Bishop Viganò to Liberi in Veritate. Civitas Dei and civitas diaboli in today’s society.

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Marco Tosatti

Dear friends and foes of Stilum Curiae, we receive and gladly publish this text by Msgr. Carlo Maria Vigano. Enjoy reading and listening.


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Beatus Populus

Civitas Dei and civitas diaboli in contemporary society

Message of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

at the National Day of “Liberi in Veritate” Committee[1]

November 5, 2022 – Palazzolo sull’Oglio (Italy)



Beatus populus, cujus Dominus Deus ejus.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.

Ps 143:15


In a world that has made democracy its founding value and revolution its supreme ideological principle, it is difficult to understand how our ancestors lived before Freemasonry decided to overthrow the Italic Kingdoms through the uprisings of the Risorgimento and the revolts organized by the Carbonari and secret societies. And it is even more difficult, for us who live in a secularized world in which even Religion is made profane by its Ministers, to understand how normal it was, even if only two centuries ago, to live in a deeply Christian society, where the Faith inspired every aspect of daily life, from official events to small domestic events. Between us and that world almost two and a half centuries have passed, during which successively occurred the French and Austrian occupation, the Wars of Independence, the Revolution of 1848, the invasion of the Papal States, the Unification of Italy, the First World War, Fascism, the Second World War, the Civil War, the proclamation of the Republic, the Revolution of 1968, the Second Vatican Council, terrorism, Mani Pulite (“Clean Hands”), the European Union, the NATO wars, the psycho-pandemic farce and the Ukrainian crisis. In just over two centuries, Italians have witnessed more events than their great-grandparents could ever have been able to see and recognize as subjects of the Bourbons, the Pope or the Duke of Modena.


This chaotic succession of regimes, ideologies, violence and the progressive loss of freedom, autonomy and identity is marked in stages by what their architects significantly call revolutions: from the French Revolution – “la Révolution” – to the First, Second, Third and even Fourth Industrial Revolution theorized by Klaus Schwab. All of them have been characterized by achievements in the technical, technological and scientific fields, which have however had very heavy consequences on people’s lives, from being forced to emigrate to the north to pursue the dream of working in a factory after leaving the fields, to abandoning their family and their traditions to live in the anonymity of a condominium in the suburbs and performing tasks as a telephone operator in a call center or as a rider for JustEat. Centuries of life marked by the rhythms of nature, highlighted by religious festivals and family and community events, marked by stability and made firm by ties of kinship, friendship and business, have now been replaced by shifts on the assembly line, office hours, commuting and lunches away from home, cramped apartments, ready meals delivered at home, nuclear families, elderly people segregated in nursing homes, and children dispersed by the Erasmus program. It is strange that those individuals who are so concerned with sustainability are the same ones who have destroyed the ancient world on a human scale – which was essentially regulated by nature for the body and Religion for the spirit, that is, by Tradition – in order to exploit cheap labor, make the most of the large agricultural estates that until then were managed with a logic of mere maintenance, exploit the workforce of minors and women, exploit the energy of the steam engine to increase mass production, exploit electricity, exploit the energy of the atom, exploit, exploit, exploit… And earn more, increase their wealth, reduce labor costs, take away the guarantees and protections of employees. What a mercantile mentality! What a squalor of usurers! All reduced to a source of profit, to earning opportunities, to an opportunity for profit!


It will be said that during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries there were great ideals that animated Italians. With the disenchantment of those who observe the ruins of “progress” after the fall of so many ideologies, we can respond that today’s rhetoric differs from that of the Small Lombard lookout (Piccola Vedetta Lombarda) or the deeds of Ciro Menotti only because the pretext that must legitimize the changes imposed on us has changed. First it relied on the ideals of the Fatherland and freedom from the oppression of the tyrant (who was not a tyrant); then on the ideals of class struggle and freedom from the oppression of capitalism (only to espouse its consumerist ideals); then on the ideals of honesty and freedom from the oppression of corrupt politicians; finally, on the ideals of the environment and on the duty to reduce the number of humans on the planet, which someone has decided motu proprio to accomplish by means of epidemics, famines, and wars. The Risorgimento and the Great War were pretexts, because they hid the true intent of Freemasonry, which was to erase the Catholic monarchies and weaken the Catholic Church, confiscating the goods of both; democracy and the idea of the republic were pretexts, because they concealed the plan of manipulation of the masses to delude them that they could decide their own fate; and the ideas of 1968 were also pretexts, whose ideals of freedom from any transcendent principle led to the legalization of divorce, abortion, and concubinage, as well as the corruption of young people and the dissolution of the family. Just as the ideals of Vatican II were pretexts with which a new Mass was imposed on Catholics that no one had asked for, a new catechism that no one wanted changed, and new secularized and sloppy priests that no one needed. The pandemic farce was also a pretext, as we see emerging today also in the mainstream media, after we have been repeating it unheeded for two years. The Ukrainian crisis was a pretext, as well as sanctions on Russia, the energy emergency, the green transition and electronic money.


So, we have two worlds: a traditional world and a revolutionary world. But these two worlds – let us not deceive ourselves! – are not simply the turnover from an outdated model to a model more responsive to the needs of modernity: they are two contextual realities that are contemporary with each other and opposed to one another, realities that have always marked the discrimen [point of separation] between Good and Evil, between the children of Light and the children of darkness, between the Civitas Dei and the civitas diaboli. Two realities not necessarily identified by boundaries or particular forms of government, but by the sharing of a theological vision of the world. Two sides like those we find in the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius, in the meditation of the two banners, “one of Christ, supreme captain and our Lord, the other of Lucifer, mortal enemy of human nature” (136: 4th week.).


In the Civitas Dei this sharing concerns all aspects of living in conformity with the ordo christianus, in which spiritual power and temporal power, in a harmonious and hierarchically structured collaboration, are consistent with the profession of faith and morals taught by Christ and guarded by the Church. In which the civil authority expresses the power of Christ the King and the ecclesiastical authority the power of Christ the Pontiff, recapitulating all things in Christ, the Beginning and End, the Alpha and Omega. In this sense, the Civitas Dei is the inspiring model of Christian societies and as such excludes as blasphemous the very concept of secularism of the State, as well as the idea that the Church may hope for the secularization of authority or the recognition of the rights to error. In the Civitas Dei the cosmos reigns, the divine order that the Lord summed up admirably in the Pater Noster: adveniat regnum tuum; fiat voluntas tua, sicut in cœlo et in terra. Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Heaven is therefore a model for the earth, the heavenly Jerusalem is a model of Christian society, which is achieved by making Christ reign, His kingdom come. It is the society of those who love God to the point of self-contempt.


The citizens of the civitas diaboli are instead united by the revolution, in which all power is exercised on the basis of force and every authority is devoid of any limit, not having to conform to any moral precept and not being exercised in the name of God, but of the Adversary. Chaos, disorder, infernal confusion reigns, so to speak, which is summed up in the Luciferian cry of Non serviam and in the Satanic precept of Do what thou wilt. In this tyrannical and anarchic society there is at the same time the subversion of justice through iniquitous laws, the subversion of the common good through norms that oppress the people, and rebellion against God in the encouragement of vice, sin, blasphemy. Everything is done for personal gain, at the cost of trampling on others; Everything is motivated by a thirst for power, for money, for pleasures. And where chaos reigns, Satan reigns, the rebel par excellence, the inspirer of the principles of the Revolution since the Garden of Eden, the Liar, the Murderer. The State that is inspired by the civitas diaboli is not secular: it is irreligious, anticlerical, impious, antichristic. It oppresses with a power based on fear and terror, on coercion and force, on the ability to criminalize the good individuals and to exalt the evildoers, through deception and lies. In the civitas diaboli ecclesiastical and civil authority is eclipsed by subversives who exercise it against the ends for which it was intended, the deep church in the Church and the deep state in the public realm. It is the society of those who love themselves to the point of contempt for God.


We, and all of you who are gathered here for the National Day of Liberi in Veritate, find ourselves belonging ideally to the Civitas Dei, but this citizenship does not find a concrete reality in which to act, in which to contribute to the bonum commune that as Catholics we would like to promote both in the Church and in public affairs. It is as if we had the passport of a nation whose location we do not know on the globe, but of which we find traces now in Hungary, now in Poland, now in Brazil, now even in Russia, and unexpectedly also among many other exiles like us, who know very well what we are referring to, but who like us feel in some way like foreigners. And when we hear US Democrat Congressman Jamie Raskin declaring, “Russia is an Orthodox country with traditional values. That is why it must be destroyed, whatever the price paid by the United States” (here), we feel spiritually linked to that people, because of the common persecution we endure from the enemies of God.


The same feeling of extraneousness to the Church as it shows itself today, eclipsed by a corrupt Hierarchy and also subservient to the civitas diaboli, makes us feel in some way exiles even as Catholics, banished from the city as “rigidi, comodisti, indietristi”… For our inability to accept as normal that a pope can give scandal with heresies, idolatrous acts, provocations, intemperate acts and lies, humiliating the Church of Christ and making fun of conservative Cardinals and Bishops who timidly express their dissent; for our indocility in refusing to follow the broad way; for the sense of abandonment of children by their father; for the pain of seeing us handed stones and scorpions by those who should feed us bread and fish. We look for a priest and find instead a grey party official; we seek a word of comfort, and they respond to us with contempt, that is, when they do not completely ignore us. Let us look at what the Church once was, and let us not resign ourselves to accepting what it has become also because of our silences, our erroneous concept of obedience.


But the Church Militant on earth is not the Civitas Dei, because like all spiritual realities immersed in the flow of time it welcomes weak people marked by sin, the good and the bad. Only in eternity will wheat and tares be separated, one to be gathered in the granary and the other to be thrown into the fire.

Nor should we confuse the Civitas Dei with the confessional State, which includes good and bad citizens, honest people and criminals. And let us not dare to confuse the earthly Church with the civitas diaboli, from which we should separate ourselves, considering ourselves chosen and pure. Not even the State is civitas diaboli, if its authority is exercised according to the model of the Virtues of government. We are children of the Church and citizens of Holy Jerusalem, and we are citizens of the nation in which Providence wanted us to be born.

How, then, can we recognize the Civitas Dei, and how can we recognize the civitas diaboli?


We are the ones who must build the Civitas Dei, or rather: we must be inspired by it to rebuild, with wisdom and humility, a society that returns to Our Lord the Crown and the Scepter that belong to Him and that two centuries of revolution have taken away from Him. No matter what the form of government: the task of every Catholic as a citizen is to ensure that all areas of civil society are permeated by the Faith and Christian morals, oriented to the common good, to the glory of God and to the salvation of souls. The baptized person has a similar duty, to ensure that all areas of religious life (prayer, Mass, Sacraments, catechism, works of charity, the Christian education of children) do not follow fashions or the rerum novarum cupiditas, but instead keep intact what the Lord taught the Apostles and what the Holy Church guards intact through the centuries. The winds of novelty are in fact a distinctive sign of the revolution, both in the civil and ecclesiastical spheres. And in order for Christ to return to being King of our Nation, it is necessary first of all that each of us be a consistent witness of the Faith that professes, that confirms in fact, adherence to the principles of religion, especially with regard to the family, the education of children, and the conduct of one’s life.


The civitas diaboli is easily identifiable, and once it has been recognized it must be fought against bravely, because it is at war with the Civitas Dei and will not hesitate to use any means to weaken us, to corrupt us, to make us succumb. The World Economic Forum, the UN and the various philanthropic foundations of Masonic origin, together with the governments and international organizations that support them, including the Bergoglian church with all its infiltrators in every central and peripheral Dicastery, are the earthly realization of the civitas diaboli, and its citizens make no secret of their ideology of death, of the will to erase and subvert what remains of Christian Civilization by imposing inhuman ways of life, making every trace of Good disappear not only from social behaviors, but also from people’s thoughts. Christ must be removed from minds, after tearing Him out of hearts. And minds must be connected with artificial intelligence, to create a being in which the image and likeness of God are monstrously warped. And remember well: there can be no truce between the two civitates, because they are and will be sworn enemies, as are Our Lord and Satan; but at the same time the all-out war we are fighting is inexorably destined for our victory, because Christ has already definitively conquered Satan on the wood of the Cross. What awaits us is only the final phase of this clash, the outcome of which is very certain because it is based on the promise of the Saviour: portæ inferi non prævalebunt.


Here then are your objectives, which as lay people you have the burden and honor of having to translate into social and political action: to promote the social kingship of Christ according to the model of the Civitas Dei and in conformity with the order willed by the Lord; and to fight the globalist Revolution, the last tremendous phalanx of the civitas diaboli, with actions of formation, denunciation and boycott. Because if it is true that with the help of prayer we can implore many graces from the divine Majesty, it is also true that as Catholics we have sufficiently significant numbers to give a clear and strong signal to those companies, to those financial groups, to those information management centers that live thanks to the customers who choose them. If we start not buying products from globalist multinationals, system-aligned companies, television programs or social platforms that do not respect our religion, we force many to retrace their steps and complicate the propaganda of the New World Order, the lies of the mainstream, and the falsifications on the Ukrainian crisis.


We therefore openly disavow the false dogmas of LGBTQ ideology, inclusivity, gender theory, global warming, the energy crisis, and transhumanist eugenics. And we try above all to give an overall view to the subversive action of the civitas diaboli, showing the coherence of the individual initiatives with the global plan, with the means that it intends to adopt and with the real and unmentionable ends that it sets itself.

Finally, allow me to greet the organizers of this event, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to address you with this message. The numerous supporters of this day of formation make us understand that the deployments are being formed, and that so many souls thirsting for God are willing to fight and to commit to ensuring a peaceful future for their children, and to stop this insane race towards perdition.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop






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