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Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, Agostino Nobile has sent us this reflection, a sign of hope in the dark moments we are living. Have a good reading.




The worst enemies against humans, as always, are certain intellectuals and tycoons who grew up brainwashed by ideology. Their money has financed the ideologies of the last century.
Since the end of the war they have created think tanks and meetings such as the World Economic Forum in Davos. This organisation was founded in 1970 by Klaus Schwab and this year it has been updated to “Guide for companies in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution” In other words “The Great Reset”, which means “Economic and Social Reset”

In the daily newspaper Sole 24 Ore, published on 20th January 2020, journalist Angela Manganaro wrote “Every year in mid January a small village in the Swiss Alps plays host for five days to presidents and prime ministers, central banks and bosses of big companies, industrialists, billionaires, influential academics, sportsmen, actors, rockstars and innovators, young and old.”  She makes a little dig at the real conspirators: “All you need to know about Davos is that by hosting all these big names, they obtain maximum publicity ( it is actually possible to follow many of these meetings online).”
Of course anyone who is not naive, and attends global gatherings or promotions knows that all the real business is carried at in hotel rooms, not at the public meetings.

Bill Gates predicted in 2004 in Davos that the world would be overwhelmed by an epidemic by 2006. The real conspirators are actually trying to accuse him of being responsible for the spread of Coronavirus. Objectively speaking, stories of pandemic viruses have been around for years in novels and films. Nevertheless, well known tycoons have taken advantage of this situation to bring forward the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We now need to fully understand what this Fourth Industrial Revolution consists of. Because rather than Industrial, it concerns certainly robotics and electronics. This heralds less workers and more robots. The next step will be an under skin biochip. The result will be total control of every individual. In other words, a dictatorship which reduces humans to the level of earthworms, who can be eliminated as soon as they fail to produce.
I wrote along these lines in 2010, therefore I am not surprised. I am no prophet, but it was sufficient to examine certain information, in order to understand that this “Great Reset “ was more than likely to happen.

There is no rational motive for Lockdown. No sane person would freely impose this on any nation, as it has destroyed economies and forced both small and large business, plus multinationals, into ruin. When our ancestors caught viruses they lived with them. Thousands, sometimes millions died, but people carried on working and got through it . 

Concerning Coronavirus, there seems to be a lot of guesswork and some theories which do not hold water.  Amongst all of these, there is one which stands out – the onslaught of media exaggeration from TV to newspapers, no matter which political side they support. It is shameful, even offensive, that TV stations talk of nothing but Coronavirus infections and deaths from dawn to dusk. For every 30 minutes of news there are 20 minutes filled with reporting on this supposed pandemic. It seems that the Media is doing this on purpose to cause panic and depression amongst weak and impressionable individuals. 

After months and months of sacrifice, of course people will be lining up for a vaccine once it is offered. Gates & Co’s wealth will swell to the point where they control the global economy.
Rather than promoting a vaccine which may well be harmful to health, other methods of prevention should be offered using bio natural supplements. We already have zinc, magnesium, lactoferrin, vitamins C,D and A. In treating viruses, heparin, anti inflammatories such as hydroxychloroquine, and antivirals such as Remdesivir have proved effective. Yet since March the concept of prevention has hardly seen the light of day, although deaths were increasing, but many times these deaths had nothing to do with Coronavirus. Despite hundreds of virologists and infectologists now contest the use of lockdowns and masks, yet on TV they are rarely asked to give an explanation, using scientific evidence, as to why governments are imposing such ridiculous measures.

Why does the Media avoid inviting well known professionals onto TV? Why are they not allowed to speak? What are the real reasons behind this? Is the truth being told?
Some point the finger at the huge world debt, which is unsustainable for the big banks. Although I’m not an economist, I am not convinced by this argument. I believe that that there is a plan to launch an economy and social policy based on China. This would create a model where hundreds of millions of western workers would work for an unacceptable wage, and this would lead to despair. Chinese workers would be the model of how to survive on much lower wages.
Also non Christian cultures do not respect the concept of freedom. Their people are happy just to eat and to have fun. Therefore destroying Christianity, that ennobles freedom, will be part of the agenda for the Great Reset. Bergolio’s election had this exact purpose as it’s base.

There is an uncomfortable realisation that maybe we are being played. It seems that with the meetings in Davos tycoons are playing to take us by surprise. By imposing lockdowns here, there and everywhere, with more to come the Western economy is being destroyed, whilst the Chinese economy quietly progresses. Unless the tycoons in Davos have absolutely no understanding of economics, which is impossible, it seems evident that they want to bring us down. This seems to be happening with the complicity of the sectors who have sworn to protect us: governments, magistrates,media and police forces.

Another confirmation of this comes from Belarus. In July, President Alexander Lukashenko refused 940 million dollars offered by the IMF. In return they had demanded an identical lockdown to the one in Italy although in Belarus there were no signs of a pandemic.
When Lukashenko refused these tycoons paid crowds of people, who repeatedly organised demonstrations against Lukashenko. The media, acting as the puppets of the Davos tycoons, spread the news of these demonstrations and accused the President of Belarus of moral turpitude.

All evidence suggests that these tycoons, known as the Deep State or The Establishment are testing public reaction, using the lockdowns and influence of the media. If there is no people’s reaction, they will progress to a more coercive psychological oppression, supported by more restrictive laws.
If there is a strong negative reaction , they will then step back. This needs to be monitored continually, as they will never abandon this destructive agenda.

What is there to be done before people are brought down too low? 

Most importantly, concise questions need to be asked to the government about the spread of this virus. It is impossible to believe that, started in China, then left out the rest of China and broke out in Bergamo-Italy.

Secondly, clarify if the wearing of masks is useful, because many infectivologists say that they can have harmful consequences.
Thirdly, cancel all lockdowns. Also put an end to the exaggeration and scaremongering of the media.
Fourthly, allow educated professionals who can speak with actual knowledge to speak on the news and on TV to a larger extent. Currently the most knowledgeable and reliable infectivologists, appear mostly on social media.
If the governments refuse to heed these conditions, then populations have the right to flood the streets with demonstrations. In terms of the police force, they must realise that they too are being diminished. Orders to employ force should only be followed if part of democratic justice. If a majority of citizens are being humiliated left without work and without wages, scared of dying and isolated from their loved ones, the forces of order are not obliged to obey these orders .
If a government orders the police to shoot at defenceless citizens and they obey, then they are guilty of a crime. At present governments are killing their people slowly without the need for weapons. They are taking away their jobs, and isolating people both economically and socially. Severe depression can be worse than death.

After the decision to impose a further lockdown, one individual told me that organising street demonstrations would be useless, saying “Thousands of demonstrators need to surround Palazzo Chigi (official Residence of the Italian Prime Minister) if possible with the government inside. Surround the RAI too (the main TV network controlled by the government) and also the main offices of newspapers.” He stressed “Even the Vatican must be surrounded, and they must fear the anger of the population. This is a life or death matter. It is a choice of living freely as humans or dying slowly. They leave us no other choice.”

If the Great Reset is carried out we will find ourselves under the most severe dictatorship in history. This will include invasive electronic controls such as biochips – already smart phones are enough – and there will be no possibility of return.

The agenda planned by Gates, Rockefeller, Soros & Co. can only be brought to a halt if people rebel as soon as possible. Economic failure is already happening. Never has timing been so vital and so urgent for the survival of our families and for society as a whole .

Agostino Nobile 




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