Homage to Pope Benedict XVI: the Teachings. Veronica Cireneo.

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Marco Tosatti

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, we offer to your attention the third chapter of the Irreverent Dreams of Veronica Cireneo. Previous chapters are at this link and at this . Enjoy the reading.


(Part III: Homage to Pope Benedict XVI: The teachings )


It was truly a bad dream, but God writes straight even between crooked lines and since ” every day’s worry is enough in itself” we wish great remorse of conscience, and the Graces necessary for conversion, to those who have hindered, humiliated , isolated and interdicted Pope Benedict to the point of getting him out of the way quickly, in life and in death.


Goodbye and to God beloved Pope Benedict! We are grateful for your prayers, inner martyrdom, examples, and extensive teachings, which we will never be able to absorb in a lifetime.

You “Gloria Olivae” who climbed the Mount of Olives and Calvary with humility and meekness like the Master, knowing that: ” the Church is not ours, but it is His “



You who have endured every mockery and worldwide public humiliation, even accused of not knowing the protocols.


You who, drunk with inner pain, warned us about the bad fish of the “Barque of Peter”


You who warned us against the dictatorship of relativism.


You who taught us how to increase our faith through understanding the gospel, paying attention to the real-world circumstances through which God speaks to us, developing a close, personal relationship with Jesus, being available to others, and having courage


You who understood and lived the Passion of Christ as the apex of the manifestation of His love.


You who sacrificed your personal will to do the Divine Will also giving the green light for the beatification of the SDD Luisa Piccarreta, that was banned despite the approval of her texts on the Divine Will by the Holy Father Pius X


You who confirmed and re-evaluated the marvel of the Ancient Mass


You who confirmed to us about the Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Sacrament of the altar


You who recalled what it means to be priests

– https://youtu.be/w2d2bwlIy-U    (munus docendi)

– https://youtu.be/p7oelY3D70Y (munus sanctificandi)

– https://youtu.be/ut6E2PmGOuc (munus regendi)


You who, with just the touch of your hand, made a proud priest of Christ out of a sick young man.


You who were the terror of demons.

https://youtu.be/kMsp04wyu84 (story by p Amorth)


You who prophesied the future of the Church speaking of a small flock remaining faithful http://www.korazym.org/65921/la-profezia-di-ratzinger-del-1969-sul-futuro-di-una-chiesa-della -faith-and-that-little-flock-of-believers/   Korazym.org)


You who loved the Mother of God so much

– https://youtu.be/CLruK7y_1C4 (Homily 1′ Jan. 2007)

– https://youtu.be/GsNHdGKNAvw (Mary has already conquered death and triumphs «in body and soul»)

– https://youtu.be/Vq58pkJDLn0 (The Madonna supported by intrepid faith, unshakeable hope and boundless love”)


You who said that God doesn’t live inside a piece of furniture, but in hearts https://youtu.be/7kQS3F_-PJE


You who ended your life with Peter’s words: ” Lord I love you ” https://youtu.be/LsWE7790Bf0


Your Holiness,

intercede for us from Heaven, where your love for the Church has led you.


We from here below pray for you (” The satisfactory work benefits not only the one for whom it is intended, but much more to those who do it “. Cit. St. Thomas Aquinas, Somma Theologica, Supplement 71, 5) And when we lack the willpower, we shall use Your fervent voice reciting the 15 mysteries of the Holy Rosary in Latin to lead the way, which we report here, as a tribute to everyone, individually and in full:


Joyful Mysteries https://youtu.be/vFwKQ64B0fU

Sorrowful Mysteries https://youtu.be/uK0afhebFg4

Glorious Mysteries https://youtu.be/7Yq0nw1Gvgo

The 15 Mysteries in full https://youtu.be/2dPT-CYwOi8


Thank you Pope Benedict

May they always be praised, thanked and blessed

the Sacred Hearts of Jesus Joseph and Mary: our safe havens. Amen

Veronica Cireneo


Aiutate Stilum Curiae






Aiutate Stilum Curiae






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