Biden pro-Abortion. Vatican Follies, the Courage of the US Bishops.

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Marco Tosatti

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, the madness – protected and promoted by the regime media, that is by almost everyone – seems to only increase. And the Vatican, in particular in the Pontifical Academy for Life and its extensions and connections, entrusted to the imaginative management, to say the least, of Msgr. Vincenzo Paglia of the Community of Saint Egidio, is not holding back. But let’s take things in order.

In the past few days, as you know, the American bishops wrote to the new President Joe Biden, reminding him that the worst form of discrimination presently in force in the country is abortion. LifeSiteNews reminds us today that since the Roe v. Wade decision came out in 1973, in the United States 62,502,904 human beings have been killed. Certain cardinals of the McCarrick-progressive line, like Blasé Cupich of Chicago, first tried to get the Vatican to intervene, then to protest [the USCCB Statement], but without much luck.

Today, however, the new President – or whoever is acting on his behalf – presented a pair of decisions that will certainly please all those Catholic who detested the divisive, evil Trump and who love the newly elected Biden so much, who is also – as his press officers remind us – a “devout Catholic.” Therefore he is, of course, a pacifist. And so, of course, it thus makes sense that already large convoy of American troops, escorted by assault helicopters, has now entered into northeast Syria. With what right? Because, I suppose, they felt like it, and above all in order to continue to protect the oil theft that has been taking place in that area for years.

But Biden’s second move (or that of whoever is acting on his behalf: namely, Planned Parenthood, the abortifacient multinational corporation, is one of the primary financers of the Democratic Party. But remember, he is a devout Catholic) was to publish on this post on the President’s official Twitter account: “As we mark the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, now is the time to rededicate ourselves to the work ahead. From codifying Roe to eliminating maternal and infant health disparities, our Administration is committed to ensuring everyone has access to the health care they need.” And, of course, “health care” means, in terms of Roe v. Wade, extending abortion.


But at we know, Biden is a devout Catholic, and this is why on Facebook page of the Pontifical John Paul II (who no doubt has turned over in his grave) Theological Institute this post appeared:

Get this: “Defending the right to abortion does not mean defending abortion.” From the very place in the Vatican that ought to be the bastion of defense of life, and which appears increasingly in disarray: it’s enough to recall the episodes from last summer, when there was a bit of a “problem” on social media, which was never completely cleared up. Or the most unusual statements about the vaccines, in which the problem of the presence of cells from aborted fetuses in some of the vaccines in circulation is not even mentioned. And perhaps to say even a word about it…

But fortunately there are still some people who do not change their minds and their shirts based on who is in power. Archbishop Gomez of Los Angeles (and only in passing we want to say how petty it is, on the part of the Pontiff, that he has still not named him a cardinal; it’s true Gomez is from Opus Dei and has different sensibilities from the Pontiff, but men, popes included, may be evaluated also and perhaps even more so based on their petty actions rather than their bombastic deeds) has launched a campaign in his diocese called “Nine Days for Life” with a series of posts on Twitter:

“Friends, there are many injustices in our society, but the most fundamental is the one our society rarely acknowledges — the routine taking of innocent human life every day through abortion. So let us pray and work for an end to this injustice. #9DaysforLife.”

Archdiocese di Los Angeles:

“Lord, we pray for an end to this tragic practice. Give us the grace to work day by day to make it possible through our love and witness. #9DaysforLife #LACatholics

Let us ask that his mercy be on us, that he give us the strength to follow him in the construction of a culture where every human life is sacred, where we can see the light of God in the eyes of every child. #9DaysforLife

Chapeau. [Hats off to him!]

All well said. But Biden is a devout Catholic, which is very pleasing to Famiglia Cristiane, Avvenire, and all their company. And what does it matter if he immediately begins to dismantle all of Trump’s pro-life policies? He is on the Left, he is a companion…




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Marco Tosatti

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