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Dear StilumCuriali, Veronica Cireneo offers to your attention the second part of the trilogy of Irreverent Dreams. The first part, published yesterday, can be found at this link . Happy reading and sharing.. .




I dreamed that Bergoglio was very angry.

When they told him: “Your Holiness, the Pope is dead” he was very frightened.

“How did the pope die? Don’t give me a hit. Are you making a fool of me? I am the pope. Don’t talk nonsense. Since I’m talking to you, I’m alive. Can you see I’m alive!? Are you talking to me and saying that the Pope is dead!? You don’t make fun of the pope. He brings respect”.

The secretary: “But not you, Your Holiness. That other one”.

“That other who? Are you joining in too?

Enough of this story of the two popes.

 We can’t take it anymore. The pope is one and it’s me, so let’s clarify once and for all.

 First thing: no mourning. Has anyone died? No

 Is the pope dead? Ninth. The pope is alive: here he is in front of you!”

 “Right, Your Holiness! Shall we make requiem masses?”

 ” Yes, some, so as not to be noticed, but the novendiali no, eh! He wasn’t pope! He retired, didn’t he? What does he want? If he wanted all the honors, he could have thought about it sooner. Which, to be completely honest, I mean that I didn’t feel any pity for him. If only he had ever shown me to be correct! He was always putting a wrench in the works: gender didn’t suit him, immigrants weren’t welcome, homosexuality wasn’t welcome, married priests weren’t welcome, he turned his nose up at Amoris Letizia, women priests he didn’t want them, the environment he didn’t care, we leave the vaccination issue alone, etc. In a word, a catastrophe! But who was he to judge? Do you know how many times it has embarrassed me? But what does the one knows about people’s problems! He is a fatalist! A retrograde! A medieval, a muzzle! He only cares for papaline, lace and grandmother’s lace. I tried to make him understand in every way that it was too old-fashioned, but he did not catch it. Yet he seemed so smart…….!”

“But Your Holiness he was a true lover of Jesus Christ!”

 “Jesus Christ who? God’s failure?!

 The one who was unable to come down from the Cross? Ninth. I am sorry. Yes, once I believed it too, but then I see that now no one follows him anymore, so who makes me keep up with him? I’m modern, you know! And then if he got himself killed, where is his victory? Could it be that Satan is stronger than him? Why is it that almost everyone follows him lately? It’s logical. Nobody wants to be on the side of the losers!”

 “He also loved Holy Mary so much!”


“Holy Mary who? But why do you call it that?


Look, Maria was a woman like everyone else, you know!


But why do you believe all the nonsense of the past? It’s not that something becomes true because they’ve always said it. If it wasn’t for me opening your eyes to the fact that there were no tape recorders at the time, you’d still be chasing fairy tales. And then this continuous intrusion of messages that she would give here and there in the world bothers me too: but what is she a postwoman? Oh, but you believe everything eh! Oh mama! Wake up, no!”


” Attention Your Holiness with these words because people are murmuring! “.


” Why, what do people say? It will be the usual chatter. Tell me, tell me. Let’s hear”


” I’m sorry Holiness, but they say you are an imposter. The false prophet. The forerunner of the antichrist who illegally sits on the Chair of Peter. They say that Ratzinger was forced to give up his office because he was banned from constant mutinies. They say that no one obeyed his orders anymore, but that he was the real Pope, not you”.


“And how do they tell?”


They say this because the canonists have discovered that the declaration of renunciation is wrong and therefore invalid. They say he did it on purpose and you all fell for it. They say that he wanted to demonstrate who those wolves were from which he felt like running away. They say that you are those wolves who prevented him from working in peace”.


“It is not true! He was unable to gain respect for himself. Not like me that I’m very good. The Chinese lady knows something about it! Did you see the slaps I gave her when she brushed against me in St. Peter’s Square? But what does she want from me? But who knows her? But who gives her all this confidence? I’m sorry, but when it’s needed, it’s needed”.


“Yet Benedict XVI used to say: ‘ my power ends at the door of my room ‘ in fact they want the conclave your Holiness, because you are considered an antipope recommended by the mafia, that of St. Gallen. Cardinal Dannieles also said so”.


“Oh, that also. He has never been able to keep a chickpea in his mouth! In any case,


first thing: it’s my business and I don’t have to tell you.


second: and even if it were?


I am an official like any other. With all the corruption that exists in the institutions I have not understood why they are fossilized on me. But what do they want? But go to hell… them and all those crazy priests obsessed with religion.


I can’t stand priests obsessed with religion, they’re all a gang of conspiracy theorists who won’t even be vaccinated, you reckless! Anyway, I’ve already excommunicated them and it’s good for them, so they learn what it means to break eggs in the pope’s basket. Hmmm… tell me a little: what do the cardinals say?”


” They are not happy with you, Your Holiness.”


” Eh, I figured! But who cares, they don’t tell me anything anyway. They smile at me, think about it. They’re wimps… ahahah… then the worst ones have already been fixed: Zen is still in prison, right? Then that other retrograde Pell is not so well. So, in a while we’ll get it out of the way and we’re good to go… See how easy it is?! See how good I am?! Anyway, look, if you make me nervous, I’ll take the shack and puppets and leave, eh! Do you know how much you will regret me?


When will you find someone more merciful than me who never judges? You will never find it again. I am the best pope of history, only I am not understood, me wretch!   If you only knew how many things I must go through! Always having to justify myself to the press that especially when I’m on flights, they misunderstand everything! “


“I don’t know, Your Holiness. I don’t understand anything anymore…”.


“In fact, you don’t have to understand anything and when you talk to me learn to shut up! “


“Okay, Holiness. Just one last thing: Monsignor Gänswein is also there throwing broadsides at you. He seems resentful. He wrote a book.”


“Wrote a book? And what does it say? In fact, shut up, shut up. Don’t say anything that doesn’t interest me. Tell journalists to say that: where he speaks ill of me, he lies and when he speaks well of me, he tells the truth, then I’ll deal with him. I know how to calm him down. But that’s enough now! We need to get our feet on the ground! Come on, get busy! Pick up the phone and confirm all my appointments.


Nothing closes. The Vatican remains open.


I must meet the lgbt delegation. Don’t make me look bad, for heaven’s sake, they already have so many problems with homophobes, you know!


By the way? When do I have that climate meeting? Did Soros phone again? I apologize to him and to those of Davos. Report that I call them as soon as possible. Now I immediately must apologize to my friend Biden, that the deceased said he doesn’t want him at the funeral. But look how much embarrassment he had to put me in! Just the one I like most he didn’t want it. Eh, nothing: he and I never understood each other! “


The dream ended with this sentence: “he and I never understood each other”


Yet when I woke up, I heard from Mon. Gänswein that there is continuity between popes Benedict and Francis. Sure: the same continuity that in God’s saving plan runs between the victim and the executioner, as between Christ and Judas.


It was really a bad dream. As often happens when the Vatican comes to mind where it is rarely all black and white. And it is often “yellow”.


 End of part II



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