Msgr. X, Delsol. Return to the Catacombs? No, the Solution is to Witness!

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Marco Tosatti

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, Msgr. X offers these important reflections for your attention about how to live the difficult time that we are living through. Enjoy your reading and meditation.


Dear Doctor Tosatti, I had the occasion to discuss with a few intellectual friends this book by Chantal Delsol – “La fine della Cristianità” – The End of Christianity – which is surprisingly (or better said, disturbingly) becoming a place of reference for a large part of the Catholic world.

The messages of this book are considered resolute so as not to disappear. But that is provided you know how to adapt evangelization, the apostolate, and even spirituality to the Bergoglian guidelines for the 21st century that are implicitly contained in this little book.

This observation says a lot about the state to which our Catholic world has been reduced, and I am referring to the great thinkers and pastors. We are fresh if the contents of this book would really be considered something important and significant on which to reflect. In practice this Chantal Delsol (a so-called Catholic) invites us to return with our mouths zipped shut to the catacombs, to play the game of being the “creative minority” but – please! – without educating our children and grandchildren about Christianity in order to avoid defeats in life (in order not to prepare them for a Waterloo, she says), since we are not the only religion that explains the meaning of life…

Well, on the one hand there are those who feel entitled, without having the authority and credibility to explain to us how we ought to live our faith in the times of the “end of Christianity,” but on the other hand there is something even worse.

But is it really possible that the best brains of Catholicism are passing their time arguing about the correctness of the Latin language with which Ratzinger wrote and read his resignation? Or that they have continued for months to discuss the Ratzinger Code, the coded messages that Ratzinger supposedly has given after his resignation, and to discuss the validity or invalidity of the Conclave which named the successor of Benedict XVI?

I am quite amazed that in the last ten years more time has been spent trying to explain why Benedict resigned rather than trying to explain and contemplate what his successor has done and continues to do.

The “Martian Observer” has written a good essay today at Stilum Curiae, referring to the theme of the resignation of Benedict XVI. He says that the true theme and problem to be explored is not so much (or only) the resignation but rather the “succession,” which manifestly occurred in order to accelerate the process of de-Christianization.

Bergoglio’s succession explains Ratzinger’s resignation. One reflects not only on how in the meantime the destruction of Catholic doctrine has been perpetrated, but above all one seeks to foresee the next steps, that is, what will happen when, before too long, it will be declared that Christ is not God who became man and that even regarding the existence of God there may be something new to say … Can’t you imagined that a new “revelation” is being prepared that denies the first one?

That being said, I note that today all of the people of judgment, even those who are not practicing Catholics, are wondering how Catholicism will change and therefore the entire civilization that was founded on Christian-Catholic roots. Many have a pessimistic view; few Catholics have an optimistic one.

I would like therefore to write a brief spiritual reflection for the readers of Stilum Curiae. We are in the final week of Advent, and we are awaiting Out Savior, but are we doing it as “children of God” or as frightened and confused children of this world?

Lumen Gentium (48) tells us that even the Church and its institutions pertain to the present age, still bearing the fleeting figure of this world…

Is this clear? Jesus Christ will come as Redeemer right into this world that belongs to the present age, not into a world that is already like paradise, and He will come as King, Judge, and Triumphant Lord, surprising the men of this world who are occupied in their affairs and unaware of the imminence of his arrival.

Matthew (24:30) tells us that the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, the Holy Cross. The very same cross that has been abandoned, ignored, and even despised by so many pastors. Jesus will reveal himself to those  within his Church who have denied and persecuted it, but he will also show himself to those who have loved him even to the end without giving up, persevering in good works.

Those who propagate heresy will receive their chastisement according to the errors they have spread, hindering people’s encounter with the Truth.

By contrast, those who refuse to give up will surrender themselves, resigning themselves to being a tiny flock, but they will continue to testify to their faith by doing apostolic works without being intimidated, they will understand the value of the sacrifice for which they are rewarded.

Then it will be seen what was the true value of so many educated men and influential pastors, surrounded by praise, considerations, and honors, but who were in fact teachers of error.

Therefore let us not be discouraged, let us not allow ourselves to be intimidated, let us not resign ourselves.

It is not at all true that we have to go back to the catacombs and live the faith in a hidden, personal way without manifesting it publicly.

It is not at all true that human respect consists in not making known the Truth of which we are convinced; this is precisely the task we have as Catholics; this is the true and most important form of charity.

Msgr. X


Aiutate Stilum Curiae








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    La Delsol ragiona da Deluna: questo quando non si capisce che Dio è l’Onnisciente, l’Onnisapiente, l’Onnipotente, Dio che sconfigge i potenti.

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