Nobile: Dante’s Inferno Opens to Journalists. Italians. But Not Only

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Marco Tosatti

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, Agostino Nobile with his typical clarity points out one of the biggest problems that afflicts our society in this moment; not only Italy, of course, but Italy is very high in the ranking that Nobile could draw up on regime information. Enjoy your reading. 



The death of information that is even minimally free means the death of democracy

One fact is indisputable. The death of freedom of speech brings about the death of democracy.

It is hard to quantify how many journalists are actually unduly biased or silenced. Looking at evidence from the last four years, under President Trump’s rule, it would seem almost a full house.There is no doubt that the US elections were tampered with to an unacceptable degree by the world wide avalanche of anti- Trump propaganda.

Dante if still alive would, I am certain, place many of these journalists inside the ninth and last circle of hell, above all those journalists who have their own agendas. Given the harm which they have managed to cause, threatening the causes of both freedom and dignity, this lot could well be seen as the self appointed executioners of society.

The undue influence exerted during the US elections, most definitely changed its outcome. Some would say that journalists had much more influence than both China Biden and Kala Harris put together. These two troublemakers, along with China Biden also plan to erase the identity of male and female. They find the titles mother, father, grandmother, grandfather unacceptable. Who are they, to think they have the power to decide what these terms should be? It seems also that grandmothers and grandfathers will disappear anyways, due to euthanasia. There are apparently plans for euthanasia to kick in at the age of seventy, that is if some illness has not already finished someone off .

Biden himself has been caught saying that an eight year old child should have the right to decide his sexual orientation himself

The new occupants of the White House area supported foremost by Xi Ping of China, also by the foremost global national investment bank BlackRock Investment Bank. This is the most powerful global investment bank which has dominated since 1988, has been plundering the world and making the rich richer.

I do know there will some of the hardcore doubters who will try to mock me for mentioning the circles of Dante. For them I would suggest the reading of the booking telling the life story of Padre Pio. He is just one of many who spent life on earth that fight against the Devil, who is happy to drag millions of lying and corrupt journalists.

According to rules set in stone and in ancient times, slanderers are part of the most despicable group of humanity to walk the earth. Who are these slanderers ? Where are these slanderers in Italy, if we take Italy as an example? They are to be found at the TV stations which threw accusations At Trump, the only American president who would not allow abortions, since the pro choice law was legalized in 1973. Regarding the economic success of President Trump I suggest you take a look

During his time in office the haranguers in the media are so numerous that it is impossible to pick any one name. Therefore Dante would probable act as he did in the treatment of Cocytus with the four heads. He would pick out for examples which would be the representatives of the masses and sentence them to eternity .

The massive bias shown by the mainstream global media, who like bleating sheep followed a criminal assault on only one of the two participants, during a supposedly fair and impartial news coverage.

We’re they paid off or just weak and misguided? It is hard to know but the truth will come out. It always does. Just often not in time. Beyond any doubt, Dante would have placed them in the very worst circle of hell, as they truly deserve .

Agostino Nobile 




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