Nobile: Holy Christmas or Holy Vaccine? A Dark Future.

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Marco Tosatti

Dear Stilumcuriali, Agostino Nobile shares with us these reflections – certainly not cheerful, given the situation we are experiencing – on a Christmas that promises to be, if not gloomy, certainly not very serene for too many people. Take courage and enjoy your reading.



In December 1931, Coca Cola released a picture of Santa Claus. This chubby, smiling figure dressed in red was created by the illustrator Haddon Sunbloom. In recent years this image has been joined by Santa Clauses with long legs and enormous breasts. Before the secularisation of Christmas, there would always be the broadcasting of the birth of Christ or other religious themes. In recent years, western governments have tried to dechristisnise the most important event in human history, labelling it with bizarre names such as The Festival of Lights, or Feast Day.

Holy Christmas not only represents the birth of Christ, it reminds humanity of its dignity. Without Christ there is no dignity, without dignity there is no man.

This year under the context of Covid, Lockdown was imposed. Now the vaccine is being imposed. Never before in history have such colossal lies been told in order to force humans into segregation. Reliable infectologists and virologists have been silenced. The world media has instead chosen to give airtime to individuals with dubious credentials. The truth is being suppressed across the globe. Corrupt governments and journalists, handsomely paid by tycoons, have managed to suppress two of the greatest Christian principles – truth and dignity.

The true sense of Christmas has been somewhat lost in recent decades. It has been overpowered by excessive eating, as well exaggerated shopping and gift giving. This year there has been an escalation of unacceptable government policies, and as the year reaches an end, we have entered into post humanism. Christmas 2020 will be remembered as the anteroom to hell. No holy mass, no hugs, no meetings, no free thinking, no fresh air. What will all this lead to ?

Bergoglio has been exposed as a traitor to Christ, so who can Christians rely on? In recent months I have often wondered about the position of the Secret Services. Their job is to protect the population from external or internal attacks. What are they doing? Is it possible that the secret services, heads of police forces and military leaders, have no idea about the concerns which millions of people around the world have been calling attention to for months?

There is a huge deception with inhuman aims taking place. For almost nine months, AIFA denied the efficacy of the drug Hydrochlorinique. During these months 30,000 Italians died as a result of incorrect treatment. In 95% of cases, Covid is curable and can be treated at home.

If those who have sworn to defend the population are not actually naive fools, then they must be collaborating with those people who are dangerous enemies of the human population. Research into vaccines clearly shows that vaccines must be studied for years. This is because the effects, sometimes lethal, may appear after a long period of time. Hundreds, if not thousands of reliable studies show the contraindications of vaccines.

Soon there will be a hunt for volunteers for this vaccine. Those who refuse the vaccine will be treated as pariahs. They will lose their right to medicines, to school for their children, to travel or even to enter public areas. Millions of thoughtless fools will marginalise those who are unvaccinated. It will be the greatest economic and social disaster in western history. Causing poverty will be the principal weapon of those interested in subjugating the world population, even causing starvation.

Without being a harbinger of doom, I must recall the French revolutionaries. They used the same techniques as the powers today to take over power. They tried to erase Christ and cause starvation.

Our present governments are killing us off, one after the other. We all need to wake up and those who can must take action to stop this economic reset, before it is too late.
Meanwhile, let us be consoled by Christian prayer. Merry Christmas to all, at least in our hearts.

Agostino Nobile 


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