The Consummatum Est for Benedict. Who still speaks, louder. Laporta

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Marco Tosatti

Dear friends and foes of Stilum Curiae, General Piero Laporta offers for your attention these reflections on the funeral of Benedict XVI. Enjoy reading and sharing.



The “Consummatum Est”[1] was broadcasted for HH Benedict XVI, of venerable memory. The hands on the coffin in world vision are telegenic; it is an obligatory canon for postmodern spin doctors; effect guaranteed since the time of Julius Caesar.
Those who hold Power or presume to hold it, affirm it, flaunt it, declare it by laying their hands on the dead. It is the ius tumulandi[2]: the announced tombstone, which should be followed by silence, then oblivion or at least a domesticated memory, as for Aldo Moro. He was represented with l’Unità (literally “The Unity”, the Italian daily newspaper of the Communist Party) in his pocket, according to the statue erected in his hometown and the mosaic of that Jesuit, accused of sexually assaulting many nuns, artist in San Giovanni Rotondo and sheltered by Vatican.
They have learned nothing. Aldo Moro is not silent, despite the bronzed Unit in his pocket, he shouts at the assassins who stated him “dead” while he was still alive[3].
Not even His Holiness Benedict XVI of venerable memory is silent; indeed the Saints make more noise after death and do not surrender to silence and oblivion, as happened, happens and will happen to millions and millions of God’s children, unfortunate in the millstones of Power , but not for this reason forgotten by Him, none of them are forgotten by God, as HH Benedict XVI of venerable memory taught and put into practice, refusing the Iscariot embrace of a murderer, precisely in the name of the millions of murdered.
According to Nicola Porro[4]: «Benedict XVI’s last slap: no Biden at the funeral. The US president speaks of logistical impediments. But the White House confirms: Ratzinger’s express request». Porro states: «It had never happened before, despite the fact that, unlike Biden, the previous presidents were not Catholics». Oh yes, Don Peppino[5], as a virtuous parish priest, knows his sheep, his goats and the demonic billy goats, serving each one as they deserve. A good one for someone accredited as shy and polite.
He closed the door on Biden in silence and while oblivion was wanted to fall. Silence and oblivion are the outcomes desired by the killers after the victim has passed away. However, silence and oblivion remain a dream as outcome for the death of this Supreme Pontiff; after all, there is no dead victim, but a worn old man, who died at the age of 95, with an intact brain and a “broken heart”.
The more the telegenic words are piled up, the more the Iscariot heartbeat shines through that this holy supreme Pontiff speaks more when he is dead than when he is alive.
Power betrays Iscariot fear by giving numbers. Teletext: 50 thousand at the funeral of Benedict XVI. The area covered by the crowd was (being very, very cautious) a rectangle measuring at least 190 meters by 160 meters, that is over 30,000 square meters. If there had been only two faithful per square meter, there would have been 60,000 people. Just looking at the photos of the St. Peter square, via della Conciliazione and the surrounding areas to deduce that they were at least three times the 50,000[6] declared by the deceitful Vatican gendarmerie. Shame on them. Who ordered the gendarmes to lie, the insignificant theft on the number of devotees, who came from everywhere, spontaneously gathered already during the night, around their small and humble Pope? Who is the priest, defrocked in heart and brain, to inflict falsehoods, like one of Satan’s innumerable servants?
It is not necessary to curse the liars and hypocrites; they are suiciding, summoned by themselves to an Iscariot end.
CHRIST WINS, despite them, indeed precisely and also for them.

[1] Consummatum Est “It is finished” are the Christ’s words as he was dying on the Cross, in the Latin Vulgate.

[2] Ius tumulandi in Latin “right to bury”

[3] Enrico Berlinguer, general secretary of the Italian Communist Party, in his speech in parliament after the kidnapping, called Aldo Moro a “Great Statesman”, at the same time he privately let it be known that Aldo Moro was dead for him.


[5] “Don Peppino”, as a simple parish priest would be called, was the loving nickname with which in the Vatican curia Benedict XVI was mentioned by the priests linked with him.


Gen. D.g.(ris.) Piero Laporta


Aiutate Stilum Curiae









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    Un Papà amato dalla gente,un Papà vittima degli intrighi internazionali del potere finanziario,un martire della chiesa.
    Da morto continuerà a parlare più di prima benché detrattori cerchino di macchiare la Sua memoria.

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