The Mysterious Box Under the Pope’s Robe.

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Marco Tosatti

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, the state of health of popes is a very delicate topic, as you well know. Even in a pontificate that was otherwise transparent about the figure and activities of the pope as the pontificate of John Paul II was, it was some time before his Parkinson’s disease became public knowledge (and Navarro really took a risk when he mentioned in Hungary…there were people in the Secretariat of State who wanted his head). Under Pope Bergoglio, the armor is even greater. Some time ago, Msgr. X alluded to the fact that they are saying in Santa Marta that three times a week the reigning pontiff undergoes a treatment, as a result of an operation that removed part of his intestine. Francis has denied that it is a tumor. A few weeks ago, before the Ratzinger tornado began, we received this comment, which we share with you just as it came to us, in English, in our translation. What do you think? Enjoy your reading.


Maybe this is true that Pope Francis has cancer. I saw him on YouTube on Feast of Immaculate Conception at Piazza di Spagna to pray before column with statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary atop it. He was walking with cane, with much difficulty. But on his back at waist level I saw what looking like two small boxes protruding and shape very visible. My uncle is a Cardiologist, and I showed him the video. He said what looks like boxes could be small pump terminal cancer patients are given (either pain medicine, or chemo drugs), or could be pain medicine for his sciatica and/or osteoarthritis. As a Pope, I think Pope Francis is not good for the Catholic Church at all, but unlike some comments I have read on various blogs, I don’t wish cancer like that on him or anyone. Although it is probably he does have it.

Kenjiro M. Yoshimori



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