The Modernists in the Vatican Prepare an Attack on the Mass of All Time, along with the Pope

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Marco Tosatti

Dear readers of Stilum Curiae, the tireless, indefatigable, and contradictory procurator of Catholic concerns does not seem to want to rest and give some respite to his exhausted flock. The impression is that he wants to act in such a way that even the most tranquil and docile sheep reach a point where they begin to bite. In that case, let the shepherds beware, both those who are declared wolves and also those who are wolves in sheep’s clothing. We report here on two articles concerning the Latin Mass. Enjoy your reading.


For now, this is still fragmentary news, from our multiple sources within the Italian Bishops’ Conference, but it seems that yesterday (24 May 2021) the Pope, addressing the Italian bishops at the opening of the work of the annual assembly of the CEI (and in a subsequent meeting with a group of them) announced the imminent reform, for the worse, of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum.

After giving his umpteenth warning against welcoming young men who are “rigid” (that is, faithful to doctrine) into the seminary, Francis announced to the bishops that he is now on the third draft of a text that contains restrictive measures on priests regarding the celebration of Mass in the Extraordinary Form which was liberalized by Benedict XVI who, according to Francis, only wanted to reach out to the Lefebvrians by means of Summorum Pontificum, but that today it is above all young priests who want to celebrate the Tridentine Mass even though they do not even know Latin.

In this regard, Francis told the story of a bishop to whom a young priest had expressed a desire to celebrate Mass in the Extraordinary Form. When the bishop asked if he knew Latin, the young priest told him that he was learning it. To which the bishop replied that it would be better if he spent his time learning Spanish or Vietnamese, since there were many Hispanics and Vietnamese in the diocese.

From what we understand, it would be a return to the Indult – with the prior authorization of the bishop, or even the Vatican – with all that goes along with it, that is, a reinstatement of the ban on celebrating Mass according to the Missal of Saint John XXIII, with many denials of permission and practical ghettoization of priests and faithful tied to the ancient rite. After Moses the liberator, Pharaoh would return.

The belief that Summorum Pontificum was drawn up only to reach out to the Lefebvrians is unfounded and false: not only because it can be deduced from the text of the Motu Proprio (and from the 2011 Instruction Universae Ecclesiae) but the one who expressly says it is Benedict XVI himself in the book Last Conversations edited by Peter Seewald (pages 189-190 in the Italian version). According to Benedict, the rehabiliatation of the ancient Mass with Summorum Pontificum should not be absolutely understood as a concession to the Fraternity [the SSPX], but as a way intending that “the Church will preserve internal continuity with her past. That which was sacred in the past does not change into something wrong from one moment to the next. There is not “another Mass” now. They are different forms of the same rite.”

A priest told us in this regard: “It does not seem strange to me that the bishops are attacking Summorum Pontificum: after all, the question of the ancient liturgy is the most grave, serious, and current problem of the Church.”

If they have already reached the third draft, it means that they are working seriously (and for some time) to limit and effectively annul Summorum Pontificum. So this is really something to be concerned about to pray for. Will Benedict XVI have anything to say?


And today (26 May) Messa in Latino published this update:

We are following up on our post from yesterday (here) to provide more information, even more alarming. It refers to the “curial” background that underlies the remarks made by Pope Francis last Monday, 24 May, on the occasion of the plenary meeting of the CEI at the Hotel Ergife in Rome.

The following is reported by the French website Paix Liturgique (whose name recalls the “liturgical peace” attained in 2007 with the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum and which is now apparently placed in grave and serious danger).

Here is our translation:

“Then, once the journalists left the debate room, the Pope addresses a topic that unites many bishops of the Peninsula [Italy]: the execution [meaning, putting to death] of Summorum Pontificum.

Francis confirmed the imminent publication of a document that he was urged to write, which intends to “reinterpret” the Motu Proprio of Benedict XVI. The publication was effectively delayed since the document seemed to have provoked objections and setbacks, especially from Cardinal Ladaria and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which argued that it would provoke uncontrollable unrest and opposition all over the world.

Notwithstanding this, the Secretary of State is pushing for the release of the text, whose essential provisions are as follows:

– communities which celebrate according to the ancient form may continue to do so

– on the other hand, diocesan priests should obtain specific permission

It is obvious that this document, which is inapplicable in many countries including France, will have above all a symbolic significance: making the celebration of the Traditional Mass no longer a right but a tolerated exception.”


Ecco il collegamento per il libro in italiano.

And here is the link to the book in English. 



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  • Al ha detto:

    I left the Novus Ordo three years ago AND, I now reject ALL of Vatican II. Furthermore, I believe through substantiated facts he Benedict invalidly resigned- he is still the pope. Bergoglio is an antipope. I now attend only SSPX chapels. Furthermore, the antipope nor any pope can abolish the TLM. This is because a Church Council and prior pope defined that the TLM could NEVER be abrogated.

  • Mike ha detto:

    The Rock has become quicksand.

  • Slave of JMJ ha detto:

    Praise be to Jesus Mary st. Joseph and st. Teresa our only hope. We are truly a tired flock and we have had to fight for many years and it looks dismal; as though we may have to fight for many more years until the second coming which hopefully will come very soon.

    Archbishop Viganó was extremely correct in saying that the counterfeit Church highly mirrors the true church and that Freemasonry is a mirror of the Catholic Church seeking to usurp it by creating some sort of false church and this is what the one new world religion is based on; is this counterfeit Catholic Church. Archbishop Viganó was spot-on with that. That is why you will see them doing terrible sacrilegious things on every Catholic holiday. That’s why you will see at Pentecost Sunday the bishop going to Father Altman and threatening to fire him. It’s because they do psychological operations right around the holidays and you will see it happening in the United States on Christmas and Easter when they try to pull all the stuff. And that is truly a Freemason tactic. Point two. I truly believe Benedict is being drugged and that’s why he cannot talk; he probably does not have the strength to talk but also because Obviously if he did speak he would probably be murdered with some sort of horrible poisonous shot.
    Point three. Valentina Sydney Seer wrote a lot about this vaccination and how and the virus and the vaccine are not going to stop anything it’s just going to create more problems because the reason why God is allowing the virus and this evil vaccination is be simply because people won’t repent of their sins and follow The ten commandments. May The God of Mercy and Strength truly bless your day!