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Dear readers of Stilum Curiae, Msgr. X has written a commentary on the recent news and declarations related to the reigning Pontiff and Cardinal Angelo Becciu. And, as always, it seems to me that his analysis is impeccable. Enjoy your reading.


They have “DE-CARDINALIZED” Cardinal Becciu and the environmentalist Pope calls for CLEANING, but only two days before the scandal becomes public. Come on!

Dear Tosatti, let’s skip over the basic information (which by now everybody knows) of the removal of Dr. Angelo Becciu from all the posts he held in the multinational Vatican-NGO spa, whose President is the Argentinian Dr. Jorge Bergoglio.

The scandal that will engulf this multinational company and make it fall on all the international stock exchanges has already been anticipated by the ratings agency: l’Espresso.

This ratings agency anticipates that Dr. Becciu will have to explain what happened to a mountain of dollars and euros that came from the Peter’s Pence Collection, from the coffers of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, etc., that were all apparently diverted to his family business.

Dr. Becciu is no stranger to these suspicions, having a track record of scandals for at least the past 8 years. These range from the IDI [International Distribution Institute] default to London real estate.

But above all, Dr. Becciu will be remembered for having “blown up” the 2012 anti-money laundering law desired by Benedict XVI, first driving out the president of the IOR [the Vatican Bank] Ettore Gotti Tedeschi and then the president of the Vatican’s Financial Information Authority (AIF) Cardinal Attilio Nicora.

But the most significant facts for our reflection are the following. Up until 2013 Dr. Becciu (a Sardinian from Pattada) lived and prospered under the shadow of his “boss” – the accountant Tarcisio Bertone from Canavese, by profession Secretary of State.

Dr. Becciu’s professional debut took place when the shareholders’ meeting of the Vatican-NGO spa called for the resignation of the sitting president and appointed Dr. Bergoglio as the new president and CEO (with full power).

In his new posts that he has been holding for seven years (7 years, not 7 months) at the appointment of Dr. Bergoglio, our Dr. Becciu has done all sorts of things, but nobody had noticed.

As co-Secretary of State he threw out Cardinal Pell and Auditor General Libero Milone, because they had found some of his off-shore “little accounts.”

Obviously his boss pretended not to know anything and even promoted him (for having taken Pell of his feet) – first as Delegate to the very wealthy Order of Malta, then to the strategically powerful Congregation of the Causes of Saints, where perhaps accelerating some beatification processes could generate some revenue (think of the founder of the Knights of Columbus, who are very closely tied to our Becciu).

Now Becciu declares that he prefers silence. Normally this declaration is made when someone wants time to speak with his lawyers and partners in order to guard against liability and to negotiate a severance package in exchange for a “non-competition agreement” – which translated for our institution does not mean committing oneself not to take a new position in, say, the Waldensian Community or the Jehovah’s Witnesses; it only means “shut up and keep any files you have confidential” sine die

But now permit me to make an additional reflection. Who, we may ask, hired Becciu and gave him his career? The one who hired him was Accountant Bertone, but the one who gave him his career for well over seven (7) years was Doctor Bergoglio.

And the more he committed errors and scandals, the more he made a career. Well! Since when do you have to do these things to make a career? I understand the opportune “de-cardinalization” done on Thursday in order to anticipate the scandal by a couple of days – it will be reported to everyone on Sunday by l’Espressoand his friend Scalfari had tipped him off about it.

But precisely because I understand this, I must now also expect (we should all now expect) a self “de-papalization” due to a combination of responsibility and guilt. Because if he does not declare it himself, I will bet you any money that our Sardinian friend (Sardinian from Pattada), thirsty for revenge and certainly full of dossiers, will know how to reciprocate the de-cardinalization. Or not?

And now the Pope calls for “CLEANING”? (so says Repubblica). Come on!! He calls for cleaning after seven years of “protected polluting filth”? He who claims to be an “environmentalist”?? And only two days before a public scandal??

In 2015 the Pontiff said, more or less, that a corrupt Christian “stinks” and pollutes. We completely agree. So let’s get rid of the stench. The cleaning begins from the head: “O pesce fète d’ ‘a capa,” says the Neapolitan proverb – “A fish rots from the head down.” And cleaning is necessary for the protection of the environment.

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