Gänswein: Traditionis Custodes broke Benedict’s heart

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Marco Tosatti


Dear friends and foes of Stilum Curiae, a brief post to offer to your attention these words of Archbishop Gänswein, in an interview given to Guido Horst of Tagespost, about how Benedict XVI perceived Traditionis Custodes. Enjoy your reading.


Responding to the question of whether Benedict was disappointed with Traditionis Custodes, Archbishop Gänswein replied:

“It hit him very hard. I believe that reading that motu proprio broke Benedict’s heart.

Pope Benedict’s intention had been to help those who simply had found a home in the old Mass to find an interior peace, as well as a liturgical peace, and also to take them away from Lefebvre.

If you think about for how many centuries the Old Mass has been a source of spiritual life and nourishment for many saints, it is difficult to imagine that it no longer has anything to offer. And let’s not forget all of those young people who were born after Vatican II and don’t know anything of the drama that surrounded the Second Vatican Council.

To take this treasure away from people…why? I don’t think I can say that I am comfortable with that.


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