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Marco Tosatti

Dear friends of Stilum Curiae, it has now been five months since the new blog began at

Let’s learn a little history.

Last summer (2022), after the old Stilum site had been blocked several times, and in particular in August for over a week, without being able to find any reasonable explanation, other than a structural overload of the platform of Aruba, I decided to look for an alternative.

I asked several people in the trade for advice, and finally I entrusted myself, it seems to me successfully, to a webmaster who prepared the new blog.

The only obvious point of disadvantage a priori, compared to the old blog, was that there was no possibility of activating an automatic newsletter for each new article.

The response to this decision has been ambivalent. A good number of people have preferred to stay on the old blog.

The only thing it seemed I needed to do was keep both blogs alive; even if this choice involves a significant doubling of my daily work, also because the two platforms require completely different working systems.

Normally I prepare an article on the old site, publish it, and then immediately after I “translate” it by transferring it to the new one, publishing it, and spreading it on social networks.

Meanwhile the old site continued to have problems, particularly with regards to the newsletter. People write to me complaining that they no longer receive the articles. Unfortunately, as I said above, the new Stilum does not have this feature, so I would ask whoever suffers from this malfunction to send me their email address, so that I can include it in a daily summary newsletter, which I send each afternoon.

I have noticed – and others have also pointed it out – that site updates on Chrome, especially the new one, but also the old one, do not always take place promptly.

But we know we are at war; Google Adsense prevents me from advertising on laughable pretexts, Facebook stands at gunpoint waiting for us to make some mistakes so it can block us, LinkedIn has blocked the possibility of sharing… the battle of the last two years, probably seasoned with reports made by trolls of all kinds, has left some wounds.

However, I noticed that on Safari – for those who use it – and above all on “free” browsers, such as Qwant and DuckDuckGo, which do not track what you are looking for, the updates work. And, in general, I’m also moving for my personal searches to those engines that in principle do not spy on their users. And, in the case of Stilum, they reduce the possibility of sabotage and obstruction.

I stress, because it is important to do so, that the choice to double Stilum stems only from the desire not to be silenced, in the first place; and, secondly, to respect the sensitivity and needs of those in our community who are not comfortable with the new Stilum.

A la guerre comme a la guerre…

We are not giving up.


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