agenda: abortion, the breakdown of the traditional family unit, same sex marriage, uterus for rent, euthanasia, forced invasion of young Muslims (subsidised by taxpayers), EU programs, ONU and the leading international ONG.

The Vatican? In the home of Bergoglio, as well as statues of Matin Luther and Pachamana, there have been mainly invites to figures from different faiths and cultures, which probably have never heard of Pater Noster.
Two stand out. Firstly, American economist and fanatical abortionist Jeffrey Sachs. During his conference inside the Vatican, Sachs attacked President Trump, who is anti abortion. This caused immense satisfaction to the ecclesiastical hierarchy. Secondly, Paul R. Ehrlich, another pro abortionist. He advocates in his book “The Population Bomb”(1968) the reduction of world population as the only remedy for hunger and pollution. In his book he predicted a few billion deaths from global hunger before the year 2000. But not only has it been refuted. Every year, for purely economic reasons, 1.3 billion tons food is thrown away – this is a third of global production- whilst 795 million people experience starvation. Bergoglio speaks out against the multinationals, yet invites their ideologists  into the Vatican rolling out the red carpet. Which side is the Bishop dressed in white on? I leave it to the reader to decide.

Lenin and Hitler came to power thanks to the big multinationals and the international banks of democratic countries. Today, after the failure of these two dictatorships, these same lobbies push towards something defined as post-humanism. Yet contrary to the last century, when the Church represented the last bastion of civilisation, the clergy of Bergoglio sit at their lugubrious banquet.

Marxism was able to spread through all cultures globally, because it was fuelled by anger and discontent amongst the working classes. Nowadays, this ideology is pushed in minority groups. Instead of deceiving the working class, they now manipulate the politicised minorities as black, homosexuals, and orphans of Marxism.

Islam, though not representing a minority, thanks to his slave doctrine is welcomed to the anti-Christic lobbying table. Slavery is a fundamental part of Koranic doctrine, and marriages between much older men and children, even between six and twelve it is allowed, if not recommended. The dream of pedophiles who are taking root inside the Deep State.

What about China? Mons. Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Science, expresses no doubt “Today those who most successfully display the doctrine of the Church are the Chinese.” If the Chinese government accepts the out-out of high finance (the Bergoglian Church it seems is already in the hands of Xi Jinping), China’s anti human, capital-Marxist politics will be used as a bulldozer to crush all opposition, including Islam.

That is unless Trump wins the upcoming election and fights fiercely to stop these bandits, inside and outside the Vatican. Is there any glimpse of hope that the voters supporting the globalist left wing may change track before the noose tightens around their necks?

Agostino Nobile 





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