Msgr. X and the Vatican Saga: Bergoglio-Becciu, B&B, Bed & Breakfast

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Marco Tosatti

Dear friends and foes of Stilum Curiae, Msgr. X offers us this priceless comment on the latest affairs of the Vatican saga. Enjoy your reading.


Bergoglio-Becciu: B&B (Bed & Breakfast)

Today at La Verità, first: – Cardinal Becciu: “Bergoglio wants me dead.” Then he ambushes the Pope over the phone. – The Cardinal to his family: “I didn’t think it would go this far.” His relatives: “He’s a scoundrel…”

On and on it goes. It’s the same story that we have been reading for a couple of years now about the London property scam. Who knows, maybe they could turn it into a B and B: Bergoglio-Becciu.

We are not surprised by anything, even when we read these considerations by a Cardinal about his Pope who created his career for him. What we are surprised about is that there is still anyone who tries to obey the aforementioned. As all of the various Catholic orders, congregations, prelatures, associations and institutes still do, fearful, if not completely terrified, of being caught in opposition to anything that the supreme head of the Church says or does. And what does he do?

He acts as a commissar and places a Jesuit as commissar.

For two whole years now, Becciu has been up and down and back up again, in friendship-complicity with the holy beyond holy reigning pontiff. Is all this mysterious? Or is it a problem of dossiers that come out, are put back away, are threateningly shaken, and then reappear?

Someone behind the sacred walls of the Vatican is convinced that Becciu’s own dazzling career is due to his possession of dossiers passed to him by Cardinal Bertone, Benedict XVI’s disturbing Secretary of State, in order to try and protect himself first and foremost, and to try and influence Benedict’s successor. Dossiers above all concerning the facts that lead back to Pope Benedict’s resignation. But if this is true, then we are only at the beginning of even more new scandals. Why should anyone be surprised?

Look, in order to stop people from continuing to marvel at all this and to stop people from asking what is happening in our Holy Church, I would like to make a contribution by proposing the reading of a book written in 2008 by an important Jesuit, Father Antonio Caruso (who died in 2009 at the age of 91), who worked in the Vatican Secretary of State for 15 years with three different popes, and who before he departed from this vale of tears also left a manuscript with a self-explanatory title: “SAINT IGNATIUS, dismissed…” But the book, which I recommend reading, concerns the drift of the Society of Jesus, and is titled “Tra grandezze e squallori” [“Between Greatness and Squalor”] (edizioni Viverein, 2008). Here are just a couple of considerations found in this precious book.

Page 201. Referring to the administration of Father Arrupe (the book was written in 2008): “…The second remark arises from the observation that the Society of Jesus today finds itself filled with groups of communists and Masons as never before. The fact that the international forces supported by communists and Masons would carry out their sleepless work to invade vital sectors of the Church was foretold more than a century and a half ago by Our Lady of La Salette and repeated at Lourdes and Fatima. No wonder their work attempts to invade the Provinces of the Order of Saint Ignatius.”

Page 204. A curiosity reported by Father Caruso is the following, it is attributed to an important and famous Italian Jesuit whom he does not name, but he calls him MAO (with three colors, red, yellow, and green), defining him as a communist (red), a Maoist (yellow), and also tied to Masonic green (and thus green).

Concerning this important powerful Jesuit he says: “He has pushed propaganda in the maner of agit-props in favor of the Romano Prodi government, the worst government of Italy, he affirms that the social doctrine of the Church has no content, he ascribes the charism of prophet to Father Arrupe, a sick person whom his collaborators push towards the goal of a Society of Jesus that is “radically different” from that of Saint Ignatius and from what the Church wants.”

Nothing new, for those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and brains to understand, but it is always useful to not have doubts about who is governing the Bed & Breakfast today….



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