Twitter, Viganò: the account has been restored. Viganò thanks Musk.

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Marco Tosatti

Dear StilumCuriali, Msgr. Viganò’s Twitter account has been restored. Below is the text of the post the archbishop wrote. Happy reading and sharing.


As rightly said

, “No one is punished for lying. People are only punished for telling the truth.” Putting a muzzle on dissenting voices is typical of those who have no arguments to refute them: this is how the deep state acts towards those who fight against the globalist coup and the deep church with those who denounce the apostasy of the Bergoglian Hierarchy. I therefore thank


for reactivating my profile and I invite everyone to help the Exsurge Domine association (, which I have founded to assisting priests and religious persecuted because of their fidelity to Tradition. I also thank

and many other friends for their support. One day – and it will be the day of the rescue – we will realize that those who consider us enemies to be silenced are a minority that acts fraudulently in the shadows and detests the light of truth. Because truth is an attribute of God, and darkness will never be able to overcome it. Let us therefore fight our battle against the enemy of mankind, in the certainty of the final victory and in the awareness of having at our side the One who has overcome the darkness: ‘Walk as children of the Light’ (Eph 5, 8).


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