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Dear Stilumcuriali, our multifaceted artisan writer, Sergio Russo, has sent us this message that we dutifully turn over to you. Enjoy reading it!







And the Lord Said to Josue: Behold I have given into thy hands
Jericho and the king thereof , and all the valiant men go round about
the city,all ye fighting men,once a day: so shall ye do for six days.
And on the seventh day you shall go about the city seven times……
And the walls of the city shall fall to the ground
And they shall enter in every one at the place against which they shall stand
(Josue 6,1-5)





In this month of May the Holy Virgin made us understand a very important concept, relating to the greatbattle taking place in our times over the situation of the Church, in particular, and the world in general.

And this concept could be very well be summarized in the words of the Psalm 74.7-8: “For neither fromthe east, nor from the west, nor from the desert hills:for God is the judge. One He putteth down, and another He lifteth up”

Therefore, wanting to solve the situation ourselves would be like wanting to stop a tsunami with our hands.

And therefore, in a “dead end” like this, in which we are forced, the only way out is upward

“upward your hearts”

This war of spirits cannot be won with our human strength, but only with the strength of God!

“the warriors will fight, but God will give the victory” said Saint Joan of Arc,

He will give the go ahead! Only by then, we will shout and come out into the open (unless the Lord Himself has asked someone to do so as a prophetic deed), doing it before, it would prove useless: nothing else than a personal war, and in the end, perhaps it would play the enemy’s game……

As for us then: “ we must complete the 7 rounds of the seventh day in silence, following our Ark of the covenant” the sweetest Mary , our Supreme Commander, the Woman clothed with the Sun – aroundthe enemy Jericho and only by then……its wall will indeed fall to the ground!

Yet , in the meantime – even if our hearts quiver with disgust and impatience for so many things – we must dominate ourselves and not appear in the eyes of the enemy, because he would immediately get rid of us (using those who have some authority in the Church or in the world).

Therefore it will be not those of Babylon who will go away from the Church (in fact it is likeif they had taken possession of her ” sacramental species”)


But we will be the ones to flee from what has become a Babylon, so not to contaminate us with her sins and to be involved in her punishments (Ap 18,4) thus coming out into the open.

Then the separation of the good wheat from the weeds will take place, but in the meantime we must completely separate it within ourselves…..

And the go ahead will be given by God Himself with facts that will force everyone to take a firm choice:either in favour of the Truth or in favour of “one’s self”

Let us also remember that “ God gets along with the little ones “ and that the Lord uses what does not matter in the eyes of men : a small anonymous stone in David’s sling, relying on His trust and His zeal….a stone detached from the mountain, but not by human hand, which will strike the feet of thesuperb statue and will shatter it (Dan 2,34)



So here we want to launch a tiny initiative of prayer and yet with the pretention of extending it to the world level ( in fact, anyone who becomes aware of it, should spread it ), a great little proposal aimed to all people of good will –even if this term has been distorted by the false church- using as virtual “rooftops” all those catholic blogs that want to be our megaphone, for what we have heard , in secret, “in the ear ofthe Faith”

Therefor whoever wants and can, should take a minor commitment (regardless hour, place or circumstance) to do : first a solemn and devout Sign of the Cross, then recite daily the following prayer,that many already know:

Under your protection we seek refuge Holy Mother of God do notdespise the supplication of us who are in trial,

but deliver us from all danger oh glorious and blessed Virgin.

Obviously the best way to go round the enemy Jericho, is having the Holy Rosary in our hand, andgoing round the 50 beads, ending with the following invocation.

“Oh Mary, Mother of Jesus,

In all our needs, Mama take care of it!”

We therefore wish to propose this project, starting from the day in which the Virgin Mary is invoked as powerful and essential “Help of Christians” being ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that :She who has never rejected anyone who has resorted to Her protection or begged for Her help, or even more asked for Her patronage, never in the world , has been disappointed!

The walls of Jericho will fall to the ground, shortly, certainly, even if we are perfectly aware that other great eschatological events must necessarily take place later (For these things must come to pass: but the end in not yet) Mt 24,6): the Great Warning, the great Miracle, the great Tribulation, the kingdom of the antichrist, the three days of darkness, after which,beyond any doubt…..” In the end my ImmaculateHeart will triumph!”

The six rounds (every day they made a round) around the “walls of Jericho” will make collapse like amiserable house of cards :


  • The false and lying mass media, overwhelmingly subservient to the single dominantthought;


  • The terrorist health regime, that yesterday used the “covid”, today uses the so called“vaccine”, and tomorrow will use the multiple “variations;


  • Those governments together with their colluding and oppressive rulers, that as John Paul IIrevealed long ago – are the expression of a “new form of

totalitarianism” which however wears the clothes of democracy;



  • The false science, that today stands as the only and true world religion, with its own priests and clerics – scientists and researchers – all of them busy distributing another peculiar “sacrament”, the vaccine which must push toward the new idol: the physical health of the body.


  • The false church at the top of which the false prophet operates, that has become in the eyes of the Lord –and also of many faithful- salt that doesn’t taste, light that no longer illuminate;



  • The globalist elites who have masonic lodges as their army, scattered all over the world whose generals are those few and chosen individuals often hidden and secret, who have the perverted Jewish cabal as their doctrine, and who in these times will realize (moreover without knowing it) that evangelical prophecy of the Lord Jesus: “I have come in my Father’s name and you do not receive Me, but if another comes in his name you will receive him”.



And when the last seven rounds will be completed on the seventh day, our sublime Commander will rise: theImmaculate Heart of the Woman clothed with the Sun, will

triumph as “terrible army lined up for the battle” through this simple and humble prayer ,but nevertheless supernatural “little stone” will shred the present statue of the man “ who makes himself a god”, a statue made of gold, that is the sparkle of his wisdom, of silver, the glitter of his actions, of bronze the redundancy of his achievements, of iron , the severity of his hardness, of clay, the fragility of his contradictions.

We must urgently understand that the angels are now blowing their trumpets, so let’s get up and raise our head,because our liberation is near (Lc 21,28)



Some faithful of the Small Remnant

In the feast of Mary Help of Christians, 24 May 2021


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