The Pope after the Operation: Analysis and Outlook. A comment from Il Sismografo.

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Marco Tosatti

Dear readers of Stilum Curiae, it seems interesting to me to reprint this analysis from Il Sismografo, a website that covers Vatican affairs, which gives us information on the state of health of the reigning Pontiff, and at the same time offers us a dispassionate view of the outlook. Enjoy your reading.


First of all, we want to renew our best wishes and prayers for the Holy Father Francis and thank God that He has protected him in an extremely delicate moment, not only giving him strength for his recovery but also vitality and reactivity, as well as – remarkably – a medical team and a health center that are among the best in the world. However, there is a very significant detail that many in these hours underestimate, ignore or manipulate: the illness that has afflicted Pope Francis is severe and degenerative. It could also be chronic.

Certainly the Holy Father will return to the Vatican to resume his journey in the footsteps of Peter, but he will not be the same. All the rhetoric about Jorge Mario Bergoglio as a “superman” damages his image and his charism. The people who read, listen or hear the news are not stupid or incapable of reflecting and asking questions, also because millions of families have undergone similar experiences with their own elderly members. We know from numerous authoritative press sources that last Sunday evening (4 July) the Pope, under total anesthesia and powerful sedatives, was first subjected to a laproscopic surgery (a sort of inspection of the lower part of the abdominal cavity using very sophisticated probes), and immediately afterward he underwent an “open” surgery so the doctors could enter and work with their hands and full vision. The laproscopy found insuperable obstacles, and therefore, as often happens in this kind of operation, along the way the surgeon and his team decided – the patient had given his consent to this possibility at the time of admission – to switch to another method which allowed for the removal of several centimeters of the colon, which are now undergoing rigorous histological examinations.

From a statement in the Bulletin of the Vatican Press Office for Tuesday 6 July, which ensures that the Pontiff “had breakfast,” it is possible to deduce that the surgery was not particularly devastating, and that is very good news.

Those who are adults and mature among the faithful understand, albeit with sorrow, that Pope Francis will live the life that God gives him with many physical and physiological limitations, as well as metabolic ones. He will have to be continuously followed with important clinical controls, and one imagines there will be other hospitalizations, even if they are brief. The necessary tools for diagnostic imaging do not exist in the Vatican, and the ones at the Gemelli Clinic in Rome are the most technologically modern.

And so, it is good to wait with affection and serenity to see what the Holy Father will want to do, so that everything is the fruit of his own decisions and also the doctors who advise him, without having to undergo pressure from the media. Nothing needs to be invented in order to keep a high profile for Francis, least of all for upcoming international and intercontinental trips. It is clear the Francis wants to go to Budapest for the closing of the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress and then to Slovakia in the middle of September, but no one knows today whether this pilgrimage will be possible. It is to be hopes that these visits will be possible, but at this point nothing more can be said.

The Holy Father must attentively take care of his health, and he should be helped by everyone to do this, especially by Catholics. He knows that he will have to make a lot of changes in his life: fatigue, rest, limitations, diet, physical therapy…

One small way to remain close to the Pope while he recovers his strength – a slow, gradual and complex process – is to do away with the adulation of the press. Pope Francis does not need it.


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