Honor to the Resistance. And let’s get ready for new battles. Veronica Cireneo.

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Marco Tosatti

Dear StilumCurials, Veronica Cireneo offers for your attention this summation of the three years we have lived and suffered, fought. Reminding us that the battle is far from over, and that LorSignori are trying again, as was to be expected. Never was the saying of medieval Japan truer: after victory, tighten the laces of the helmet. Happy reading, pondering and sharing.





I don’t remember exactly how it was that we saved dignity, health and DNA from the political-pandemic aggression and its so-called “remedies”.

But today, at the conclusion of the ” horrendum tribus anni ” – a horrible three-year period – I would like to retrace the narrow path that the grace of the indemnity embroidered on us.

Without a doubt, learning about some things right away that were as troubling as they were ambiguous set us off on the path of skepticism and then on that of resistance to the bitter end.

We were prevented from falling into the deadly trap set in the hidden button rooms of the globalist oligarchy, which tacitly declared a damned and fatal war on sovereign people with no holds barred, by reading articles like the ones that follow and acknowledging that they were true, as they immediately seemed to many. 

But most did not understand.

Who would have thought that a State could have turned its citizens into such enemies that they would want to foretell their demise rather than helping them in the resolute management of its true needs, as politicians would be relied upon – generously paid – to do?

Instead, it took some time to comprehend how, in the collective perception of the resistants, politics had changed from looking for solutions to actual issues to creating problems from nothing. Suddenly everything changed. For everyone.

Even in memory, it was as if someone overnight had planted the sickle of general oblivion at the roots of history, European traditions and individual awareness.

But like a rose, even if severed, for a while it continues to show itself in all its natural beauty, so for a while many believed that nothing so irrecoverable had happened. And that thanks to our State, from the apparent prudence and foresight, there was reason to believe, or rather to delude oneself, that everything would go well .


The first article that made us suspicious was the one on the “Pandemic bond”

which illustrated how in 2017 the World Bank issued two bonds, for a total of 320 million dollars, maturing on July 15, 2020. These very expensive bonds promised, in return, handsome returns to investors, if before the mid-2020 deadline pandemics.

Strange! The thing-19 (renowned expression of the famous Silver Nervuti) arrived just in time!

Was the other one even more disturbing about the “ID 2020”?

https://generazionifuture.org/id-2020-ti-dice-qualcosa/ If you don’t know it, read about the power that rules the world, who thinks he is omnipotent, and who tries to ensure his own immortality above all else by engaging in the abnormal practices of cannibalism and vampirism to the detriment of young victims, in order to completely control the human family, including the mental.The subject is so bloody that my personal sensitivity prevents me from discussing it extensively. Let us pray: God convert them or lighten them. Read

No longer to oxygen, but to the ” elixirs of life ” one aspires to in this historic time. For the globalist elite, as we have seen above, it is that which comes from the adrenalized blood of children, even infants, made so after long and repeated torture.


Instead , for the ” useless eaters ” who must be reduced to the bone, the science of the regime proposes and imposes the well-known “sewage”, the cause of harmful adverse effects and illnesses, which are not illnesses.

Illness is a momentary malaise that resolves within a few minutes, even by placing a candy, a little sugar, a camomile tea with a squeeze of lemon on the tongue.

Sickness doesn’t kill.

Heart attacks and strokes kill!  Fulminant cancer, which until recently was called leukemia, kills. Let’s call a spade a spade, please. The deception also and above all passes through the distorted use of linguistic terms.

Let us reappropriate of the etymological content that emanates from the terms, if we want to light a match in the darkness of the lie that kills.

And above all, let’s reappropriate the word that saves: the ” NO” .

Later, in addition to the articles, the voices of dissident professionals began to emerge from the official narrative. Specialists who put their faces into it, producing as the tsunami progressed: videos, complaints, conferences and demonstrations circulating through all possible virtual and real tools.

I remember that the first to raise serious suspicions about the first pandemic management was the Polish lawyer who in 2020 for months and months, every evening at 7 pm, produced live broadcasts on fb, where he did not struggle to underline the contradictory discrepancies such as the one that in an instant went from : ” hug a Chinese” to ” keep your distance from grandparents and grandchildren “.

 At the same time serious professionals of medicine, law and communication began to swarm (unforgettable are Marco Tosatti ‘s “ Bestiari ” , published by Stilum Curiae ad “onor” of the “ Banda del Siero ”).

Among the first doctors we remember Dr. Mariano Amici , often invited on TV, who was treacherously deprived of his speech at the very moment in which he was about to report data that would have dismantled the official pandemic narrative, to instead be in unison – “all against one”-: mocked, mocked, accused of witchcraft and disobedience towards the protocols, which forbade home visits, in order to disqualify him professionally.

The aforementioned doctor, while going from house to house, saving the lives of all those he visited without using any hospitalization, paid for his loyalty to the Hippocratic Oath with suspension: ” First: do no harm “, instead of receiving the medal of valor.

Horrendous proof of the evil intentions of the policy protocols and OdMs.

Then it was Dr. De Mari ‘s turn who invited us to stay outdoors, to make massive use of anti-inflammatories and supplements while DPCM, TV, radio and newspapers locked us in the house, wearing masks even at night on tachypirine and watchful waiting.

Then Dr. Citro . He was the first to talk about quantum dotz (search on the net. The topic is serious). It is no coincidence that he wrote the book: “Apocalypse. They let them die” recently published by Byoblu, which tells the whole truth about the health emergency and the lies that the System has fed on to impose the well-known, lethal dictates.

And Doctor Trinca ? First he spoke of the manipulation of statistical data on the disease, real or presumed; of the falsity of diagnoses and the dangerousness of therapies touted and imposed as the only and best. He died quickly in the hospital where he never wanted to be hospitalized.

Doctor Montanari opened our eyes, or at least opened them to Catholics faithful to the Commandments, to the point of deciding on the definitive refusal of any official directive , when he denounced the presence of cells from aborted fetuses in those medicines called vaccines, which look more like weapons than vaccines since the composition is protected by military secrecy and the results of the massacres they produce are censured.

I would rather not be in the shoes of those self-styled Catholics, who have preferred to gloss over the suppression of other people’s lives, in the selfish and criminal illusion of saving their own skin. Satanic baptism that not in a single case have they claimed to impose on their own children as well. God only knows exactly how many casualties there were among them. Always hoping that they only lost their physical health, without compromising forever that of the soul.

At a certain point discriminations began: social, professional and physical of the best doctors.

What happened to De Donno who discovered that hyperimmune plasma cured? Are you sure he committed suicide?

What happened to Biscardi who discovered that graphene, or rather graphene hydroxide, appeared in infernal liquids?

What happened to the scientist Montagnier who was invited to check the presence of AIDS in the blood of the inoculated?

He said that: ” manipulating DNA is the work of sorcerers’ apprentices… we must not forget that we are in the world of nature and that there are balances to be respected” .

He said the future would be saved by the uninoculated, whose blood would be sought like gold and paid for at the price of the diamond.

This thing here, which gave added value to the control group – the so-called no-vaxes – did not please the maneuverers of the world’s havoc at all. 

He too died.

Why did they all die suddenly, one after the other, healthy as they were, after their respective declarations?

There were many deserving medical professionals. I’m sorry I can’t name them all. I have only named those I have met on my personal road of resistance, according to whose suggestions I have overcome the covid twice with 3 days of azithromycin and vivinC.

There were also many jurists involved in the defense of the oppressed: we remember with particular sympathy the lawyer Sandri , Moriggia , the lawyer De Petro , even recently censored by a private TV which considered, unbearable his: “ Laudetur Jesus Christus “, loyal lawyer also known for having coined the sarcastic definition of the serum as an ” elixir of life “.

Why were the lawyers called in?

First of all to oppose the fines imposed on those who left the house ” without just cause “, when the whole world was incarcerated in their homes. The most ridiculous ones were those made to measure for the over-50s: the age group that had bowed down the least… now they would seem decayed.


Who can forget the pursuits by the guards of individuals walking on the beach, alone as in a desert? Who can forget the TSOs carried out on pupils, who refused to wear a mask at school? The public gardens closed. The swings sealed and forbidden to amazed children who touched with their hands, and on their velvety skin, the global delirium that they wanted to pass off as common sense.

How will mental health be restored to creatures brutally raped in the psyche, then forced to go to school – the DAD – from a screen?

Yet. Who will forget the raid by the forces of order who showed up at the church, shortly before it was closed, during the celebration of Mass, threatening with weapons the priest who was preparing for the Consecration, guilty of having hosted a number of faithful at the ceremony – who were all fined – in their opinion higher than the allowed?

Only God knows how that priest remained calm.

He was defended by the brilliant lawyer Fontana .

Among the intellectuals, few moved.

Most of the intelligence bowed to the diktat without hesitation. The teachers fell silent. They adjusted and inoculated. Many are gone. Not so Dr. Solange Hutter , manager of a higher institute in Campania who, for reasons of professional ethics, gave up the job. She didn’t feel like collaborating in the official establishment of the collective delirium.

Nor to impose on teachers, pupils and herself: tampons, masks and social distancing. Not without reason she was able to state that: ” the school has become a hospital”

Finally, two words of thanks also to the warrior doctor: the marvel Barbara Balanzoni , listening to whom everything that the writer knew fragmentarily took perfect shape and fulfilment. Doubts vanished, resistance strengthened.

More unique than rare case, primarily for tenacity, it will be written in history.

We cannot attempt to narrate her journey without risking running into the insufficiency of the word, but it is clear that she is a lion inside a wren: 47/48 kilos of woman, like her well-spent years.

Lieutenant, anesthesiologist and jurist at the same time, she has always followed a path of railway and spartan autonomy, supported by the competence deriving from the double specialization and military rigor.

How could Discipline, Law and Medicine in a rigorous and conscientious person as the doctor has shown to be, not shake hands and shield themselves against this low historical moment where medicine has become euthanasia and the law sleeps the sleep of reason , which generates monsters?

In the last foolish three years, she has spent every day of her life, without interruption or restraint, destroying every form of lie, from the smallest to the largest, with a surgical and unstoppable educational work that is composed of denunciations, interviews, conferences, demonstrations, and videos. Only God knows how she has been able to bear the weight and tumult of this work- and the countless lives she saved by educating the hundreds of thousands of her listeners and even inspiring them to resistance by a skillfully shown, unwavering personal example.

Professional heroes to whom we all owe a lot and for whom we formulate words of thanks and homage, because it is thanks to them that we have been able to continue to remain men in the image and likeness of God, in the face of the many deceived and blackmailed that we see too often, suddenly and unnaturally failing life.

Well describe, respectively, this precariousness and its added cause: the famous Ungaretti in the poem “Soldiers” and the prophet Jeremiah in chapter 17.5-10:


“ We are

As in autumn

On the trees

The Leaves”.


“ Woe to those who trust in man.

Blessed are those who trust in God”.


Happy New Year to all and may God save us from the bearers of misfortune, not free at all.


Veronica Cireneo

31 December 2022


Aiutate Stilum Curiae







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