During the “Pandemic” the Pope was the first to violate fundamental rights. It hurts to say it. Marian Eleganti

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Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, we receive from Monsignor Marian Eleganti, whom we sincerely thank for these remarks on the recent autobiography of the reigning pontiff, and we offer them to your attention. Happy reading and sharing.



In his recently published autobiography, Pope Francis is concerned about the resistance to experimental mRNA vaccination. Unfortunately, he also preceded everyone else in closing churches and imposing a sacramental lockdown. Against generally established medical and social ethical standards, he forced his employees at the Vatican to undergo experimental mRNA vaccination if they did not want to lose their jobs. Others have done the same. But I wouldn’t have expected it from the Pope. Had not the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith under Cardinal Ladaria, with the Pope’s approval, spoken out in favour of the freedom of the faithful to take the vaccine or not (Note on the morality of the use of some vaccinations against Covid-19 of 21 Dec. 2020)?
It is now well known that the actors in the pandemic had no robust data to support their claims, and where they did, it was wilfully ignored in order to enforce compulsory masks, lockdowns and vaccinations at the behest of politicians to the detriment of many millions of innocent people. There was no external protection from the vaccinations and at most a short-term benefit for the vaccinated person themselves. The so-called “pandemic of the unvaccinated” was a malicious and not fact-based insinuation.
Unfortunately, with its secular compliance, the Church has shown the world how little it believes in the supernatural power of its sacraments and sacramentals today, but all the more it relies on disinfectants and serves politics. The absurdities in churches when receiving communion have surpassed themselves, worldwide. A glance at the internet is enough to convince you of this. Now the Pope continues – on what level of information? – It was an attempt to make Catholics feel guilty who have not taken the vaccine and who, in increasing numbers, will not consider taking it in the future. Their numerous side effects are now well known. Researchers in Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines recently called for a worldwide halt to these experimental mRNA vaccinations, to name just one of the many examples. Although the critics of the measures, the so-called (Covid) idiots, were right, the expertise around the world is growing stronger, which gives this vaccination a bad testimony, the Pope remains convinced of it and criticises its opponents.
I would like to know which politicians have taken the vaccine (cf. New Zealand) and have not, as they did when wearing masks, lied to us in front of the camera. This is also documented. In any case, it is striking that the majority of politicians have been spared serious side effects of the vaccinations (myocarditis, strokes, neuronal diseases, so-called turbo cancer, immunodeficiency, etc.), while others have died, become seriously ill or been damaged forever and remain without any significant state aid to this day. I don’t wish it on anyone. Therefore, the Pope should not now add to his autobiography without necessity.
How many believers died due to the lockdown of pastoral care without the help of the sacraments and without visits! The consequences of the lockdowns for children, the medically unindicated closure of schools and vaccination of young people, the blatant excess mortality worldwide since the mRNA vaccination cannot be overlooked. The outcome of this gene therapy is poor, unless something else was intended in its context. In any case, the pandemic was planned, wording and social engineering were prepared and strikingly unanimous. The pandemic could be modelled and inflated at will with the help of the number of PCR tests as well as the unprecedented and absurd counting of those who died with or from Covid. With the start of the war in Ukraine, the issue was off the table and the pandemic was defeated. Annual influenza has returned. In previous years, it has caused more deaths than the so-called killer virus of the past PCR test pandemic. There was no asymptomatic infection. Healthy people were declared ill. All of this is now known and documented, but apparently not in the Vatican. And we will see and experience even more of it in the future.
For decades in the recent past, patient autonomy was widely propagated in society as the first commandment in all medical interventions. It was elevated to the ethical gold standard of modern medicine in the form of informed consent, but was mercilessly cancelled during the pandemic. Assisted suicide was also promoted with reference to the autonomy of the patient. “My belly belongs to me” chanted abortion-minded women for decades. But in the recent fake pandemic, of all times, this autonomy no longer existed. And the church was at the forefront of this. Our basic constitutional rights were violated in a totalitarian manner and without batting an eyelid. There were plans for internment camps for those who refused to comply with the majority. And the Pope? He was the first to carve out the civil liberties of his employees in his own state and ordered the closure of churches. It hurts to say that. And it hurt to see it. The aestheticisation and staging of his lockdown isolation without the people of God and cardinals in St Peter’s Square on Easter 2020, the first “non-easter”, St Peter’s Basilica inaccessible to the public, the empty holy water fonts worldwide, were not manifestations of the Church’s faith for me.
And one final note: the increasing banalisation of papal communication through formats such as interviews, tweets, Saturday night TV and now for the first time with an autobiography has not done this office any good in my opinion. History will judge. You can already see it now.



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