Msgr. X: Thanks to Pope Bergoglio for Edifying us with Tribulations.

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Marco Tosatti

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, yesterday Msgr. X sent us this reflection for the end of the year that is about to close, along with his wishes for a Happy New Year. We are publishing it today, begging the author’s pardon, certain that it still retains – ahem! – all of its validity. Happy New Year, and may God help us. 


Dear Dr. Tosatti,

In wishing you and the readers of Stilum Curiae a possibly less unhappy new year, I would like to dutifully address a thought to the one who this year, as the fruit of enormous moral and spiritual sacrifices, has allowed us to sanctify ourselves by carrying a heavy cross on our shoulders: Jorge Bergoglio.

We are often confused by the interpretations imposed on him by the press, and by our own incapacity to know how to correctly value the words and teaching of a pope. Today we ought to reflect and remember how much Bergoglio has done to make us grow spiritually, creating infinite reasons for us to mortify ourselves uninterruptedly. In fact, mortification, just like the Cross, is necessary for following Christ; whoever refuses the Cross is turning away from holiness.

Bergoglio has thus permitted us not to grow distant from holiness.

Just think of what he has done to persecute Catholics who wanted to follow only the doctrine of Christ.

But being persecuted for the love of Christ unites us to Him. And so Bergoglio has allowed us to be united more than ever to Christ.

Think of what he has done to confuse doctrine, the Sacred Scriptures, and Tradition, thereby forcing us to have to go back and deepen our knowledge in order to hold on to the certainties of faith.

Never before has anyone like Bergoglio stimulated us to deepen our knowledge of the truth of the Gospel, since he has called so much of it into question.

Bergoglios has also made our faith mature.

Think of what he has done to force us to evangelize in secret, thus increasing our sense of personal responsibility for bringing the Good News to others.

Bergoglio has allowed us to return to doing personal apostolate, also committing ourselves intellectually in order to see our work succeed.

In short, we recognize that no pope before Bergoglio ever made us participate so much in the Cross of Christ, thus completing his sufferings.

No one has ever permitted us to expiate our past sins in such a way, thanks to the tribulations which he has imposed on us for the past almost eight long years.

Never has anyone permitted us to strengthen our faith in the face of flatteries of the tempter so much as when he asked us to no longer believe in sin…

Who has ever made us live such a martyrdom before, even depriving us of the Mass and the Sacraments?

How could we not recognize all the good that has been granted us thanks to Bergoglio and fail to thank him?

How could we not remember him today, December 31, for all the holy tears he has made us shed?

Msgr. X




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Marco Tosatti










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3 commenti

  • Slave of Jesus Mary and St. Joseph ha detto:

    Praise be to Jesus Mary St Joseph and St. Theresa our only hope!

    The following scripture passage reminded me of Archb. Viganó:

    St. Mark 13:15: “And let him that is on the Housetop not go down into the house nor enter therein to take anything out of the house, and let him that shall be in the field not turn back to take up His Garment.”

    The housetop is the letters prayers and separation of Viganó shouting the gospel from the rooftops so to speak. The house is the Vatican. The field is the evangelization work of Viganó post-retirement and his prayers supplications fastings and watchings. The turning back and taking up of his garment is his priestly duties of vesting in the Mass and Sacraments in the deep church of the Vatican which has now become an abomination of desolation and pachmama is one of the abomination of desolations; although there may be more such as the silence and hidden approval of abortion, divorce, gay “rights,” idolatry, materialism, birth control, treating people as objects, etc.

    Praise be to Jesus Christ now and forever! Amen. Much peace and joy to you now and always.

  • dadicha ha detto:

    Yes! Great pushmi«ent from God!

  • graeme taylor ha detto:

    Yes , indeed, this dreadful Pope has begun the process of opening my eyes to the infiltration in the Church’s clergy and their appaling agenda, and also to the appaling laziness of so many priests who expect money even though they have done as little as they possibly can in the last eight months to do their jobs.
    Our Lord is blocked to us by these “faithful” but very “obedient” clergymen – who make it their business to make it as difficult as possible to access the sacraments and the great gift of Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy, send us real faithful bishops.