Agostino Nobile: Relativism, Vaccinationism, and Idiotism

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Marco Tosatti

Dear Stilumcuriales, our friend Agostino Nobile offers us this melancholic reflection on the mental state of most of our contemporaries. Not much to add. Good reading.



Rousseau’s theory that man’s education is provided by nature, people and things, is today more than ever supported by all centers of power and influence.

This theory gave rise to the French Revolution, the dictatorships of the last century and the current one.

We are talking about the ideology of the politically correct or relativism, an ideology that annihilates the conscience.

Today, in many countries it is possible to rent out the womb, using the woman as a factory that churns out children. Relativism has brought humanity down to animal level. To confirm this, try stealing a baby animal. If the mother is weak, you will see her suffer, but if she is strong, you will be lucky if you bring home the pieces.

Before the sixties imposed this bug against common sense, no one in their mind thought of same-sex marriage. Not even communism and Nazism reached this dehumanization.

Laws with the suffix “-phobia,” for example, have been imposed to shut up those who say that the king is naked. Relativism nullifies the critical sense, and if we think that the human being has evolved thanks to the innate critical sense, we understand that this ideology aims at the stupidity of man. Because, in the end, without the spark of reason instilled by God, ideology always ends in disaster.

Vaccinationism is nothing but a boil of relativism that has dumbed down millions of people.

Basically, the vaccinationist has no faith, believes in the goodness of his political faction and is terrified of death. If you lock him in his house to give him fictitious security, he falls below the animal level. In fact, if the animal is not locked in a cage it will escape. The vaccinationist, on the other hand, stays in his cage even if he can escape. If he has computers and smartphones, he won’t move even if you kick him in the rear.

Voltaire, as we know, was the anticlerical par excellence, but unlike his contemporary philosopher from Geneva, he knew the nature of man: “I certainly wouldn’t want to have anything to do with an atheist prince because, if he were to think of having an interest in having me crushed in a mortar, I’m sure he would do so without hesitation” (Philosophical Dictionary – Athéisme, Athée).

Current atheistic principles are present in international finance, pharmaceutical companies, governments, courts, schools, and the Vatican.

The vaccinationist/relativist under house arrest cannot see beyond the palm of his nose. On the other hand, journalists who shamelessly display their faces on TV networks say that only the vaccine saves from Covid 19. They only interview those who are aligned with the mainstream. On TV they never show people who, under house arrest and without work, are close to deep depression and suicide. They go much further than that. Knowing the nature of the idiots, our good journalists follow the tactics of crowd psychology. They fuel the vaccine race by denouncing the clever ones who take the holy vaccine without waiting their turn. As if to say that the vaccine is so precious that it is going to be stolen. Hurry up, run, run! So, without doing the slightest research to refute this pseudo-panacea with scientific evidence, the idiots gets up at six in the morning to be injected with the supposed elixir of life.

There are no drugs on the market without leaflets listing the active ingredients and contraindications. But vaccines seem above suspicion. They inject without indications and, above all, by signing a clause with governments in which pharmaceutical companies are absolved of any impairments and deaths of vaccinees.

In order not to give rise to “unnecessary alarmism” on TV they rarely invite authoritative researchers, frontline doctors and virologists who confirm that there are medicines that can save from Covid without contraindications. Everything is obscured.

Vaccinationists largely confirm the thought written a few years ago by the French Catholic philosopher Fabrice Hadjadj. I have quoted it before, but it is worth repeating. It is an interview from a few years ago: “We no longer live in faith but on credit.” Progress has created the “systematic slaughter of souls, of incredible brutalisation of man reduced to a pig, caressed and fed while the reason it is being done to him is concealed, and then slaughtered! […] MAN DOES NOT GROW HUMANLY IF NOT SPIRITUALLY. […] The truth is that if our life has no meaning, we end up working like brutes and consuming ourselves to the point of forgetting to put a bullet in our head. The hope of becoming a docile slave of the system is not a hope; this low-grade optimism corresponds to the deepest despair. In truth, for half a century now we have been in a despair to which we dare not give a name.”

Hadjadj spoke of man as a slave to the market. With Covid 19, society has fallen further. In exchange for his miserable life he also renounces freedom and consumerism. Educated by relativist ideology, he will be extinguished like a candle, but his trust in TV and the politicians who have made him a disposable product will not be shaken. Before he draws his last breath, perhaps crawling on the floor of his apartment with the ever-present mask, he will think he has done his duty and behaved like a model citizen. But above all, he dies as a proud anti-fascist and anti-nationalist hero.

Agostino Nobile


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