Irreverent dreams… between the crooked lines of history. Homage to Benedict. Veronica Cireneo.

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Marco Tosatti

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, Veronica Cireneo offers us this trilogy, which will be published in three installments, as a tribute to Benedict XVI. Here is the first installment. Enjoy the reading.


 “Irreverent dreams… between the crooked lines of history”

Tribute to Pope Benedict XVI 

(Part I: THE CROOKED LINES OF HISTORY)                                         

On December 28, 2022, after learning of Pope Benedict XVI’s critical health issues, which were followed by impromptu prayer initiatives, even from places that had never liked him, and after being comforted the following day by the arrival of health stability news, hardly anyone would have expected the news of the death assumed to have occurred on the 31st, also because, normally, the update bulletins typically follow one another without pause in the case of a dying pope. This time, no! Suddenly, there was news, followed by an unending string of protests on social media.

What were the commentators complaining about? Let’s summarize. 


Of the transport of the body… 

… of the Holy Father from the Mater Ecclesiae to the Vatican Basilica: 

– translated into the night as if it were that of a thief, or like one would treat somebody without life or identity who one unintentionally crosses paths with on the street.

– not by means of a hearse, as befits every human being, but of an anonymous van slightly superior in terms of aesthetics to garbage trucks, or armored cars, -accompanied almost running by only Mons. Georg and the Memores, the first of the occurrences, for which there was no cardinal representation, left many people perplexed and greatly in disapproval. 


About setting up the funeral home… 

… deemed, as it was, almost sinister sloppiness bordering on the obscene: 

– the dead and out of place Christmas tree,

– the faded and worn carpet, 

– the black rather than red shoes that the Pope had always worn, and which seemed like a real insult to martyrdom and a clumsy attempt to eliminate all traces of the sacred, on which your entire existence had centered.

Only one candle burned in the room. Almost a sop! The icing on the cake of the regrettable and manifest institutional indifference towards a sincere, meek, and humble Vicar of the Master, hindered, isolated, despised and forbidden, in life and in death. 


The doubts… 

… about the actual authenticity of the body. 

Many feared it was a clone. Perplexity justified by the circulation on the net of a series of photos that compared:

– the aquiline nose of the body, with the French profile of the living Pope and even more from those that reported the versions of the 

– ears which, like a fingerprint, which never changes, have raised doubt to the point that more than one would have considered it not at all superfluous to verify the authenticity of the body with DNA and an autopsy 

– To increase the dose, was also the circulation in the same days of the prophecies of Giampilieri Marina (Messina) and of Carbonia, Colle del buon pastore, of 26 February 2022, which both speak of the “false funeral of a pope” and of his forced removal from Rome, a fatal event that would usher in times of great tribulations up to the Great Warning and the manifestation of the Mystery of iniquity: the official advent of the anti-Christ on the scene of history, passing through world war and global financial crisis, which because of the news everyone is currently anxious and suspended. 


Of the funeral

Overall, the circumstance of Benedict XVI’s death and burial appeared very gloomy and sinister. Which cannot fail to happen when a funeral, a sad event, is deprived of the beauty of the solemnity that would be appropriate for the death of anyone and above all a Pope. 

Instead, this famous mourning, of historic significance, has not even been fully recognized by the Vatican authorities given the prohibition of the installation of flags at half-mast. 

All the offices remained open in the State of the Holy See, apart from the morning hours of the funeral, as if to say that, after all, nothing so significant had happened! 

And it says something that Italian and Portuguese governments have been able to do better than the Vatican in announcing a day of national mourning.

 While the crowd cheered him with voices and banners such as: “Great, Doctor of the Church, Saint, Giant of the Faith and Martyr”, affirmations shouted from hearts inflamed with affection and gratitude, publicly and in unison, by the immense crowd of faithful – stuff from other times – present on January 5 in St. Peter’s Square, the celebrant Bergoglio stamping his feet on the ground, exclaimed: “It’s cold here!” while he left the scene and came back to go and have breakfast or who knows what, also to recover from the disgust of having had to celebrate the Latin mass that we know he doesn’t love at all. We neglect in-depth comments on the generic homily, lacking specific references to the name and work of the Pope, named only once, of whom there would have been too much to say. 


Instead, what appeared perfectly functional and coherent in the eyes of the faithful present in the square were: the readings of the Mass and the absence of Biden. 

Both decisions taken, not surprisingly, by the deceased Pope. 

Therefore, the extent of the contrast between the hostility of the institutions towards Pope Benedict and the incurable separation, now deeply rooted, between the heart of true Catholics and the current Vatican administration was very evident. 


Even Heaven wanted to give His signs as proof of the two different dispositions: popular and institutional. 

The dome of St. Peter, wrapped in the unusual Roman fog, was completely covered. 

Gloomy and dark the vault of heaven as if to say: 

“You are blinded by the darkness! You had an Alter Christus, and you didn’t recognize him! Buried Benedict, stop deluding yourselves that the Vatican still has a “Peter”. And if you want to rediscover the Spirit of the Church, turn to Heaven.”

Heaven that in the fog had created a small clear space to occupy it precisely with a beautiful golden and luminous cross.

In short, it was mostly a real nightmare.

Nightmare that materialized in one night when I had a dream that…


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