“Prisoner or dead.” The frustrating resignation of Cardinal Marx.

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Marco Tosatti

My dear readers of Stilum Curiae, a friend of our blog, A.C., found this article published by ElCaminante/The Wanderer and translated it for us. We thank him sincerely, and we hope you enjoy some entertaining reading…


“Prisoner or dead.” The frustrating resignation of Cardinal Marx (by Ludovicus)

It is said that when (Argentinian] President Néstor Kirchner’s tax collector, foreseeing future complications, presented his resignation to Kirchner’s widow, he received in reply the following admonition: “One does not resign from here; one leaves from here either dead or in prison.” Long before this, when one of Perón’s nervous ministers did the same thing after the burning of churches, the general had one of his assistants tell him: “One resigns from serving the general only when he asks for it.” The Caesars ordered those who fell into disgrace to commit suicide; the Peronists forbade them from resigning and forced them to commit suicide slowly. The perversion of power has many forms.

Bergoglio has once again followed the Peronist tradition by refusing the resignation of Cardinal Marx. The move is actually a Machiavellian counter-game that is much more Machiavellian than the naïve German. By resigning, Marx was effectively seeking two things: to escape the role that his office would impose on him of necessarily having to discipline the Synod, and also to be free like any other civilian to work in favor of the synodal rebellion, and to be free as a cardinal (he did not resign from that position) to set up his power game in Rome. Marx is a full-fledged prince of the people who is playing this great power struggle between Germany and Rome, between the Teutonic mafia and the Argentine and his cronies.

With this simple stroke, Bergoglio has disarmed Marx, taking away from him his principal weapon (now he can no longer threaten to resign) and has forced him to align himself with Rome against the Synod. Marx has been neutralized, weakened, and emptied out: how can the man whom the Pope himself has ratified still wear the hat of representing the revolutionaries?

With a single precise blow, Bergoglio has killed Marx and left a zombie in his place. And I don’t see the German insisting on his resignation. There is no more margin, although it would be interesting to see how he would be answered or how it would end. Either in prison or dead. Because, besides, the complaints that would be his presumed reason for resigning are still in force and ongoing.

Let’s not be fooled by the seemingly mellifluous and confident tone of the letter. The humility and meekness is so great that the letter’s author compares him to Jesus Christ even as he hands the sword for the suicide mission to poor Marx: “And this is my answer, dear brother. Continue as you propose, but as Archbishop of Munich and Freising. And if you are tempted to think that, in confirming your mission and not accepting your resignation this Bishop of Rome (your brother who loves you) does not understand you, think of what Peter underwent before the Lord when, in his own way, he resigned: ‘Leave me, Lord, for I am a sinful man,’ and listen to the Lord’s answer: ‘Feed my sheep.’

We must recognize Bergoglio, empty of thought as he is, as a frivolous professional, a master of these “little tricks,” as Kafka said, which are carefully considered and prepared. Like a careful spider, he will weave all possible intrigues in order to confuse the sons of Arminius [the chieftain of the German tribes who led them against Rome] and prevent his power from being questioned.  We can now foresee a truly spectacular struggle, full of messes, quibbles, and dirty games, and if biology accompanies it, the victory will belong to Francis over the naïve progressive German episcopate, which will end up in a quagmire of cliches and banalities where the issues they are unable to impose will be lost, modulated by Marx and other zombies. They will not be able to win this struggle by politics, and schism is the son of malice, not heterodoxy. They are not [worthy] enemies for Flores’ compadre, an emulator of Juan Peron and Nestor Kirchner.


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