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Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, General Piero Laporta has written me this message, which we dutifully share for your attention, wishing him all the best for the success of his new book. Enjoy reading it.


Dear Marco, I have always sustained that the solution to the murder of Aldo Moro is still in via Fani , precisely because the protagonist, Aldo Moro, was not in via Fani. By the grace of God and with the help of Padre Pio I have anagrammed four sentences by Aldo Moro, four and consecutive, contained in the first letter from Aldo Moro to Francesco Cossiga.

I filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rome on these anagrams. I am also ready to denounce for misleading those who dare to peddle other fake anagrams, as they have done so far.

I kindly suggest the readers to have a computer close at hand while reading. In fact, many notes refer to documents contained on the Internet. I also suggest you immediately see two videos on YouTube at this link (on “inconsistencies in the official truth”) and on this link on anagrams.

At the end I inserted some “reflection points”, to focus on the most controversial aspects.

Enjoy the reading.



The Institutions, the press, the BRs were and are choring that a handful of BR, on March 16, 1978, getting togheter near a bar, five minutes from the Agostino Gemelli polyclinic in Rome, although lacking the most basic military training, after a few hours claimed the most sensational coup d’etat ever suffered by the Republic.

They could at the most wound and kill, swooping behind the victims, and then flee. It was only an conjecture that they had killed five officers, two of them well trained and self-confident, killed with very precise blows to the head. However, an allegation supported by eyewitnesses, whose declarations were collected and put on record without sufficient scrutiny, as instead eyewitnesses should scientifically be examined.

After 44 years from the fact, what is striking is the contribution to the confusion on the part of the highest state institutions and distracted (if not worse) journalists, to move from disinformation to deception and from this to falsified oblivion.

The official acts of the investigation abound with elementary questions, nevertheless unresolved for 44 years, despite the limited cerebral commitment imposed by possible good will. Morucci Valerio[1] declares in judicial documents (emphasis added):

“In February 1978, after the middle of the month, the 1978 Strategic Management meeting was held at the villa in Velletri [ …] At the time of this meeting, the executive committee had already decided on the kidnapping of Moro and the place in where the operation was to be carried out, that is in via Fani [2]

Two cars[3] with five agents, the escort of Aldo Moro (president in pectore of the Italian Republic) were the target.

First question. How could they be certain a month before the assault would be surely possible in via Fani? There were two other alternative routes [4].

The BRs (no more than eleven, according to official sources) fired in all directions, between their own feet and on the opposite houses, from the ground floor to the second floor, luckily hitting only walls, cabinets and windows [5].

After three minutes of saraband – a bim bam boom described confusingly by Morucci – the five escort officers are killed, three of them with surgical precision; two of these are Aldo Moro’s guardian angels: Oreste Leonardi and Domenico Ricci, struck by the first blow to the head. The third dies after a few hours. He was the NCO police Francesco Zizzi, found in agony, in the front seat of the Alfetta, hit in the back by three very precise shots, all fired from the bottom up.

The right front seat of the Alfetta, on which Zizzi sat, does not bear any firearm marks . Let’s repeat it: shot in the back by three bullets, direction from bottom to top, with no gunshot marks on his seat.

Zizzi was hit in the back by three bullets, direction from bottom to top, from behind, while standing, as represented by the ” three- dimensional reconstruction ” of the Viminale[6], dismantled by Gianluca Cicinelli of Il Fatto Quotidiano, injuring the credibility of the Institutions.

Second question. How was Zizzi found on the right front seat of the Alfetta, if the seat and the right car door do not have any bullet holes?

Two close shots, less than an inch away, hit Zizzi. Another a little higher, as he fell. Those shots betray a professional, icy shooter with a very steady wrist; he shoots while Zizzi is standing outside to the right of the FIAT 130, with his back to the weapon that hits him. We repeat two shots, in immediate succession the third which hits higher because Zizzi is falling due to the effect of the first two. It is the same murderer who shot a minute earlier in the right temple of the paratrooper marshal, in the right temple, let us remember, of Oreste Leonardi, completely by surprise. One, at least one of the killers was therefore on the right of the Alfetta.

Third question. Why is the presence of such a deadly shooter denied in unison by the BR and the institutions?

Fourth question. Why the presence of this shooter has never been overshadowed by the investigators? Only after many years, as has been said, Gianluca Cicinelli, journalist of Il Fatto Quotidiano[7], claims the presence of this killer, certified by what remains of Alfetta. For a little while longer, because the car, delivered to the State Police, is going down the drain due to negligence.

Fifth question. Why is this car, in which three servants of the state have been massacred, let to go to hell by the martyrs’ colleagues?

Morucci told the Rome Court of Appeal (emphasis added):

«The organization was ready for the 16th morning, one of the days in which the Hon. Moro could have gone to via Fani. There was no certainty, he could also have taken another path. It had been verified that he gone through a few days there, but it had not been verified that he was going always there.  There hadn’t been a checkup in months. So, March 16 was the first day on which people went to via Fani to carry out the action, hoping, from an operational point of view, of course, that he would pass by that morning. Otherwise, we would have had to return the next day and then again, the next day, until it was considered that the presence of all these people, on that place for several days, would certainly have entailed the risk of an alarm ».[8]

Morucci Valerio also declares in judicial documents:

“In February 1978, after the middle of the month, the 1978 Strategic Management meeting was held at the villa in Velletri […] At the time of this meeting, the executive committee had already decided on the kidnapping of Moro and the place in where the operation was to be carried out, that is in via Fani [9]

Morucci’s words approved by the Institutions, to diligently put them on record. We reiterate.

Four questions arise: 1) Why was the ambush successfully completed, in that place (via Fani), on that day (March 16, 1978) and at that time (09.02)? 2) How was it possible that the BRs knew from mid-February 1978, the date, place and time of transit of the two state cars to be attacked? 3) Why does the Interior Ministry deny that Zizzi – hit in the back, from bottom to top – is hit while on Alfetta’s right? 4) Why do the Institutions and the BR in unison hide this evidence?

Politicians, prosecutors, courts, journalists and, as I have been able to experience, educated ordinary citizens overlook these questions with indifference.

The ambush and the First Shot

The military action that took place in via Fani aimed to kill the five agents, without the possibility of surrender: ambush to kill, fivefold premeditated crime.

An ambush begins, continues and ends with actions coordinated in time and space; a classic military action, with a doctrine to respect, unless you want to fail.

Sixth question. Why on no page of the investigation does one even ask ” which of the BR fires the first shot ?”

Those who shoot too early warn the victims. Shooting too late is even worse. The ambush for carnage must logically begin with a gunshot. However, an essential question needs to be answered: who fired first?

You don’t need a strategist to understand that the first strike determines the instant an ambush begins. The leader shoots, the rest shoot to follow. Who shoots and the instant in which he shoots are predetermined and decisive elements, otherwise the ambush plunges into chaos. Only the authority that has full command and control of the entire military device can bring about the first blow.

Morucci makes no mention of this, simply because he, like the remaining BRs, are militarily inadequate for the mission they boast about being put into operation.

It is others who fired the first shot. This work will demonstrate this. Forensics [10]determine what the first shot is, fail to explain why it is the first, who fired it, and what the purpose of that first gunshot is. It is not a credible investigation if it credits some BR, bullies from the suburbs, a little better armed and not at all able to use the weapons at their disposal, in via Fani. There were others with them taking things seriously. Others, protected by the institutions.

Anyone who wants to listen to the sound recording of Raffaela Fanelli’s formidable interview [11]with a BR, will realize the objective limits, human and intellectual, due to which these subjects could not go beyond criminal bullying. Subjects of this lowest human and professional level are bit players, never protagonists of a crime.

We reiterate, we hammer these questions because they are essential: 1) Why don’t you ask who fired the first shot? 2)Why was this first shot fired at that very moment? 3) What were the objectives of each BR? 4) Who shot who? Over 90 rounds were fired… Were all the shells really found? Were they found at the point of initial fall?

To the natural confusion that followed the ambush, the institutions add sloppiness, vast areas of shadow – still dark after 44 years – betraying their own particular duty.

As it is easy to see, from a first analysis, a dozen questions emerged whose answers, neglected in the first hours, have been such for 45 years, up to the present day.

The organizational details, the times, the competitions, the logistics, the complicity, the places … everything is still uncertain, after 44 years from March 16, 1978, throwing the tragedy of the Republic into the grotesque, only able to lay down commemorative wreaths and granting penalties to the murderers. Gratitude? Because?

Remember those who want to criticize the work of this volume – certainly more truthful than the official one – than what actually happened in via Fani.

Aldo Moro Unmoving, Freezed

To the suspended questions, we add the fandonia of BR Morucci (certified by the Interior Ministry) [12]: Aldo Moro immobile, a mummy, waiting for the end of the saraband, while more than ninety shots exploded, around him and in the cockpit of the car in which it would have been. He remained motionless for three minutes. Then it docilely transhipped to another car.

Aldo Moro was immobile to the point of making the presence of the statesman superfluous in the ” three- dimensional reconstruction “, submitted to the parliamentary commission, chaired by Giuseppe Fioroni, who nothing objected to the bizarre absence of Aldo Moro, the protagonist, absent in this so-called ” reconstruction three- dimensional “

Is it just a lack of specific preparation of the Commissioners and not only the ones of the Fioroni Commission but also the previouses?

The dynamics between BR, secret services and Viminale are however present in Fioroni’s mind, prompted to reveal Morucci as a collaborator of the services [13]. A collaborator killer of the services. Curious, right?

Further questions arise.

1) How many executives / officials knew about Morucci as a service agent? 2) Who supported its hiring? 3) Why did it take 45 years to make it known? 4) Are any magistrates aware of this from well before?

In the proceedings of the Chamber there is a film, called ” three- dimensional reconstruction .

It is a video made with computerized graphics, representing people and things, devoid of a rational criterion, of a logical thread that explains the dislocation of people and things, devoid of the rational justification of the times and ways in which the action begins, takes place and ends.

The bim -bam- boom escribed by the BR entered in the judicial documents, describing the massacre in via Fani as a farce devoid of any investigative merit.

It is inevitable to hammer the question: « Why does a video reconstruction, concerning a kidnapping, bring images completely devoid of that of the alleged kidnapped? [14]

Hon. Aldo Moro absent in the video, does this mean that he is superfluous, because the locations of the shooter, the locations of the two victims and those of Aldo Moro himself are crystallized? If so , it would be meaningless.

The killers state very roughly from where and how they shoot. The investigators take note, without any critical scrutiny. Victims then die in the minutes and in the courts as the BR dictating how they must die. From crime to farce, from this to sentence, passing through the news.

Yet another question. Why are the institutions so acquiescent with criminals?

The ” three- dimensional reconstruction ” without Aldo Moro is not the criminological study of a crime. It is the cybernetic adaptation of a poor film script, in which Aldo Moro is not even an avatar; he has no chance of interfering with the ongoing crime.

It is therefore superfluous to insert it in the images. It is therefore superfluous to forget that Aldo Moro’s knees would have been a few centimeters from the trajectories and instinctively he would have moved without of his control.

Aldo Moro – according to Morucci and the Institutions – remains impassive and immobile (immobile!) As if he were a very tough secret agent. Mute and impassive for three minutes, during the carnage.

If, on the other hand, Aldo Moro did not remain impassive during the three minutes of fire, why is Aldo Moro absent from the so-called reconstruction?

He saw his dear friends die under his eyes – Oreste Leonardi and Domenico Ricci – he heard the bones burst; he heard the gasps, he smelled the blood, he suffered the gusts in the cockpit of the Fiat 130 in which he would have found himself. Yet Aldo Moro gets out of the car – according to Morucci and the institutions – as if nothing had happened. It transshipped on its own legs, meekly on another car. Cold and self-sufficient like not even a Rambo. Missing asking for and getting a cigarette and a shot glass. Even a famous jurnalist, otherwise reliable, supports this ramshackle thesis. Is there an afterthought? We will flush it out.

The reader tries to imagine himself in Aldo Moro’s place, as Morucci describes him. The institutions, kneeling, believe in a murderous terrorist on the loose.

Where do the BR lead Aldo Moro? Towards a Roman hideout, Morucci assures us. How can you doubt it? In fact, everyone believes him, including Paolo Cucchiarelli and Bellocchio Marco, director, making a film out of it.

Has anyone got out of the car? Did he move into the BR car? Certainly, there are witnesses to confirm this. How were the witnesses examined? From who? How?

This book does not believe in Morucci, it does not believe in the Bellocchio, it does not believe in the institutions engaged in these ramshackle theses.

Why, after so many unanswered questions, after so many ramshackle reconstructions, should we believe that it was really Aldo Moro that we saw getting out of the car? We are still in the very first pages of this exam.

Aldo Moro Dictates The Thesis to the Book

We don’t believe in Morucci and his singers. We rather believe in Aldo Moro, in his very high sense of the state, with whom, in the words of Leonardo Sciascia, he found the strength, even in his desperate condition of ” informing “.

The instigators needed Aldo Moro alive, so that the comedy of the negotiation would conceal the real principals. Aldo Moro could not have been hurt – and professional counterfeiters fake about a buttock injury. It is enough to read the autopsy report to realize the falsehoods.

He was unharmed: prisoner and unharmed. For this to be certain, there was only one street: “President Aldo Moro was not in via Fani during the massacre.”

He makes it known through a letter to his wife, “adored Noretta”; he had previously made it known in his letter to his “friend” and Minister of the Interior, Francesco Cossiga, using four unequivocal phrases, anagram in this book.

Aldo Moro spoke to Cossiga, as he now speaks to us. We will see why Cossiga may have unwittingly lost the possibility of understanding the message of his friend Aldo Moro. Aldo Moro was not in via Fani but: ” Taken by helicopter

First consequence. ” President Aldo Moro was destined to be killed anyway “. He himself writes it in a letter censored to him [15]by the BR and by historians.

Second consequence. ” The massacre of the escort and the death of President Aldo Moro were essential to eliminate all the witnesses, otherwise fatal to reveal the principals and the real purposes of the kidnapping and then of the predetermined assassination of Aldo Moro “.

Third consequence. ” The” withdrawal “of President Aldo Moro – in front of the church of San Francesco or that of Santa Chiara or the sports field in front of the Gemelli hospital – between eight thirty and eight fifty-five, made it convenient and possible to carry him out of Rome (by helicopter, as he tells us) keeping it there until the killing is imminent ”.

Third consequence. The Moro family must apologizes to the memory of Francesco Cossiga. Never ever would Aldo Moro have addressed directly with a letter to anyone who was responsible for the trap into which he fell. Never, never would he have addressed Cossiga, Andreotti and Zaccagnini directly, as he did, if they had been part of the death trap.

Who kept it? The book remains within the “thesis” and the three stated “consequences”, leaving the rest to the new prosecutors, hoping they are different from the previous ones.

The magistrate is called to clean up the past no less than the present, after 44 years of useless investigations, processions of parliamentary commissions and stacks of commemorative wreaths.

Conclusion – Matryoshkas Against Truth

To hide the truth, a technique adapted to current times was used: burying facts under information and information confusing them with falsehoods. Many have fallen for it, albeit authoritative and well equipped with ingenuity. When the facts surfaced in spite of everything, the desecretation of the documents was allowed. The many documents that have become accessible have increased the confusion instead of clearing it up.

The most succulent ones remained secret. An example is enough: the photographs of Oreste Leonardi on the engraving table with the probes in the wounds. They were secreted for “reasons of sensitivity towards family members”.

If they published the reconstruction of the trajectories in the now too much cited ” three- dimensional reconstruction “, it would show its approximation. The images we have are enough for us to achieve the same result.

Are we better than the others? No. We focus only on the first big lie: via Fani. Our lamp is this: « The truth must be ‘congruent’ with the technical data, otherwise it is a fake passed off as true». We therefore find the inconsistencies to be dismantled.

The truth is falsifiable, not the false [16]. Indeed, when something appears apodictically true, as a dogma (the oldest vice of power is the ” dogma “) that is the point to devote the utmost attention to ( in via Fani there were only BR, the prison of Aldo Moro was Rome, he was on the coast, he was there, he was there, they killed him in a garage …).[17]

The foregone truths must be sifted with congruity, so that the truth is revealed. Each lie hides another lie and the previous ones. Each lie contains the previous ones, preventing them from bursting: matryoshka, one lie on another, now huge matryoshka , after almost half a century, on the verge of bursting.

The truth bursts” is peculiar, it does not die, it finally bursts, strongest as biggest the matryoshka are.

Elements of Reflection

  • The BR without particular technical and operational resources – human, planning, training, coordination and control – nevertheless achieve success, in that place (via Fani), that day (March 16, 1978) and at that time (09.02).
  • The BRs have known since a month earlier, from mid-February 1978, the date, place and time of transit of the two state cars to be attacked, although Oreste Leonardi chose the route day by day.
  • BR and Institutions deny that Zizzi – shot in the back, from bottom to top – is on the right of the Alfetta, outside of it when he is hit.
  • No one gives proof that President Aldo Moro was really in via Fani during the massacre.
  • No one provides proof that Aldo Moro – given the holes in the control device after the massacre – was taken out of Rome (by helicopter, as he tells us). It would have been possible even by car.
  • No investigations were made on the helicopter seen circling over via Fani during the massacre.
  • Investigators do not say who fired the first shot.
  • Investigators do not say why the first shot was fired at that very moment.
  • Investigators don’t say what each BR’s targets were when they fired.
  • Over 90 rounds were fired … No one is certain that all the shells were actually found.
  • No one gives the certainty that they were found at the point of initial fall.
  • The truth must be congruent with the technical data.
  • The truth is falsifiable, not the false.
  • Too many details are taken for granted, with no facts.
  • Too many questions are unanswered for now.


We are still at the beginning.


[1] Morucci is one of the killers in via Fani, he is free although he has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

[2]Gabriella Pasquali Carlizzi “The memorial. From the Proceedings of the proc. pen . n ° 3703/90 CRGPM “, passed through a number of vicissitudes, judicial and not only         

[3] A Fiat 130 and an Alfa Romeo Alfetta

[4] Via Camilluccia and Via Trionfale.

[5]Minutes of the Scientific Police in via Fani

[6] Viminale means “Ministry of Home Affairs” because it is the name of the building housing the Italian Ministry of Home Affairs

[7]See Gianluca Cicinelli “The report on via Fani is a misdirection of the state” Il Fatto Quotidiano 10 March 2021

[8]Morucci Valerio, testimony, appeal process for the killing of Aldo Moro; hearing on 01/24/1985.

[9]ibid. note 1

[10]Fioroni Commission, document 197/1


[12] See Report of the Interior Ministry to the Fioroni Commission       



[15]To consult a faithful text, cf. Aldo Moro “Last Writings” by Eugenio Tassini, ed. PIEMME 1998 pag. 15 introductory note to the letter to Zaccagnini.

[16]The forgery is not falsifiable (K. Popper)

[17]“You can fool a few people for a long time or many people for a short time. You cannot deceive many people for a long time ”(Abraham Lincoln).









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