Youtube, Twitter, FB: Censorship is Expanding. Blocked a Catholic Channel.

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Marco Tosatti

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, a few days ago we reported some episodes of censorship exercised by the big social platforms – FB, Twitter, YouTube, against independent sites: LifeSiteNews, La Fabbrica della Comunicazione, and in his small also Stilum Curiae. Add to that a very combative, documented and interesting site, Adoracíon y Liberacíon which Stilum Curiae readers know well. We have received this letter from its editor, Vicente Montesinos, which we share with you. It is clear that any information that is not standardized and useful to the great powers, financial and political, who are trying to make us more slaves than we already are, must be stopped. Whether you know it or not, whether you want to realize it or not, the battle for our freedom and yours has already begun. God help us.


As our great friend and brother, Marco Tosatti, from whom I copy the phrase: Dear friends and enemies of Adoration and Liberation, YouTube has removed some of our videos, censored the Adoration and Liberation Channel without reason and has “punished us , at the moment … », without being able to publish anything, at least for a week.

They accuse us of “breaking the rules” … Of “incitement to hatred”, and all kinds of lies … No reason, no reason. And they close the Canal to us.

Obviously we are victims of the worldwide dictatorial operation that increases every day. This dictatorship, which right now has all the official media at its service, needs to silence us. One of their main tools is to control propaganda, social networks, and every space where they see the truth that the world, sold to them, hides is being told.

Specifically, they cannot allow us to continue reporting on three matters that are especially sensitive to them, and for which they are constantly persecuting and censoring us:
1. the Covid-19 plan to create his dictatorship
2. electoral fraud in the USA, to create its dictatorship
3. the control of the Catholic Church by the World Cup with the help of Bergoglio, to create his dictatorship.

They have been censoring us on Facebook, Twitter, and all social networks for weeks.

YouTube has been preventing people from liking us, sharing our videos for weeks …

And in the end they uncover with some desperation and nervousness with the unreasonable withdrawal of two videos in two days (one by Professor Damián Galerón on the great global operation that is brewing with the electoral fraud against Trump, and another with an interview that I I did the same to Doctor Martínez Albarracín, speaking truthfully about COVID-19)

The video of Professor Galerón in Adoration and Liberation is withdrawn after having brought together 3,000 people in its live premiere, and having obtained 70,000 visits in the following 8 hours (YOU CAN SEE IT AGAIN HERE. IT IS UNMISSABLE)

Reason: “incitement to hatred”. The video does not incite any hatred. It’s a lie, already with the mask off. Without shyness. We have appealed it. They tell us that they study it deeply. And … attention! After 3 minutes…. Literally!… They answer us that after a careful study of the matter, the sanction is confirmed.

The video of the interview I did with Doctor Martínez Albarracín, they didn’t even let us upload it. It is a masterful teaching of the doctor about the Covid updated to date that you can see again HERE. They took it down and announced the closure of our channel for a week. We appeal. Because they talked about “the video being contrary to YouTube policy.” No other reasons. Outcome? The same. Nothing. And without reasons.

And all this at the peak of work, prayer, struggle and denunciation, for:

– the current situation in the USA
– for the necessary support to Donald Trump
– for the information about this Plandemic
– for the support, necessary, just and proud in Christ, to our beloved Monsignor Viganó
– for the denunciation of the aberrations of the hierarchy of Bergolio, which are going to
etc, etc, etc …

For seven days, Adoration and Liberation will not be able to publish, upload or live stream any video on YouTube or any comment in the Community. Meanwhile, channels that do incite hatred, harass, lie, misrepresent, defame and are full of lies … continue to have the support of YouTube. Without any punishment. Also “Catholic” channels of all kinds, as long as they support the heretic Bergoglio, an accomplice in the creation of this global dictatorship, with the New World Order and the One World Religion, can publish without problems. Even supposed channels that call themselves “remnants” publish without problems what they want … But of course, it is a low-profile “remnant” … Not to publish anything that bothers, because what I want is not to close the chiringuito, in exchange for not touching on certain topics that annoy the enemy. And to continue …

We do not. Friends. We do not. When Adoration and Liberation was put as a goal, discerned, prayed, meditated and worked; the Coordination of the true Catholic Faithful Remnant of our Holy Mother Catholic and Apostolic Church, did it with all the consequences. And the first of it is the TRUTH. What is CHRIST. And the second is the Truth: timeless, whatever the cost. And during each and every day.

This means, for example, now that our videos, reports, exclusives, complaints, etc … on YouTube, widely followed around the world, to which almost 86,000 brothers have subscribed, are in detention. For now

They threaten us that if in the next videos we commit “another fault”, they will close us down for two weeks. And the third time we will be permanently removed from YouTube.

At the moment we are publishing as we can in the Dando Caña Channel, of our group, so we encourage you to visit us and subscribe, to be able to stay informed about things. Please SUBSCRIBE HERE TO THE CHANNEL GIVING CANA, OF ADORATION AND LIBERATION.

And as the censorship is going to continue, we have decided to start posting videos on a platform called Rumble, which seems free of it. Please, as in Dando Caña, visit us and subscribe, to be able to stay informed also there. Please SUBSCRIBE HERE TO THE WORSHIP AND LIBERATION CHANNEL IN RUMBLE. They must register with their email account and password. And click on Subscribe. There’s no more. Take those seconds. Help us get the truth out.

Meanwhile, we are studying ways and means of achieving the creation of our own television platform, free from any interference from third parties, where we can continue to tell what nobody else has, now with total freedom. We are already working on it. From that moment on we will be totally independent to serve only Christ, the Church and the Truth.

But this has very high costs of creation and maintenance, so we ask you, if you can, and you are pleased, help us; with your contribution, punctual, or periodic. As small as it is. All help is important at this time. And in front of what is coming.

To continue enjoying the uncensored videos of Father Tamayo, Damián Galerón, Vicente Montesinos, Laureano-Benítez Grande-Caballero, Laura Moheno, Father Hugo Valdemar, César Orozco, Rafael María de la Cruz, Fernando Gómez, of Lina and Rafael, and so many coordinators, correspondents, collaborators, etc…, depends on your help.

To be able to continue praying together, enjoying the usual weekly Masses with Father Tamayo, our prayers, rosaries, cenacles, homilies, reflections, training, teaching, doctrine, apologetics, etc…; depends on your help.

To be able to continue giving voice always and each time to the light in the darkness that Monsignor Viganò is today, and the few pastors who are faithful like him, depends on your help.

Being able to continue reaching out and helping, with our contribution, the persecuted and excluded priests of the Bergoglio regime, depends on your help.

To be able, in short, to continue denouncing, telling what no one tells, speaking without mincing words and with ALL THE TRUTH IN CHRIST… depends on your help.

On their help … and on God … of course, on whom everything depends, but who wants to use us in this final battle; and more than ever, so that we are able to give Glory to God, and Save Souls. Our two main goals.

Do you want Adoration and Liberation to create its own independent platform free from interference? Is that space of truth, of defense of Faith, Tradition, Sound Doctrine, the Church, the Family, the same old Catholic values? Do you want us to continue uncovering the evil globalist plans of the New World Order and the One World Religion? ? Do you want the universal Catholic Faithful Remnant to go forward, facing the deep church that Christ finds faith on earth when he returns, also freeing our beloved Catholic Church from the sin that afflicts her today because of Bergoglio and his obsequious hierarchy?

Well help us. We have never asked you for more than prayer and dissemination. Today we ask you to give us this third help, so that we can move on. Because don’t forget: the enemy has all the means; and we, none. And the battle requires Prayer and trust in God. But they also put the best means at your service. Volunteering is fine, but it is no longer enough. The battle is to the death. Below we leave you the link with all the ways you can do it. And may God pay you:


We also ask you to spread this entry; and they subscribe momentarily to¨

Dando caña

Adoración y Liberación in Rumble.Do not stop also subscribing to our Telegram Channel so that each of the steps we are taking reaches your mobile. Do it by clicking here.

And pray for us!

They won’t stop us! With your help, and the Grace of God!

Until Heaven we do not stop! Saints or Nothing! Duc in Altum! Live Christ the King!

November 20, 2020 Year of the Lord




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