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Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, Agostino Nobile has sent us a reflection on the historical reality of what is called “white suprematism”, and which is actually a form of racism preparatory to the theories of the race we saw in Nazism. But its roots are elsewhere…


        White supremacists have historically been Freemasons and anti-Christian 


To clarify the historical aspect related to white suprematism –  which does not exist today, except for small groups of fanatics – I want to add more information to the previous article, by extracting some points taken from my “Anticristo Superstar”, book published in July of 2014. 

Slavery has always existed in all cultures and political factions, so this is not about focusing on and pointing fingers at the political left or the right, but to clarify that in Western countries  no matter how one turns it, the only religion subjected to the attacks of atheism in the form of class warfare and racism, in the past two centuries has always been Christianity. And, as we will see, there are very specific reasons. 

In the Masonic French Revolution, as in communism, thousands of religious were killed, and most of the churches were demolished. 

In the booklet entitled “The Antichrist”, Friedrich Nietzsche writes: «The poison of the doctrine “equal rights for all”, Christianity has sown it in the most radical way. Christianity is an insurrection of everything that crawls on earth against what is high: the Gospel of the “lows” makes lows.»  

«Christianity fraudulently stole the harvest of ancient civilization; later it again defrauded the harvest of the civilization of Islam. The wonderful world of the Moorish civilization of Spain (a fake narrative pushed by schools and the media), which is basically more akin to us, more eloquent to the sense of taste.» 

The Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa (1888 – 1935) agnostic, sympathizer of Freemasonry, writes: «Slavery is logical and legitimate, a Zulu or Landim does not represent anything useful in this world. […] enslaving them is logical. The degenerate egalitarian concept with which Christianity has poisoned our social concepts has, however, damaged this logical concepts.» (José Paulo Cavalcanti Filho – Fernando Pessoa, uma quase-autobiografia- Porto Editora, 2012).


In 1909 the Whetham couple published the book “The Family and the Nation”, where they established that the Europeans were divided into three categories, the Nordics, including the British, the Alpine, like the Swiss, and the Mediterranean. The Nordics, according to the Whethams, had a recognized supremacy. According to them, the most worrying thing in England was the immigration of the Mediterranean races that inhabited the poorest parts of the cities, and whose rabbit like tendency to reproduce was a serious problem for the nation and for all of Europe.

In 1916, the American geneticist, Madison Grant, following Whetham’s theory, published the successful book “The Passing of the Great Race”, in which he reaffirms the existence of three different European races. The Nordics, rulers, adventurers, aristocrats, individualists self-confident and, as a result, Protestants. Secondly, the Alpines, subject to political and religious authority and, finally, the Mediterraneans, whom he calls, “the perfect slaves”.

Against the weaks and minorities:

Theodore Roosevelt Jr., 26th president of the United States from 1901 to 1909, argued that women in good physical and mental health condition who choose not to have children should be considered as «race criminals.» While «it is of no advantage to allow such a perpetuation of citizens of the wrong race. The big problem of civilization» says Roosevelt «is to be able to obtain, in the population, the increase of elements of value compared to those of little value or which are even harmful.»  

 The United States of America, thanks to Democrats and Freemasons such as Roosevelt, is the first country to approve eugenic laws followed by the Protestant democratic countries of northern Europe.

In Prussian Germany, psychiatrist, Alfred Hoche, and jurist,Karl Binding, published a book in 1920, entitled, “Authorization for the Elimination of Lives No Longer Worth Living.”

In the nineteenth century, in the years when blacks were considered by science to be more like animals than human beings, we find accredited characters such as the Italian psychiatrist, criminologist and jurist, Cesare Lombroso (1835-1909). Proponent of scientific positivism, in 1907 he was president of the newly formed Green Cross of Masonic Emanation. Professor Lombroso sustained that criminal behavior is inherent in anatomical characteristics, in physiognomy . According to this thesis, influenced by social Darwinism, physiognomy is the key that opens the doors of the human psyche. So whoever has a delinquent face must be isolated and treated, because he tends to commit criminal acts.” All, or almost all anti-Catholic characters shared Lombroso’s theories.

So, as we have seen, the progressives many years before Hitler’s rise to power, through laughable disquisitions, to say the least, had created the “science” that mathematically proved the superiority of Protestant whites over everyone else. Later, perhaps not to remain too isolated, they ennobled the entire Caucasian race.

Albert Pike, as I mentioned in my previous article, was part of the Ku Klux Klan. In his book, “Morals and Dogma”, considered the bible of the Scottish Rite Masonry, he wrote: “When Louis XVI was executed, half the work was done; and then, since then, the Army of the Temple had to direct all its efforts against the Papacy.”

Despite this decidedly deplorable past, the Masonic lobbies and the globalist leftists today subsidize and promote BLM, Antifa, LGBT and all those NGOs linked to the UN that are making waste of Christian ethics.
Freemasons and progressives, who control schools and the media, teach a poisoned version of history. Thanks to this deliberate revision and twisting of history, supported by the Bergoglians, Western countries are becoming a land of conquest.

In addition to poison spewing groups such as Antifa and BLM, there an imposition illegal immigration, homosexuality starting in kindergarten and paradoxical laws that are taking away the Christian soul of the West.

All the cultures of the world have been stained with slavery and racist crimes, but only in the West do they teach and spread hatred for their history and for the religion that has shaped its culture.

The Onusians, convinced that through the media they will anesthetize the reaction of the people, they seem to feel omnipotent. But they are wrong, because, unlike other cultures, Westerners possess that profound sense of justice and freedom instilled by Christianity.

If the deception that is leading the West to collapse is not somehow stopped, the tycoons, Freemasons, politicians, professors, intellectuals and journalists responsible for this unprecedented socio-economic and cultural annihilation will have to deal with a few million enraged whites, western blacks and asians, believers, atheists and agnostics who will find them in all corners of the earth and it will not be a pleasant encounter. History and civil wars teach us this.

Agostino Nobile

Co-translator Joy Paulson)



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