Bergoglio Re-Proclaims Himself Patriarch of the West. Here’s Why….Mons. Viganò

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Marco Tosatti

Dear friends and foes of Stilum Curiae, we offer for your attention this short article published by Msgr. Carlo Maria Viganò on X (formerly Twitter). Enjoy reading and sharing.


The decision to reinstate the title of Patriarch of the West, cancelled by Benedict XVI, should not mislead anyone: it is a move – not even too disguised – by which Bergoglio sets himself up as an interlocutor on a par with the Patriarch of the East, no less subservient than he to the interests of the Masonic globalist elite who are so eager to establish the New World Order and the Religion of Humanity.

In this way, after a “downsizing” of the Papacy in a synodal key – that is, parliamentarizing the government of the Church, which is a monarchical institution by the will of Christ Himself – and after the renunciation of the title of Vicar of Christ, Bergoglio can proceed expeditiously toward that ecumenical project that constitutes the heretical matrix of Vatican II and his entire nefarious “pontificate”.

It is not surprising that this subversive operation is conducted by the very people who usurp the power of the Roman Pontiff in order to destroy the Papacy and the Catholic Church.


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